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Sessions can run from 4-6 hours including the pre-talk. 




The very first part of our session together will be a pre-talk where we will get to know each other a little better and we will go over your history, your concerns, your main reason for a session and we'll review your questions for clarification. We will set up a day and time to meet before your session that works for both of us and it will tale 1-1.5 hours. I find that this pre-session meeting tends to ease some of the fear or anxiety so that you're not just meeting up with a stranger to take a journey into your soul on the day of your session! 




On the day of your session, we will meet via the Zoom app and chat a bit about anything you forgot to mention in our pre-talk. This will be followed by clarifying and setting your intention for the session and then sealing that intention with water alchemy. Water is consciousness and that intention will infuse into our bodies and broadcast out across all realms of multi-dimensional reality. 




We will start relaxing by breathing, grounding, placing protection and getting our hearts and minds into coherence. We will also do several imagination exercises to get the brain warmed up. Beautiful gifts and surprises can and do happen during these short journeys!




This part of the session is called the induction and it's just like following a guided meditation. Tena will gently guide you into a relaxed and focused state of awareness called the theta brainwave state where we will access all the healing and information you need at this time. 


Your job is to let go, relax down deep and just follow her voice. You will then land in what feels like a daydream that could be any number of memories or situations. It may be a memory from this life, past life, a parallel or future life, you may be floating in space, seeing colors and images, or you may just feel peaceful and at ease. Whatever is meant for you will be. There is no wrong or right. Your Inner Wisdom will give you exactly what is meant for you at this time. *See what hypnosis feels like below*




After exploring between 1-3 lifetimes, memories or 'scenes' we will then tap into your Inner Wisdom or Higher Self, the part of you that knows deep down in order to understand why we needed to explore those memories, how they relate to your life now and what needs to be healed, released, cleared, or understood. Please remember, your Higher Self or Inner Wisdom is NOT outside of you. Your HS IS YOU! It's just a higher and more aligned aspect of you that requires your participation. It is not something that comes in to do the work FOR you, you will be doing the work. That is how powerful YOU are.




You will also perform a body scan to check for and heal, if appropriate, any underlying physical conditions or ailments you may have. We will also scan for possible spirit attachments, cords, implants, devices. any negative outside interference or entities that may be present in order to remove them and restore healing.  




After exploring and healing, there will be a short debrief and instructions for the following days. 

* Please keep in mind this is just a general outline of how things will go. No two sessions are alike because each individual is unique and the amazing thing about BQH is that we can structure it to fit whatever you need. It's the Higher Self that sometimes has other plans in mind for you and we're just following along and adjusting as needed. I have yet to have had a session go in the "standard way." 

If you need more time to debrief, understand and discuss your session, integration Zoom calls are available.




Hypnosis is not sleep, you will feel relaxed but also awake and hyper-aware. It feels something like a daydream, but does not feel like something or someone is taking you over to speak through you like you may expect. It's going to feel like you, just a higher, more aligned aspect of you where the information will flow without resistance. So it's important to trust the subtle clues that come to you and let the words flow out no matter how ridiculous it may seem to your conscious mind. It may feel confusing at first as your conscious mind tries to figure out what is happening in the scene and why, but I assure you we will figure it all out and put all the puzzle pieces together. Your job is just to be IN IT and describe to me exactly what you're experiencing. You will not be judging or analyzing.


It also doesn't happen like a movie screen playing behind your eyelids, it can but that is very rare. Most people receive images in their mind's eye, like a dream or daydream. And the information can come in any number of ways, not just through visuals. You can hear, sense, smell, taste, see and even just have a deep knowing of what is happening around you. Trust in your senses and allow the information to come forth. 


Say the very first thing that pops into your mind without thinking about it, the very first thing you feel, sense, or hear in your mind no matter what you think it sounds like. That's your inner knowing! We have these sessions in order to experience the magical things that aren't available to us in our waking state so nothing you tell me is going to be shocking! That is the whole point of having a session. So if you have big hairy feet or a tail or you see yourself as an ET or a mermaid, it's all good, amazing actually! We live for this stuff and it's why this exploration is so fascinating to us.


The more you speak to me, the more will flow to you. As much as I prepare people, they always seem to be taken aback by what they are experiencing. That is just the conscious mind instilling doubt. TRUST is the most important thing for a successful session!! Trust in yourself but also in me, as your practitioner. 





BQH is not traditional hypnosis. It is a multidimensional, intuitive and energy based healing modality. However, it does use some aspects of hypnosis to explore consciousness. It encourages connection to higher aspects of Self for information and healing. 


Most of us don't realize that we spend a majority of our day in hypnotic states while reading, driving, watching TV or movies, praying, doing dishes and even as we're waking up and falling asleep. The space between dreaming and being fully awake is where I will guide you to find the answers you need. Hypnosis is nothing more than relaxed and focused attention. It will feel just like a daydream and you will use your imagination to bring forth what you need. 


Hypnosis is not mind control. When you see someone clucking like a chicken on stage, they've agreed on some level to act that out and that would be considered stage hypnosis. Traditional hypnosis is focused more on the scientific aspects where the practitioner aims to instill new suggestive concepts like into the subconscious like, "You will no longer find cigarettes desirable." 


All hypnosis is self-hypnosis and all healing is self-healing. My job as a practitioner is just to gently guide you into a relaxed and focused state of awareness so that you may access higher parts of yourself. It's more of a metaphysical, spiritual and energetic experience whereby the you connect to your own Inner Wisdom. You're always in control, this is about you and your healing and you can open your eyes at any time and end the session if you'd like. 




The very best thing you can do for yourself is to release yourself and me of expectations. Remain calm and open to any and all information that may come through. Do not judge it. It's natural for your brain to try to come in and analyze what you're seeing and experiencing. Thank it for being there and just let it fall away. Your Higher self and my Higher self have already orchestrated ALL of this and will give you exactly what you need in your session. Do not try to control it, just keep an OPEN mind and go with the flow. Allow your imagination to guide you, do not push it aside. 


The most important thing is to TRUST yourself and what you're experiencing! You're not making it up and you're not imagining it; it's all very much real. The doubt may creep in but remember that imagination is your connection to Source energy and All That Is. Your imagination is the language of your Higher Self or Subconscious mind so don't be afraid to use it during your session. 


The more you speak and describe what you're noticing, the more you will notice. Your imagination is the key to connecting to Source and receiving the information you desire. How else would Source/God/Creator communicate with us if not through the imagination? 




*Just After Your Session


Just after your session, you will be alert but deeply relaxed and may feel your body buzzing. If you have black tourmaline or obsidian, have that crystal available to help ground your energy and imagine a golden cord grounding you to the center heart of the Earth. If you're having issues grounding or feeling extra buzzy, walk barefoot on the grass and schedule to rest for the remainder of the day. It may also help to eat something, especially root veggies and dark chocolate, at least 80% cocoa. This will assist in grounding the high vibrational energy from your session. 

Sidenote!! Please do tell me if you get a headache during or after your session! This is from your crown chakra being open and we need to take extra steps to move that energy down and ground you. This does happen in a small percentage of cases but is perfectly treatable.


Having a BQH Session is very much like having a detailed, involved daydream, you will feel as though you just returned from a journey into another world and lifetime. This is in fact, because you actually have! 


Your consciousness went on a magical journey so try to keep that day clear and quiet as possible so you may integrate all of the energy. The session will take up most of the day, and afterwards you want to have time to rest and reflect and let the healing energies integrate and settle in the body. If you're having an evening session, you may just go to sleep and allow the energy to integrate. 


*The Following Days, Weeks and Months


In the next few days, you may or may not have a general feeling of malaise or have cold/flu-like symptoms as the body adjusts to the healing and higher frequencies. You will be integrating new energy and purging the old, releasing what no longer serves you. This is temporary and is a good thing so keep that in mind.


You may also have emotions that rise to the surface for release. This is a good thing as well so don't be afraid! Allow the feelings to flow out of you so they don't get stuck in your body. I know from experience this is no fun! Journal, meditate, ground, take a salt bath, walk, do some light exercise, eat light healthy foods, drink lots of water. This will help to integrate the energy and get it flowing! Be extremely kind and gentle with yourself. 


*The Recording


I will send you the link to the recording on the next day or so via We Transfer. Be sure to download it right away to your computer and make a backup if you like. If you want it on your phone, you'll have to download the We Collect app and then download it from there--you can then delete the app.


Listen to the recording as many times as you like but I recommend at least 3 times to further integrate the healing energies. You may think you remember everything, but each time you listen you will receive the healing energies again as well as any additional insights. 


The connection to your HS will remain open so pay attention to your thoughts, intuition and dreams. You'll begin to recognize the difference between your conscious mind and your HS. It's a very subtle yet wise voice that sounds like your own and it will always be supportive and loving.




I/we will hold this space safe for you. Sacred. No judgement. No expectations. Just a warm, loving place for you to fall in. Whatever you experience is meant to be, there is no wrong or right. It just IS so let it BE. Your Higher Self will give you exactly what you need, not necessarily what you want. And the results will be felt sometimes immediately or over the next days, weeks and months. 


Everyone is different so keep that in mind. Your session may not look like the ones you've seen online, however it will be perfect for YOU. Remember that if you look for the answer, it will hide. Just like when you walk into a room and forget what you're looking for. If you think about it too much and try too hard to remember, you'll never remember. It's only when you take your attention away that it comes to you. The same thing happens in a session. Just let go, go with the flow and tell me the first thing that pops into your mind. It's that easy. 


I look forward to helping you empower yourself to heal. Remember, all healing is self-healing. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis and is nothing more than concentrated focused attention. BQH sessions can be powerful and often life-changing. You can do this!

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