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C0vid Vx Clearing alone:

$200 USD / $270 CAD

C0vid Vx Clearing ADD-ON to RSR:

$125 USD / $170 CAD


Shedding Clearing ADD-ON to RSR:

(We will scan your energetic & physical body for any signs of Vx shedding. We will also realign your chakras and check your inner and outer etheric field and do a thorough body scan.)

$111 USD / $150 CAD

If you're not sure what you need, we do offer

a 1 hour consult call via Zoom or by phone for $99

*Prices are subject to change without notice*

Prices are to be paid in USD unless paying via e-transfer for Canadian Clients


To book a C0vid Vx Clearing session for you or a loved one:

1- Please fill out this intake form here

Within the form, you will have the option of choosing The V Clearing ($200USD) which is pre-recorded or LIVE. If you choose it LIVE, we will schedule a date and time and meet via Zoom.

You can also choose to have your V Clearing as an add-on to your RSR Session ($125USD)


2- Then email us a clear, recent photo of yourself or your loved one (ONLY for remote)

3- And pay the appropriate amount* in USD via Paypal or Venmo

*e-transfer also available for our Canadian clients

(conversion from USD to CAD is applied day of booking)

Upon receipt of the above, we will complete your session ASAP, usually within 5-7 business days upon receipt of payment. If you choose to have a LIVE, we will contact you to schedule a day and time that works for everyone. When the session is complete, we will email you the recording via WeTransfer.

Please email us with questions, we'd be happy to assist!

For each new client referral, you receive 5% off one future service!



Square Stage



My greatest thank you is the release of the multi generational cord that bound me and my maternal lineage, many years of enslavement by the dark broken, I know my mum and grandma are celebrating with me on the other side for we are finally free.

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Wow! Tena and Karen are the real deal! I felt the shift almost immediately! They didn't cut corners and took the time and conscious care needed to completely remove any and ALL attachments that were lingering.

Square Stage



I was completely blown away by the session! I received a great deal of information that has been life changing for me. I immediately felt a huge weight lifted. I can’t thank Tena and Karen enough! I highly recommend their RSR session. You won’t regret it!

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