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If you're not sure what you need, we do offer

a 1 hour consult call via Zoom $99USD

*Prices are subject to change without notice*

*All prices are in USD*

For each new client referral, you receive 5% off one future service!

Remote Spirit Release (RSR) - Spiritual Health Check

RSR Classic

All RSR's include a house clearing.

New Clients:

Adult (16+): $180 USD

Children (0-15): $130 USD


Returning Clients:

Adults (16+): $160 USD

Children (0-15): $115 USD

This session is pre-recorded and the audio and instructions for aftercare will be sent to you via email when complete.

  RSR Live via Zoom

Adult (16+): $299 USD

 Watch your RSR Live via Zoom. Take a moment to wind down after Tena guides you on a relaxing meditation and experience our combined energy while we work on you. Audio and aftercare instructions will be sent via email.

Dr. P. Special


A quick, easy & basic spiritual health check in tribute to our beloved mentor Dr. Terence Palmer. This session will be done on our own time and a summary of our findings will be sent via email. This option does not include the recording or house clearing.


$529 USD

Special offer!

This offer includes 2 adults and 2 children under 16.

$150USD for each additional adult

$111 USD for each additional child.


Starting at $150 USD


$99 USD


$300 USD pre-recorded

$500 USD LIVE via Zoom

Jump to the front of our RSR queue and have your session done within 24-48 hours after booking.


Vaccine Clearing

$125 USD

Shedding Clearing

$111 USD

Questions to HS or Guides

1 Question $25 USD

2 Questions $45 USD

3 Questions $55 USD

Chakra or Astral Body or Kundalini Removal or Meta Clearing

$50 USD/removal

Package Removal: Chakra, Astral Body and Kundalini

$125 USD

RSR Tune-Up Packages

*Only available after initial RSR but can be purchased in combination with*

For those that need additional healing and clearing including those suffering from long term chronic conditions such as but not limited to Lyme disease, fibromyalgia, lupus, autism, cancer, schizophrenia, targeted individuals, psychosis, abductees, depression, anxiety, compounded trauma and those suffering from long term targeted entity and/or A.I. attacks.


Weekly Clearings ($115 USD minimum 4): Starting at $460 USD 

Monthly ($125 USD minimum 3): Starting at $375 USD

Quarterly ($135 USD minimum 4): Starting at $540 USD

*Prices are subject to change without notice*

*All prices are in USD*

For each new client referral, you receive 5% off one future service!


In a Remote Spirit Release Session we remote view your energy from wherever you are in the world. Then we proceed to our protocol to check for and clear the following: 

-Outer and inner etheric fields

-Dark Force Entities (DFEs) Grades 1-3

-Earthbound Soul Attachments (EBs)


-Implants & Devices (and other etheric technologies)

-Negative AI /ET infringement and/or experiments

-Curses, Black Magic Spells, Occult Ritual Activity

-Negative Cords to other Humans or Entities

-Interdimensional Parasites

-Negative Past Life Contracts

-Negative Entity Contracts (ie: Satantic, Demonic, Negative ET, False Light, AI etc.)

-Negative Self-Created Thoughtforms/Belief systems/Programs

-Dissociated Sub-personalities (aspects of self split off from the whole when trauma occurs)

-Complete Clearing and Rebalancing of Chakras

-Reinforcing of Grounding

-Crucifixion implants

-Soul retrieval

-Matrix pod and cords

-Geisha codes and brain implants

-and MORE!

We also clear and protect your home and all electronics and devices such as cellphones, TVs, tablets, laptops, computers, appliances, internet and wi-fi connections of any and all of the above entities.

To find out more about RSR click HERE

To book an RSR session for you or a loved one:

1- Please fill out this intake form here

Within the form, you will have the option of choosing RSR Classic which is pre-recorded, RSR LIVE which we will schedule together and meet via the Zoom app, or RSR LIVE Q & A where we will meet Live and you get the clearing plus ask 3 extra questions (no sub questions) for your Higher Self.


2- Then email us a clear, recent photo of yourself or your loved one (ONLY for remote)

3- And pay the appropriate amount* in USD via Paypal or Venmo

*e-transfer also available for our Canadian clients

(conversion from USD to CAD is applied day of booking)

Upon receipt of the above, we will complete your session ASAP, usually within 10 business days upon receipt of payment. If you choose to have an RSR LIVE, we will contact you to schedule a day and time that works for everyone. When the pre-recorded session is complete, we will email you the recording of our findings via WeTransfer with advice on moving forward and staying clear & sovereign from infringements. Plus we will attach important information in our RSR Aftercare Document about our process and tips for protection and staying clear moving forward.

Please email us with questions, we'd be happy to assist!



Square Stage



My greatest thank you is the release of the multi generational cord that bound me and my maternal lineage, many years of enslavement by the dark broken, I know my mum and grandma are celebrating with me on the other side for we are finally free.

Square Stage



Wow! Tena and Karen are the real deal! I felt the shift almost immediately! They didn't cut corners and took the time and conscious care needed to completely remove any and ALL attachments that were lingering.

Square Stage



I was completely blown away by the session! I received a great deal of information that has been life changing for me. I immediately felt a huge weight lifted. I can’t thank Tena and Karen enough! I highly recommend their RSR session. You won’t regret it!

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