If you're not sure what you need, we do offer

a 1 hour consult call via Zoom or by phone for $99

*Prices are subject to change without notice*

*Prices are in USD*

For each new client referral, you receive 5% off one future service!

Intuitive Mentorship

$129/hr for 1 person

$199/hr for 2 people

Mentorship Bundles

3 Mentorship Calls: $333USD

6 Mentorship Calls: $600USD

Tena and Karen also offer Mentorship. As Twin Flames, they have learned and developed many methods through their own healing journey and do suggest a minimum of 3 sessions. Possible topics can include:

  • ** NEW** New BQH Practitioners

  • Self-Love

  • Guilt/Shame/Trauma

  • Narcissistic Abuse

  • Empathy & Highly Sensitive Persons

  • How to Manage Your Energy and Create Boundaries

  • Abandonment and Childhood Neglect

  • Conscious Parenting

  • Conscious Relationships (including Twin Flame Relationships)

  • Codependency

  • Support & Healing Sexual Abuse

  • Anxiety/Depression/Mental Health

  • Awakening and the Spiritual Journey

  • Energy, Psychic Protection & Sovereignty

  • AND MORE...


Empowerment Packages

If you are ready to stand in your fullest Divine potential and feel empowered like never before then this is for you! Our Empowerment packages provide you with all the tools you need to heal old wounds, clear your energy body, release yourself from attachments and jumpstart your evolution in consciousness. While working with us in the Twin Flame energy on a consistent basis, you will be activated like never before and become aligned with your truest self, your mission and purpose in life. As an active participant in your own healing, you will be on the path to regaining freedom and Sovereignty once and for all.

Empowerment 1 - $1046

(3 mentorship calls including initial consult and post-session integration, 1 LIVE RSR, 1 BQH Tandem)

Empowerment 2 - $1343

(6 mentorship calls, 1 LIVE RSR, 1 BQH Tandem)

We can create specific empowerment packages based on your needs!


Empowerment Package Testimonials


Square Stage


Tena and Karen helped me navigate very old wounds and come out feeling like I was meant to live the life not only that I wanted, the life that I needed. I am eternally grateful for their efforts and gentle healing ways.

Square Stage



Karen is a gifted Healer and intuitive. On many occasions, she has gifted me with a healing experience that surpassed my expectations and made me feel like I was in a warm, safe bubble surrounded in love and peaceful energy.

Square Stage




Wow! This is amazing and spot on!! Your reading is a much needed confirmation to my inner knowing. I will read the transmission over and over because it holds so many truths I need to embody.