I share my story hoping that it may help you and maybe you'll relate in some way. What I know for sure is that there is an innate intelligence that lies within each of us that allows for healing. All healing is self-healing. On some level, we create our illness or dis-ease and we can heal from it.

I've been my own guinea pig in testing this hypothesis. I've been diagnosed with anxiety, depression, PTSD, Lyme disease, lupus, fibromyalgia, degenerative disc disease, connective tissue disease, stage 4 endometriosis and the list goes on. Just labels. I was in pain on all levels and after the traditional medical community not only failed to help or give me any sound advice, but made me worse with drug after drug after drug, I turned within and started healing myself...the only other place left to go. At every turn, I was pointed back inward. 

With assistance from Higher Self, my angels, star family, and guides I've been able to heal my mind, body and soul, transcending those labels and gaining an enormous amount of wisdom in the process. Wisdom is only healed pain. It's enduring and transcending insurmountable challenges and taking with you all that you've learned on the journey in order to share with others. 

Although I'm still healing, I hope to share with you what I've learned so that you don't have to suffer like I did for so long. From my own Beyond Quantum Healing session, I learned that I'm a guide for a group of souls on the spirit side who took their own lives... as I almost did many times. Sometimes the pain we experience as humans is just too great for some to bear. But I'm here to offer you hope, it can get better, you can heal! From all of it! 

The beauty of it is that healing is available for all of us! It is within YOU and I'd love more than anything to help you tap into your own power as the Divine Creator that you are. The secrets to your healing lie within you and we can facilitate your healing by helping you tap into that treasure trove of possibilities. Please feel free to email or message me for more information, to book a BQH session, or just to chat. You can also watch videos on our YouTube channel, click on the videos tabs or the YouTube link. I'd love to connect with you soon! 

Infinite Love & Light,

Tena M. Dodds


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Growing up I used to daydream every chance I had. Every time my eyes opened, I was gone into a new world, creating in a vast space, an empty canvas that belonged only to me and my creations. There are so many holes in my story, so many blanks in memories where I should be able to tell you who I was, what I was feeling, and what I wanted. But I only have a vague idea because it was so natural for me to be physically here but mentally checked out.

I’d be creating a different world, a beautiful world where love is all that existed and I was free to be silent without judgment, without having to deal with life and tasks that I didn’t want to conform to and people I had no connection with. I never knew that the world of day dreaming was in fact a Divine creation; a creation that was confirmed when I had my own Divine intervention and was introduced to the world of Beyond Quantum Healing.


If anyone told me I was a channel or a medium, I would have laughed. I never once associated myself to having gifts but little did I know, it came naturally to me and it was something that I naturally nurtured having spent so much time on the other side of the veil. I didn't think that having a vast imagination was a potential bridge between the physical and the outer dimensions.


In my own spiritual journey, I also learned of my connection to Sirius and that I am a starseed. I was able to easily connect with my galactic guides and they graciously helped me to harness my connection to my galactic roots and guide me in my work in BQH. Working with Tena and our clients has given me the opportunity to use my abilities to help bring forth healing in unique and beautiful ways.

I am so grateful to be here and I look forward to working and connecting with you. 

Karen A. Baquiran


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Welcome to our world. We are usually very private about our personal life together, but here are some fun, behind-the-scene pics showcasing our real, true, and sometimes goofy selves with those we love.

Karen & Tena
With our daughter J
Karen's Ego & Bug
Out with our son, Bug
Fun night with our Bug
With our Bud
J & Tena - Clayton Day
Karen, Bug, Tena & Autumn
Karen & J
OCMD 2018
Tena from the street lol
Classy Karen
Too much sunscreen LOL
SnapChat fun lol
Infamous hoodie
With our kids
YouTube Poses
Tena & Munchie
Out with the kids
Clayton Day
Marion & Tena
AC for Tena's Surprise bday!
First time Skype'ing!
Cindy & Tena
YouTube Poses
Date Night
Getting ready for business
That's how we roll...
Many many faces!
Shoutout to my girl
We're the best!
Pretty serious stuff
First Divine Feminine Tandem with Dana! Epic!
OCMD love
With out Buggy
Bud and Kdawg
With our niece Autumn
Date night drink
Cocobear & Kdawg
Karen on Wednesday
Just a casual day out
With family in AC
AC with friends for Tena's birthday
Reunion with friends
With JD& Corey on Thanksgiving 2019
Thanksgiving 2019
Mason & Munch with Tena
That's the way love goes