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1. Set your Intention.


Intention is everything when it comes to having a great session! Be sure that it is clear and precise because you will receive exactly what you ask for. Your Higher Self and Guides will start preparing you as soon as you book the session so notice the thoughts and energy that begin to flow toward you! 


2. Affirmation 


Begin repeating the affirmation, "I have a clear and direct communication with my Higher Self, my own Inner Wisdom."


Notice it's not "I will have" or "I want" but "I already have" This will help open up the channel for clear connection and communication. Your Higher Self is NOT outside of you, it IS you. It is your own inner wisdom residing within your heart space. The heart is our deepest connection to Source.


3. Questions 


Please send me the list of your questions at least 24 hours in advance or have them prepared for our pretalk. Your Questions should be personal to you and listed in order of importance so that we're sure get to the most important ones first. Try to keep it between 10-12.  I'll do my best but I cannot promise that we'll get to all of them as sometimes the Higher Self has other ideas in mind for your healing. Also keep in mind that I naturally ask lots of questions along the way.

*Please see common types of questions HERE*


4. Practice relaxation 


The next most important factor in having a successful session is your ability to relax and let your thoughts fade away. It's helpful to start practicing guided meditations, visualizations and practice regressions as soon as you book your session or even before. Click on the Get Ready link at the top to find some fun visualizations and regressions.


5. Drink lots of water! 


Water is consciousness and also a conductor of energy. In your session we'll be channeling healing energy through the body so it'll be helpful if you are well hydrated. Start drinking water as soon as you book your session and don't worry about having to use the restroom. FLOW is a good thing; it means you are releasing old energy! You will come back and be even more relaxed and deeper than before. It will not interfere with your session at all. 


If you drink coffee or other caffeinated beverages, try to limit that 2-3 days before your session. If you usually drink two cups of coffee, drink one on the day of your session so you don't get a withdrawal headache.


Eat something light. The session can sometimes go up to 3-5 hours. Have a snack available for after in case you're hungry and to help ground you.


Please no drinking alcohol the night before and no recreational drugs. Do not take anything to relax you as this might interfere with the process. Take any prescription medications that you would  normally take.


6. Get some Zzzz's


Get a good night's sleep, we don't want you to fall asleep during your session. If you meditate, do that in the morning to clear your mind. If you don't meditate, do something that helps you relax, go for a walk, take a bath, listen to soothing music like Solfeggio frequencies or binaural beats, or just hang out with your pet. Whatever is relaxing for you and helps to clear your mind, do that.


7. Clothing and Makeup


Wear light, loose, comfortable clothing that isn't constricting. It's common for the body to experience temperature changes and may become extremely warm or chilly due to the energy shifting. Both are a good sign. If your session is online, have a blanket available but one that you can take off.


Keep makeup light and have tissues handy; tears are very common during a session. Also, it is not necessary but if you have a selenite crystal available, it will help to raise the vibration during the session. A black obsidian or tourmaline will help ground you afterwards. 




1. Tech Setup


Please make sure you are familiar with using the Zoom app and have practiced setting it up. I will email you a link to the Zoom app approximately 30 minutes before so you can set up and be ready. All you have to do is click on that link at the start of our meeting and I will be there waiting. Make sure you turn on the sound and video. Set up your tech beforehand so you're sure that it works. If you are unsure how to use it, click HERE to learn how to join a Zoom meeting.

Make sure there is adequate lighting in the room so that I can see you properly. I'll need to read your body language and expression to make sure you're doing ok. Pay attention to the time of day in case it gets darker as the time progresses, there will need to be another source of light.


Make sure to have earphones or a headset with a microphone, sometimes in a relaxed state the volume of your voice is lower and I need to hear you properly. It is up to you whether you use your phone or a computer. Both seem to work equally well. I will be recording the session for you.

















2. Create a Sacred Space


We want you to be nice and cozy and comfy during your session. Make yourself a quiet, relaxing space without distractions and make sure to be alone. Someone can be in the house but should not be able to hear you as this may influence your response.


Have comfy pillows available for under your knees if you'd like. Wear your PJ's if you want. Whatever makes YOU most comfy, do that.  


Have a glass or bottle of water available for the water alchemy portion of the session so we can infuse and seal our intention into the water we will drink. 

For more RESOURCES to prepare for your session click HERE.





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