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Quantum Body Scan Session (2 hrs) via Zoom 

$299 USD or 750 for a series of 3 sessions

"I am an energy worker myself and have tried many many modalities and practitioners over the years. I have learned to be very selective about who I will work with but felt comfortable trying a (Body Scan) session with Tena and Karen. Our session blew me away - it gave me answers I had been seeking, and answers I didn't know I should be seeking! I feel not only mental clarify around certain situations along with meaningful energetic shifts, but I also had a significant change to a physical injury (much to my surprise and delight!). I will be working with them again in the future, and recommend you do the same." -AS

Quantum Body Scan Sessions were initially part of Beyond Quantum Healing sessions and still are, however, clients remarked on just how powerful they felt this section of a BQH was for them.  Even if they struggled to travel or view past lives, they could physically sense and feel energy releasing from their system in real time during the body scan... and it was a powerful, even awe-inspiring experience for them! Demonstrating how they could physically affect their reality and heal their body through intention alone.


This gave us the idea to create the Quantum Body Scan as a stand alone session and brought an awareness to us about just how much old energy we have trapped and entangled in our systems, especially due to lifetimes of trauma. This energy can and does hinder a direct connection to our Divine Selves, keeping us dense and repeating the same patterns of deep subconscious wounding. The clients who were struggling to make that connection, to travel with their consciousness, to gain access to information, needed to clear more energy from the system in order to open up that direct union with their higher awareness. So far, this session continues to be a powerful healing experience for our clients.

QBS sessions are now the second step in our clearing and healing process -after RSR and before BQH- of regaining freedom and sovereignty from the matrix and taking full responsibility and control over your life. The body keeps the score and has its own language. Although we may have a higher awareness in the mind for why there was trauma, pain and suffering in our lifetime/s and maybe even have forgiven the perpetrators of said trauma, the body has stored the energy of all of the painful experiences and is basically stuck in the past needing and waiting to be seen, heard, understood, validated and released from the suffering.

QBS is a continuation of the clearing process that was started in RSR but instead of us doing the work for you, we are teaching you how to do it! Old trapped energies in the system can and do act as access points for entities to attach so this is why continuing the clearing work and learning how to do it yourself is so important.

When we heal and release ourselves from attachments, emotional pain, trauma, entities, implants, stored emotions, and past life imprints we transcend the suffering and rise above the fray, unplugging from the system itself and no longer allowing for energy harvesting. The matrix hooks into the body via the central nervous system. This is why we experience physical sensations in the body when there is an emotional trigger. The physical sensations are messengers, bringing an awareness to something in the mind/body complex that still needs to be healed, transmuted or alchemized. An energy that still exists. The Quantum Body Scan is designed to get to help you learn how to read those messages, get to the root cause of the issues and resolve it for good whether it's from this life or an ancient energy that is overlapping onto this reality.


When we heal emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually, we take away access and the ability of the Matrix to siphon our energy. We feel lighter, more empowered, and confident to face life's challenges. Clients have remarked that even just one QBS session is worth more than years of therapy and that's because it's focused on more than just the mind but the entirety of the human including body, soul, and Spirit.

How Does QBS Work?

You will need approximately 2 hours for this session and a quiet comfy place to lie down uninterrupted with stable internet connection and a decent pair of wired headphones. Tena will guide you into a state of relaxation to ground, connect, and protect the space then we will simply ask your body to show us what needs to be addressed. Karen will act as guardian of the space while also bringing forward any pertinent information so don't worry about connecting, you have a partner to back you up :)

Your body will present us with a sensation, a trapped energy that we will investigate by asking questions to learn more and understand how and why that energy became trapped in your system. Then we will guide you using various techniques to release that trauma, stuck emotion, entity, implant, past life imprint or otherwise.

This will help you to learn how to connect with your body and understand the language of the sensations that are arising from within while guiding you on how to release those trapped energies from the system in the most effective and efficient ways. It will also prepare you for being in the energy of the subconscious in a safe, sacred and protected space for your future BQH session.

The very basic premise of this process is that the more dense energy you release from the body, the more room there is for the wholeness of your Spirit - your lifeforce energy - to take up space and allow for natural healing of the body, mind, soul. This is why we recommend a series of 3 QBS sessions to jumpstart the process of release and to help you gain the confidence to do the work on your own in your everyday life.


This gives you more emotional freedom and confidence to allow your Divine Self to pilot the ship instead of being stuck in old repeating ego patterns. It also sharpens your discernment antenna so you will be able to read energy with much more clarity and ease. The shifts that happen for clients are sometimes instantaneous and recognizable in how they are managing everyday life and its challenges in a whole new way. Physical healings often do occur as well because the more dense trapped energy we release from the body, the more lifeforce is available for healing.

Quantum Body Scans put the power back in your hands to finally understand the messages that your body is sending you and learn how to respond to those messages for optimum support and control of your own energetic system. This will allow you to depend less on 'healers' and more on your own Divine Self and higher awareness for guidance and energetic hygiene.

Quantum Body Scan YouTube Playlist

Watch client session videos and other interesting videos on QBS! 

Keep in mind when you watch a client session that no two sessions are alike and are completely unique to each individual, however it will give you an idea of the general format and setup.

"I had my first zoom body scan session with Tena and Karen and it was quite rewarding‚ there is absolutely nobody I would trust more to do this energetic work with!

They are both compassionate, dynamic and advanced humans and healers, committed to the work and honestly a pleasure to work with!"

Alexander Rogers

For more client testimonials, see HERE

For questions or to book a session, please email us HERE

Last revised: November 24, 2023

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