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Bubble sessions are pre-recorded and sent via WeTransfer

Mini one-on-one BQH Sessions are done via Zoom

 with Karen or Mini One-on-One BQH

Bubble Sessions are kind of like mini-BQH sessions. If you're curious about quantum healing but not quite ready to make the commitment in time, preparation, and energy to have a full session, then this is a great way to get your feet wet.

A short one-on-one journey with Tena is now available to people who are available and want to give BQH a try. Email for further information.

If you choose a Bubble with Karen: All you have to do is submit up to 5 questions for your Higher Self and Karen will go into trance to connect and answer those for you. We will also bring forward any healing that your Higher Self deems necessary. These sessions are about 30-40 minutes long and we will send you the recording within a week. It's that easy! Many clients have LOVED their Bubble sessions and were surprised at their depth and accuracy for the price.

1. Send your questions to

2. You will receive an email back to pay the fee through Paypal.

3. We will do the session and send the recording. Simple! 

In the Bubble Sessions (45-60 min)

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