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We are proud to announce and promote our first book together #LoveYourself - A Guide to Awakening the Soul and Putting the Ego to Sleep

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We have the ability to master our lives when we realize this simple truth: we are always in control of our thoughts and we don’t have to believe everything that we think. This realization is the moment everything will change. By having this control, we are able to capture our true essence and live the authentic lives we were meant to live.

I long for home... #LoveYourself - A Guide to Awakening the Soul and Putting the Ego to Sleep is a collection of personal stories that touches on everyday thought-provoking life lessons that can help one become empowered on their journey to self-love. By taking complete responsibility for our lives, we are able to open the door to a beautiful relationship with ourselves. We are rarely taught that happiness is an inside job and that our thoughts create our own personal realities.

“The journey to self-love can be such a strenuous process. Our real-life experiences are strategically placed within our timelines as a way for the Universe to help us find our true authentic selves. Everything we endure is a test and after every storm is a deep calm where we find ourselves a little stronger, a little wiser, a little more aware.” —Karen A. Baquiran

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