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I share my story hoping that it may help you and maybe you'll relate in some way. What I know for sure is that there is an innate intelligence that lies within each of us that allows for healing. All healing is self-healing. On some level, we create our illness or dis-ease and we can heal from it.

I've been my own guinea pig in testing this hypothesis. I've been diagnosed with anxiety, depression, PTSD, Lyme disease, lupus, fibromyalgia, degenerative disc disease, connective tissue disease, stage 4 endometriosis and the list goes on. Just labels. I was in pain on all levels and after the traditional medical community not only failed to help or give me any sound advice, but made me worse with drug after drug after drug, I turned within and started healing myself...the only other place left to go. At every turn, I was pointed back inward. 

With assistance from Higher Self, my angels, star family, and guides I've been able to heal my mind, body and soul, transcending those labels and gaining an enormous amount of wisdom in the process. Wisdom is only healed pain. It's enduring and transcending insurmountable challenges and taking with you all that you've learned on the journey in order to share with others. 

Although I'm still healing, I hope to share with you what I've learned so that you don't have to suffer like I did for so long. From my own Beyond Quantum Healing session, I learned that I'm a guide for a group of souls on the spirit side who took their own lives... as I almost did many times. Sometimes the pain we experience as humans is just too great for some to bear. But I'm here to offer you hope, it can get better, you can heal! From all of it! 

The beauty of it is that healing is available for all of us! It is within YOU and I'd love more than anything to help you tap into your own power as the Divine Creator that you are. The secrets to your healing lie within you and we can facilitate your healing by helping you tap into that treasure trove of possibilities. Please feel free to email or message me for more information, to book a BQH session, or just to chat. You can also watch videos on our YouTube channel, click on the videos tabs or the YouTube link. I'd love to connect with you soon! 

Infinite Love & Light,

Tena M. Dodds



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Photography by: Terrie Reyes ©

If you were to ask me ANYTIME before 2020 if I was going to slay demons or go into the darker dimension to hunt down the "bad guys"... I'd laugh at you and say you're crazy. Growing up Catholic, my grandmother talked often of hell and instilled so much fear around those topics. I stayed where I felt safe and that was always far far away from scary movies and the occult. If you knew the key to my heart, you'd bring me to Blockbuster and buy me a romcom. I had to be so in love with a person to watch anything scary with them... and it's telling that the first time I met Tena, we watched The Conjuring... and little did we know that we were paving the way on a romantic endeavor into the dark realms of people's hell! We joked and called ourselves The Warrens... and that's literally been the big clue from our first "romantic" scary movie together.

I had to do a lot of healing of my own traumas and fortunate enough had a partner in Tena to mirror my own darkness. I never would have called myself a medium, but perhaps a professional daydreamer. It's a blessing that Tena and I had gone down the path, a very parallel one to say the least, as it has given us 8 years of continuing education in understanding the matrix and how to combat the darkness with our own Divine Source Light within.

If I can offer any assistance in other people's journey, my goal is to give them hope. I have combatted my own mental "illness" and have thrived through committing to my trauma healing that included removing an army of entities that had attached to me in my teens. I have done so much trauma work on myself, seeing all the hard things that had kept me limited and small and have courageously created a life that is in alignment to serving others in the name of Freedom. 

With the hundreds of clients that we have had in a short period, I would say 98% have found peace after they have worked with us. It gives us the drive we need to help aid our world back into true organic light. It is our mission and purpose to uncover the hidden unconventional truth of this matrix... and to be a guide to those that are ready to partake in their most authentic journey. We look forward to working with you!

Karen A. Baquiran #OSG

BQH Certificate Karen Baquiran
RSR Certificate Karen Baquiran
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