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Client Stories of Empowerment & Regaining Sovereignty

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Beyond Quantum Healing Sessions

Jolene- One-on-One BQH Session

"Hey there Tena. I just wanted to follow up with some positive news after our session. I do biofeedback weekly. It's something I have been doing for 7 months. It's something that helps to trigger your parasympathetic system to help your body be in a state of healing. Well today that cleared to 71% where as before it would be as low as 3%.. and for the first time in 7 months that I've been doing it, my lymph system did not pop up at all when it has been chronic this whole time! And it's only been 4 days since the session! 


I couldn't believe it. 


What an amazing way to physically validate the healing. I feel very grateful and happy. 

I'm so passionate about helpingther people on their journey like you have done for me. I hope we can explore that together and find out what that might look like as I get further in my journey. I've also had several very powerful and insightful dreams since my session. You're a beautiful soul and I feel blessed to have found you in my journey." - Jolene 

Demi-One-on-One BQH Session

"My name is Demi. I wanted to do BQH because for the past 32 years I have been in extreme trauma. There was certain things that I wanted to clear blockages on, and I felt led to do BQH. Let me tell you guys, I am so glad I did it! Since my BQH I have experienced feeling light. I have several opportunities that have come my way that I waited 5 years for. I don't have a desire to eat cheeseburgers and fried food. I crave light fresh foods now. I have no clue how this has happened because I actually loved a good cheeseburger. I also wake up on my own at 4am everyday to work out. I used to also be a heavy smoker but now smoking is too strong for my body. I can't imagine going back to smoking now. I have no clue how this happened for me but I am completely appreciative for it. Thank you so much Tena this experience has literally changed my life for the BEST!!

Terrell Just- One-on-One BQH Session

"Tena Dodds  gave me a remote session recently and it was so amazing. She led me through a life where everyone on my planet, which was actually one of Jupiter's moons, stood facing Gaia and sent healing, loving energy to help the people and the planet to heal. It was a service we performed when needed, to other planets as well. She guided me through the releasing of two attachments and called ArchAngel Michael down to escort them home. It was so cool to see him from the client side. He came so quickly, and looked like the blue in the center of a flame. He put his arm around my shoulder and hugged me. It was the most comforting, heart-opening experience ever. I'm welling up just thinking of it. Tena's sweet, soft and gentle voice never wavered even though I had a very cranky attachment talking to her. I'm so glad that she helped me get rid of that negative energy and leave me with a cleaner, higher vibration. I am genuinely happy to recommend her for hypnosis. She is patient and calm. She keeps control of the session and moves it forward. If you are thinking of connecting with her for some healing, loving light and answers to some deep questions, follow your intuition and make an appointment. She is a natural healer!"- Terrell, BQH, IH, QHHT practitioner

Jen R. One-on-One BQH Session

"Tena is a gifted, knowledgeable healer and a caring person who truly takes the time to understand her clients story. She worked with me for several days prior to my session with phone calls and videos to help me prepare. The space she created was warm and loving, both physically and energetically, I felt an immense healing begin to happen almost immediately after entering her office. Tena is a master of guided meditation and I was able to enter a deeply peaceful state to access my higher self. We can never have expectations as to what will happen in a session however mine lasted 4 hours, Tena made sure to ask all of the questions that I had prepared. I received some helpful insights and powerful healing / rest which was what my higher self deemed most important. Tena truly cares about her clients, she spent time with me after the session and gave me some helpful recommendations for practices and techniques that would be useful to me as an empath. If you are considering a regression session I highly recommend Tena as a practitioner. I am thankful to have met her and I hope to work with her again in the future. Love and blessings to you all." - Jen R.

LW- One-on-One BQH Session

"I have had other sessions with other practitioners before but through my session with Tena I was able to help heal some big problems in my life, she cared before during and after the session. I am so grateful to to have found her!" -LW


Cameron- Bubble Session

"I had a life changing session facilitated by Tena and I have never felt so clear and sure in my life!!! All of the questions I had were answered and more, and the energy in the room from my higher self was out of this world. Tena is so talented and will get to the core of any question you have and will leave you blown away! Hands down best experience of my life."- Cameron

Dana G. - Bubble Session

"I have been following Tena and her work for some time and when she offered the bubble sessions I instantly felt this was meant for me. The session I received was amazing as it truly resonated and exactly what I needed to hear. All that was said spoke to me and brought understanding about myself on a deeper level. These short sessions are a gift for those that want to understand more about themselves and connect with their higher self. It's a beautiful introduction to the in depth work that happens in the BQHH sessions. I am very grateful to have received such a powerful and activating transmission that was done from the heart. It was done with so much care and love that I have felt it while I was listening to the session. I highly recommend working with Tena if you are looking for answers that come straight from the soul. This will be a gift that you give to yourself!" -DG

Karen B. - One-on-One BQH Session

"I've been involved with healing for several years, doing my own inner child and shadow work searching for the pieces to my puzzle and the love that I always felt was missing. In my first BQH Session with Tena, I had an emotional reunion with my Sirian parents. I knew that I was a Starseed but in being reunited with my star family, I was able to feel the pure overwhelming unconditional love that was missing in my life. I brought it back with me and for the first time in my life I realized it was always a part of me and no longer was I searching for something that I could never find on Earth. I am the love I was searching for!! That alone was worth it. I also met my galactic guide and light council who were quite amusing and animated and answered all of my lifelong questions and more. Tena was able to hold a loving safe space for me to be open and vulnerable. She instilled a deep level of trust and security while I dove headfirst into my most personal issues. Her overall presence is so comforting and there's something about her voice that helps me go deeper and is extremely soothing. 


During the interview, I found it very helpful that she emphasized the idea of trust. Trust in myself and the impressions that presented before me. When my ego started questioning everything I was able to quickly remember her voice telling me to trust what I saw..and I did. Since then we have had two more sessions together and I was able to explore aspects of myself I never thought possible! Each aspect helped me further place the puzzle pieces and understand why and how things had to be as they are. Each session has been more profound and magical than the first! Besides reconnecting with my star family, guides and light council, I've connected with angels and ArchAngels, God, my Ego, my childhood imaginary friend, Joe Mikey while exploring my childhood home, I've seen myself as a squirrel in current time, explored a spaceship and had every question I've ever had about my soul's existence answered. With her expert guidance and loving nature, I've been able to heal on a level I never thought possible. Through these BQH sessions with Tena everything makes sense now and I have a profound understanding of who I am. I would highly recommend Tena because of her passion for this work. My life has changed in extraordinary ways because I was able to discover myself and heal far beyond what I could've done with any other modality. Tena’s competence as a practitioner in knowing how to steer the ship for each unique session gave us both the opportunity to experience profound synchronicities and revelations that were completely relevant and magical in every way. Since then, she has asked me to be a surrogate for those who need a lended voice and I've agreed. I was able to witness this work for personal and non-personal reasons and still found that the non-personal sessions brought so much beauty, color, and perspective into my life. Tena is able to facilitate professionally while also adding a personal touch and I feel that type of spin is necessary to have a successful journey to one's soul."- K.B.


BQH Surrogate- Tandem- In The Bubble - Testimonials

LJB- Bubble Session

"These ladies are amazing. I was blessed to have won a free bubble session! The messages I received from them resonated so much, and some were so specific and spot on (like from receiving messages from my mom through my eldest son). I'm grateful also to have more insight from my higher self through Karen, things just got so much clearer for me and its feels so so so good to be validated. It feels so empowering to just trust. Thank you ladies so much. Keep shining your light unto others. SO much love for you ladies!!!"- LJB

Christy- Tandem Session

"My first BQHT session was the other day and it was amazing! Tena is so kind and so skilled at preparing me for the session. She and Karen both are so great and really show up to bring you through this amazing process. They guide you, hold space for you without judgement! It has only been a couple days, but I truly believe there was a shift and much healing done during this session. I highly recommend Tena and a Tandem session with Karen if you are worried at all about getting much needed information! Thank you Tena and Karen for your work!" -Christy

Patricia- Bubble Session

"I am grateful for the work Tena and Karen did on my behalf, Tena was friendly and very reassuring l knew l was in good hands. From the U.K the process from start to finish was very easy and straightforward and Tena was in touch all the way letting me know everything l needed to know. She delivered my recording even earlier than anticipated which was a pleasant surprise, and my God they did a great work answering my questions. The tape recording was very professional and very easy to download and listen to. I am so glad to have met my higher self, l felt so much love and care from the recording and l am looking forward to setting some things right in my life. Thank you for helping me, many thanks guys." - Patricia (Bubble session)

Tara Abele- Tandem Session

"These gals are AMAZING! I recently had a tandem session with Tena and Karen, which was immensely powerful. Tena is an incredibly compassionate, skilled and warm-hearted practitioner, and Karen is the same, and a very gifted psychic. The information and healing provided during the session was extremely valuable. I highly x 1000 recommend the experience, especially if you have resistance accessing the information you need. I am forever grateful for their help, care, and beautiful souls." - Tara Abele AURA, BQH, and Remote Spirit Release Practitioner

Chrissy B.- Bubble Session

"I had a bubble session done with Tena and Karen. Tena was very quick to respond to my emails to acknowledge the questions that I submitted. She was very professional and showed that she cared about the questions that I wanted answered. After the session, she contacted me immediately to tell me how it went and the next day, sent me a link to listen to it. I was able to listen to the entire session and it greatly helped me to validate the feelings I had previously. It was an emotional experience that she helped me to process. I would highly recommend a bubble session for someone who has a hard time finding the time in their personal life to dedicate a few hours to do a full one to one session."- CB

 Michael- Bubble Session

"I've never experienced a Quantum Healing before and when the Bubble Session was offered, I knew I had to get one. It is a wonderful value and a great place to begin or continue the journey of awakening and discovery of our true selves. The description of the man in the meadow, I instantly knew was me. I would recommend giving careful thought to your questions and treating them as though they were wishes. The Healing of my back pain was real, immediate, and has become less and less each day since the session. It is easily 20% or less from what it was and still continues to dissipate each passing day. I highly recommend listening/watching the session multiple times. I have continued to receive healing each time I have done this. FYI, my guides have become even more obvious since my session. Looking forward to the next chapter. "-Michael

Serina Magick- Bubble Session

"This " In the bubble" BQH session, was so amazing! it has been a week, and I am still receiving healing... I have seen, in my opinion some of the best, most clear mediums in the world, and none of them actually told me how I could heal from many lifetimes of trauma. I think if you want answers. Tena and Karen are the absolute best to channel your higher self. They are spot on!... I can not say enough. You will not be disappointed. I have had many conformations since my session, and can not wait to have another one... lol... I have more questions!... So much Love!" -Serina Magick

Geetika P. - Bubble Session

"Tena conducted a surrogate BQH session for me. She did it at a great price and covered quite a few questions that I had. She was quite thorough with the session as I had expected it to be quite brief given it was a bubble session. The insights that came have been really thought provoking and Very much needed my attention at this time. I was also impressed with her prompt, loving and professional communication."- Geetika (Bubble session)

Nancy S. - Bubble Session

"It was such a treat to work with both Tena and Karen. What beautiful souls! My bubble session was spot on and even had my friends stunned by how precise it all was. I can't wait to work with you both again! Highly recommend! Especially if you're a first timer like I was. Take the leap! I'm so glad I did!" NS

Holly- Tandem Session

"I had an amazing tandem BQH session with Tena & Karen this week. I'm so thankful they offer this service because it's very hard for me to get into a meditative state. As a matter of fact, I did not receive any visions or feelings during the session, but I was extremely relaxed and was able to listen to Karen and what she was seeing and ask questions. Karen was spot on. She went very deep into my childhood and found fractals of myself that needed healing, plus she made amazing revelations about my life now and how it's duplicating much of what I experienced in my childhood. The whole session was so eye opening. She also described a couple of lives that were relevant to my life now. It's so much easier to heal when you understand why you are the way you are. I can't recommend the tandem session enough. These ladies are so compassionate and insightful and full of love. If you have deep healing you want to accomplish, then a BQH session is the way to go." -Holly

Brittany Z.- Tandem Session

"I had a lovely experience with Tena and Karen in a Tandem session. They are so caring, intuitive, and present from start to finish, as well as created a sacred healing space where I felt 100% safe." -Brittany Z (Tandem session)

Sherry- Tandem Session

"Tena took amazing care of me as I navigated some troubling and confusing memories in my childhood. She and Karen (during my tandem session) held space for me and supported me as I replaced dense energies within my vortex with love and forgiveness, which brought forth the deep healing I really needed. It was an amazing session!!!" -Sherry

Maureen- Tandem Session

"This was my 1st experience in regression with Tena. A fantastic experience and a real life-changer. She is wonderful and charming takes her work seriously. She's good! I felt safe and in good hands with both, Tena, and Karen. I had a Tandem session and it was an amazing experience. and I thank you from the bottom of my heart Tena. I absolutely recommend Tena and Karen to anyone! All my kindness and love to you guys."- Mark

H.C.- Bubble Session

"I most recently heard about Tena & Karen through friends and tried out the bubble session. They were spot on with what I am feeling and going through right now. They brought through a lot of insight and helpful advice. It was everything I needed to hear. I highly recommend them!"-HC



Energy Healing/Channeling

T.M.D.- Energy Healing

"Karen is a gifted Healer and intuitive. On many occasions, she has gifted me with a healing experience that surpassed my expectations and made me feel like I was in a warm, safe bubble surrounded in love and peaceful energy. She brings forth her profound starseed love and energy healing abilities to take away your pain and help you forget about the outside world for awhile. Thanks, Karen!!"- TMD


Monica Prescher- Energy Healing/Channeling

"Karen is such a wonderful, kind, and caring person. Fast and Prompt! Detailed and Thorough! I had an intuitive healing session and channeled Message session with Karen and was blown away at the issues she and her guides found and then they work on healing those areas and give guidance to help you maintain what you need to do. They were right on target with those issues too. WOW! I can tell a difference in my body and that will continue over the next several days/week. I now have to maintain the wonderful work that was done too and for my body and continue to go deeper in myself and understanding. The channeled message was extremely powerful and is what I was needing to hear. It was kind of like a good ole kick in the butt. LOL Kind of like when you know what you should be doing but it is not until the doctor or a professional tells you will you really do it. I highly recommend Karen and Tena for any healing or channeled message you need. If you are skeptical just start with a simple session like the intuitive healing or a channeled message. I promise you will not be disappointed." -Monica Prescher

A.W. Energy Healing/Channeling

"Wow! This is amazing and spot on!! I have been feeling a lump in my throat for several weeks. Especially feeling it when I swallow. I knew it had something to do with my throat chakra being blocked. I am just coming out of a 3 year healing of my stomach/colon and intestines. Had to turn to western medicine/doctors for the first time in 30 years. Pills, scopes, xrays, etc. I found the Medical Medium information and started following that protocol/diet a year ago and the pain and discomfort has finally gone away. As I was growing up, I stuffed all the anxiety triggered from home life in my stomach/lower abdomen. It was now time for it all to be released and thus the inflammation and pain. Your reading is a much needed confirmation to my inner knowing. Your description of my ego thoughts is exactly right. So glad that my ego is now willing to work with me to bring balance and harmony to my life. I will read the transmission over and over because it holds so many truths I need to embody. I have met my inner child and I cry when I hold her in my lap and draw her close to me. She needs so much love and I am more than able to give that to her. By the way, I am a baby nanny by profession. I think what I went through as a child emotionally prepared me for this job. I know that I made an agreement with each child that I keep to be there when they entered this world. I promised them to not only welcome them but to assure them that all is well and to download and unlock codes they would need in this incarnation. Lately, my gift of "knowing" is coming on line very strong. Sharing it is a challenge but I am growing stronger in this ability. I am slowly being able to share what I know and walk away without doubting what others will say. I am fully engaged in this process of ascension and dedicated to do my part to help in any way I can. Thank you so much. This was amazing!

Sending so much love and gratitude to you for being here to support us in this journey."




Group Regressions

K.W.- Group Regression

"Tena is amazing and I highly recommend working with her. She is a natural born healer and is very good at what she does. I have recently participated in a group healing session and I was blown away. I am looking forward to my one on one sessions with Tena. Since the group session I have felt more connected to my higher self than I have in quite some time. I got answers to some questions and really feel like I opened up a channel for communication. This journey we are all on can at times feel hard and lonely, but being part of this group and having Tena's support and guidance is such a gift." -KW

Remote Spirit Release


Remote Spirit Release (RSR)

Jamie B. BQH Practitioner and Akashic Reader- RSR LIVE

Wow! Tena and Karen are the real deal! My partner and I received an RSR - Remote Spirit Release - and I felt the shift almost immediately! This dynamic duo worked their magic in helping to remove "infringements", "earth-bounds" and so many other entities that had found a "cozy home" (albeit, not invited) on Us and our Home. With Tena's meticulous expertise and support as a Facilitator (surrogate), and Karen's immense depth to fearlessly access the other realms, I immediately felt safe and cared for and knew I was in good hands. They didn't cut corners and took the time and conscious care needed to completely remove any and ALL attachments that were lingering.
Tena was very prompt and responsive in our email communication prior to the session, and thoughtfully and warmly, answered all of the MANY questions and concerns I had.
I highly recommend their service to anyone who is feeling, on a regular basis, unmotivated, depressed, disenfranchised, lack of focus, irritable, apathetic, etc. - especially the Remote Spirit Release (RSR) - Health Check offering. I knew I would benefit from this, but, I was truly surprised at how many attachments I had since birth, slowly and methodically gnawing and chipping away at my soul and Life Force Energy! Immensely Powerful Experience! Gift Yourself this service, they will not disappoint!

Maureen- RSR Classic

Hi Tena and Karen and Zen,

Thank you very much for the clearing. 

I would say it was very accurate. I didn't know about the entities or portals specifically but suspected blockages of some sort in the upper chakras. With the sub-personalities there was a significant trauma at 15 and there were some difficulties occurring between 10 and 12, so that was spot on. I work with kids so maybe that was why the two kids (earthbound souls) felt safe around me. The self-created thoughts was spot on. I've known for a long time I need to stand in my power and be assertive and confident within myself and it's a challenge. I will remember to be kinder to myself :) Hoping the BQH can also assist with that.- Maureen 

Jeffrey Johnson- RSR Classic

Overall it was a magnificent experience to have had with Tena and Karen starting with how pleasantly kind and communicative Tena was over our emails. She provided me with the after session information and care so that I would know what they were going to work on before the actual spirit releasement session later that evening. 


Before I knew it, I received the recording of the session to listen to it and was pleasantly surprised by how simple and straightforward it was from beginning to end. Tena coordinated very well with Karen and the spirit guide (Zen) for each section including checking my sovereignty and grounding level, negative soul contracts (none thankfully), removing negative entities (2 present), a couple earthbound spirits, several portals and parasites, clearing my etheric body and chakras. They worked on clearing my negative thoughtforms, removing a few implants, lifting my ancestral curse and black magic which I was surprised to learn that I had. There were even roadblocks and other obstacles put in my way that they helped to clear which explains why I've had a challenging awakening path till now. 


My favorite part of the session was the disassociated sub-personalities where Zen and Karen accurately identified different parts of myself from my inner child till my present age. They helped to clear the trauma that caused them to disassociate with me and helped my sub-personalities to heal and reintegrate back into my body. As a result I feel lighter, more whole and more positive about myself. The various insights I gained from Zen through Karen speaking about what caused all of these issues and how to prevent them was very much what I needed to know. Tena handled the information very well and I can say that my life is definitely going to get better now thanks to all of their help. 


I highly recommend them to others to try and see for yourself that these multidimensional influences do have a significant effect on one's life. They're an amazing team and I feel more empowered than ever to be the beacon to light I came here to be and affect others in my own way. Thanks ever so much again Tena and Karen for your help and support and all the best for your future spirit releasement sessions! 🥰

Eternal love and gratitude, JJ

Marta N.- RSR Classic

I just listened to the session, wow wow wow, really ladies, I can't possibly thank you enough, I'm at a loss for words.  I'm so humbled and truly, truly grateful.  May you both be blessed forever more.  I send you and yours so much loving gratitude.  I shall try to pay it forward at any chance I get. Much, much love, Marta 


Serina M.-RSR Classic

I just had the most amazing Remote Spirit Releasement session with Tena and Karen, and Wow!... I listened as soon as it was sent to me... I was so amazed at Karen's accuracy, she is an amazing medium and has such an amazing ability to see anything from entities, portals or implants. I had a very thin bubble around me that was keeping my light dimmed, and Karen was able to remove it. I had portals in my home and property that I had been aware of in the past, but I thought I closed them. Karen knew right where they were and closed them for me. I highly recommend Tena and Karen; they are the best at what they do, and you will not be disappointed... I also had a bubble session with Tena and Karen and I highly recommend them because they are so amazing I cannot say enough.~ Serina


Anonymous- RSR Classic

"I recommend Tena and Karen; they helped clear, heal myself and my loved ones unnecessary baggage and improve our quality of life by many folds. I wish I could have done this years ago." ~Anonymous 

L.L.- RSR Classic

Dear Tena, Karen and Zen,

I was led to you because my heart was searching for answers.  You responded to all my emails promptly and explained how the sessions are conducted.  You facilitated the questions so orderly and beautifully. Karen was offering so much truth that my heart felt validated and overcome with emotions. It couldn’t tell me because I couldn’t feel.  Karen opened that powerful connection of heart healing through Zen’s help. The work you did was tremendous esp identifying the earthbound entity and be taken away by AA Michael for good. Thank you for helping start my heart healing journey. I am forever grateful all of you lovelies!~ L.L.


S.L.- RSR Classic

Dear Tena, Karen and Zen,

Thank you so much for the recording and in helping me clear the entities and balancing out my chakras. It was very enlightening about the ancestral lineage and about my throat chakra. I agree that my voice had been suppressed since a child and now it’s time to find my true self. I have always felt lost and didn’t know who I am. So, thank you again, this was very powerful!  Thank you for all the suggestions from the Higher self and Zen.  I also want to thank Archangel Michael, Mother Mary and all who came to help.  Karen, hope your throat feels better and thank you Tena for facilitating.~ S.L. 


Patricia M.- RSR Classic

Eternal thank yous to Tena and Karen for the wonderful RSR session they performed on my behalf. It takes a lot of love to do the work you are doing. It was very personal for me, to think that you would do that for me and set me free from the dark. I feel like l am back down to earth and free. My greatest thank you is the release of the multi generational cord that bound me and my maternal lineage, many years of enslavement by the dark broken, I know my mum and grandma are celebrating with me on the other side for we are finally free. I have been released from feeling fearful, all my life that sense was there with me, but since the session it’s gone, no words can explain how free l feel. My home cleared from unbalanced energies which made me feel like l was not home. l have even slept well since, everything just feels like it’s back in its rightful place. Negative entities affecting my life cleared, my fragmented soul brought back together and now l feel whole again, and it makes me feel like l have been given a second chance to life and this time on my own terms. I thank the universe for you guys and for it sending you my way. I am eternally grateful.~ Patricia

Patricia M. on behalf of her teenage boys - RSR Classic

Thank you Tena and Karen for the energy clearing work you did for my 2 boys, l was surprised at the findings because l thought them being children there would be nothing really to cause concern. Well l am glad for the work these 2 ladies did together with Zen and the Angels, they really hit the reset button for my kids and they have reported to me that they feel more grounded, aware and in general feel free. I have seen differences in moods, attitudes and general well-being which is amazing. The clearing session has brought much much enlightenment to my kids and l am so glad we did this as a family as it has brought us closer together. Thank you so much we are forever grateful for the wonderful work that you did for us.


This is not part of the review but that added part about B. was mind blowing. Thank you for helping him to see his higher purpose, it’s changed him and he feels more at home in his skin. You can tell that he is ok being him and as a mum that is priceless.~ Patricia 


Alicia for her 12 yo boy- RSR Classic

The session was excellent. Tena, Karen and Zen work very well together and I could understand clearly what was being said on the recording. The guidance we received was so helpful to us. S. has had a change of attitude since the session in a very good way. He's happier and more social. I, as a mother, am glad to have done this for my child and it has helped me to understand him better. So thank you for that. Sincerely, Alicia


Monica Prescher- RSR Classic

My RSR session with Tena and Karen was absolutely wonderful. I loved to hear the attention to detail that was given to every area that is being reviewed and checked. I really like how Tena would ensure that an area was well cleared or cleaned before moving on to the next section. I also thought they gave excellent simple explanations of what was being done and what they had found. Nothing was overly complicated to understand. I really like how Karen and Zen were so synced with one another. The calming voice also helps to know that all can be taken care of and if needed they can always call in for assistance from the Higher Beings.


That evening after the session I could tell the pain in my shoulder blade area was feeling better. It is an area that tends to be the most problematic for me. When I start to stress or worry about something that is the area that has tension and tightness in it. I no longer have the tension and pressure like before this session.


I do feel lighter like the cloudiness or fog has been lifted. Not that this was heavy fog but I was just not as clear as a person should be.


Overall It was an excellent session and one I would recommend to any and everyone that wants to see where they stand as being cleared from various entities and being grounded. I think this is a great place to start to understand what kind of things can attach to a person and bring them down, not operating at a high level of oneness. Sincerely, Monica P.

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