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Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) is on the cutting-edge of healing and transformation. It is a highly advanced and effective heart and energy based modality that allows for deep healing on all levels. The power, beauty, and magic of BQH never cease to astound me! And the best part is that it can be done in-person or online so you can experience the magic through our connection from anywhere in the world! 


With BQH, you are gently guided into a relaxed and focused state of awareness just like following a guided meditation. In this state, we will bypass the conscious, thinking mind and tap into the wisdom and knowing of your subconscious. When you allow your mind to go quiet, you will go deeper and be more OPEN than ever before so you can hear the wisdom of your Higher Self, the part of you that is connected to All That IS. 


This part of us goes by many names. Some people call it the God-mind, the Soul, the Higher Self, the Subconscious. Regardless of what we call it, you will be accessing a part of you that holds all the knowledge and secrets to this life and any and all lifetimes you may have experienced before. 


Connecting into this deepest part of you and creatively exploring other lifetimes or aspects of yourself allows you to experience what you need for deep transformative healing and uncovers a treasure trove of limitless potential. In simple terms, it's exploring the 'past' in order to heal the present.


Sometimes just by recognizing or validating what has happened in the past, current life issues are understood and healed instantaneously. This is the power of Quantum Healing; healing on the highest, yet deepest level across all realms of multi-dimensional reality. Keeping in mind that many factors play into why certain things occur in our lives, the potential for a miracle is never promised but also very real, possible and worth a chance. 





We come into this life carrying cellular memories from past lives that may include trauma, unhealthy patterns, and limiting beliefs that are subconsciously affecting us. All we've ever been through and experienced is stored within our DNA. In order to experience these details, Quantum Healing takes us deep within the vast space of our inner reality where we find all the answers that we need. We go to the Quantum level and beyond where we can heal and clear the cellular memory as well as any physical issues you may be experiencing if your Inner Wisdom deems appropriate. When your body is in relaxed and focused state of being, it allows for healing at the cellular level.




The possibilities are endless and include anything and everything! There are NO limitations in Quantum Healing so shoot for the stars and leave nothing out when asking. 


Through the process of BQH you will become completely in tune with yourself in a brand new and profoundly exciting way. We invite your multidimensional aspects of Self to join us on your journey and to assist in your experience and healing. Questions that can be answered include but are not limited to:


* Who am I?

* Where do I come from?

* What is my purpose on Earth? 

*How do I break free from the reincarnation loop?

* Why did I choose my family? 

* What am I supposed to learn from this? 

*Why do I always attract the same type of relationships? 

* Why do I have this addiction to food/drugs/alcohol/sex/porn/shopping/gambling, etc? 

*What is the source of this fear or phobia?

* What is the best diet for me? 

* I had an unusual, strange experience/dream.. Can that be explained? 

* Am I an old soul; how many past lives have a I had? 

* Am I in the right career/job for me? 

* Am I a Starseed? 

* What changes should I make in my life? 

* How do I find peace around a certain situation? 

* What is the root cause of this illness or pain and how do we heal it? What is it teaching me?  

* Have I met my Soulmate/Twin Flame? If not, will I? 


You can ask about your history of trauma, medical issues, disease, emotional health, mental illness, spiritual questions, situations and people in your life that you need clarity on. You can ask your Higher Self to rewire and clear negative looping thought patterns, age regress you or get to the root of your shame, guilt, anxiety, or fear. You can clear old conditioning and belief patterns and/or call forth aspects of yourself from other lifetimes to assist you in your current life. Anything is possible and this is the magic of BQH! 


The answers to these questions will reveal a deep inner knowing and understanding that has always been within you and will offer you the freedom, self-awareness and self-acceptance that you've secretly been yearning for and didn't realize you've been missing. All healing is self-healing and YOU are a powerful Being of Light!  

Book your BQH Session today to know yourself on a level you've never dreamed possible! To Know Thyself is the greatest accomplishment there is. We are looking forward to connecting with YOU!

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