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Quantum Connect

45 minutes via Zoom $150

Quantum Connect is a beautiful and fun exercise to engage the imagination and get the wheels spinning, helping you to reconnect with your intuition and higher awareness! 

Different from a long, relaxing hypnosis session, QC is a fast-paced, open-eyed, lighthearted imagination exercise that will assist you in the knowing that you are already and always connected to your Divine Self.

Focus for the session is on one issue in your life whether that's career, relationship, spirituality or otherwise. All you have to do for this session is say the very first things that pop into your mind without hesitating.

To book a Quantum Connect session:


Please email us with questions, we'd be happy to assist!

For each new client referral, you receive 5% off one future service!

If you're not sure what you need, we do offer

a 1 hour consult call via Zoom or by phone for $99

*Prices are subject to change without notice*

*All prices are in USD*

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