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Sessions are done online via Zoom.

In a one-on-one BQH session with Tena, she will gently guide you into a relaxed and focused state of awareness where you can access your own inner wisdom and find the answers and healing that you need. Generally, you will explore one or more 'memories' that are relevant to your current life and the issues you are facing. These memories could be from a past life, parallel life, future life or just a metaphor for what you need to learn in this Now moment. 


Then, we will connect to your inner wisdom, Higher self or soul essence- the part of you that contains all the information and answers for all the lifetimes that you've lived. This part of you will explain to us why you saw those particular memories and how they relate to your life now. This part will also answer your questions, do a body scan to detect any problems and heal those issues. The session will end with a short debrief with instructions for the following days. 


The one-on-one is great for people who are easily able to relax and quiet their thoughts. People are seeing actual "lives" less and less and are more often focused on healing in their sessions so keep in mind that each session is unique because each individual is unique and it all depends on what your inner wisdom wants you to know.

One-on-One BQH Session (3-6hrs)

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