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"Good health is all about balance between mind, body and spirit."

~ Dr. Terence Palmer

Do you or a loved one have a health condition that has not been diagnosed or treated by professionals such as medical doctors or psychiatry?


Do you feel scattered, fatigued, irritable, tired, drained, disempowered, held back, ungrounded? 

Do you feel disconnected and separated from self, others, and God?

Do you feel like every time you take a step forward in your healing that it's followed by two steps back and you just 'can't get anywhere?' 


Do you have negative and toxic people showing up in your life constantly? 

Do you feel it's difficult to concentrate on your life and your goals? 


Are you very sensitive and have dark, persistent, negative dreams? 


Do you have negative looping or racing thought patterns that you just can't break no matter how hard you try? 


Do you have an unexplained pain or heaviness in your body that never goes away? 


Are you always 'self-sabotaging?' 


Do you already suspect that you have Spirit attachments or are you being harassed by entities? Having nightmares with strange visions? 

Are you or a loved one hearing voices, been diagnosed with Schizophrenia, Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorders (MPD), Bipolar illness, anxiety, depression or any other mental health issue? 


Or do you just have a feeling that 'something isn't right?'

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you may have Spirit attachments and we're here to help. Many treatment resistant symptoms and conditions have their cause in the spiritual domain. Spirit Release has been around since the 19th century and has been tried and tested. In the modern day, famed hypnosis practitioner Alba Weinman uses aspects of Spirit Release all the time in her practice and our mentor, Dr. Terence Palmer has written a whole book on the science behind the methods of RSR called The Science of Spirit Possession. Possession sounds like a scary word to some because of religious conditioning but really it can refer to a wandering Earthbound Soul that attaches to a human because it's lost and does little harm but take safe harbor- all the way up to an actual full blown take over by a Dark Force Entity, otherwise known as Demons or Devils in Christianity or Djinns in Hinduism---scary words for some of us with religious backgrounds. But it doesn't have to be so. 

We are here to help demystify these unseen forces, help you to break through the fear and recognize your own Divine Power, Light and Sovereignty. The darkness only ever has any control at all when it hides in the shadows, out of sight, ignored, unseen and unchecked by the masses. When you shine your Love-Light into those dark spaces, you will see how quickly it begins to dissipate, along with your fear. Understand that we live in a world of duality, light and dark since the beginning of time and these negative entities have chosen the experience of separation from Source/God/Creator consciousness

It has been proven by science that we, as humans, can only see less than 1% of the whole light spectrum. We are energy beings and we exist in a world of energy, seen and unseen forces that influence us at all times. Think about wi-fi. We know it's there, it exists, we know it works but we cannot see it with our physical eyes. It's the same with the spiritual realm. We are surrounded by unseen spiritual beings and influences that maybe be negatively affecting our energy systems and physical health. Unexplained symptoms can easily be explained when we look at life in this way. These outside forces can and do very easily cause various physical and energetic symptoms in the bodies of humans.


Simply put, Remote Spirit Release is the removal of negative entities, energies and infringements that may be affecting one's spiritual health. It includes a full energetic clearing and protection of person and home, along with re-grounding, full chakra cleanse and rebalance, clearing and optimizing of inner and outer etheric fields, integration of fragmented aspects, dissolution of negative thoughtforms, negative past life contracts, portals and parasites, healing and crossing over of lost earthbound souls, dissolution of matrix cords, negative cords to humans and non-physical beings, and erasure of crucifixion and negative ET implants plus a full soul retrieval and more! 

These sessions can often be quite powerful and profound for people. Our RSRs are unique in that they are more than just a clearing but an in depth glimpse into your soul.

Unfortunately, when it comes to healing in our modern day society, the spirit is completely ignored. A whole part of our very self is cast aside as unworthy to be seen. In order to find true and complete balance with our health, we must begin to address the whole of our beingness, including the Spirit. 


Spirit Release is a clinical alternative to religious exorcism and traditional shamanic practice but it is still largely unknown to our medical professionals. Within our materialistic science, there is no room for the spirit world. Everything is reduced down to matter, to the physical realm when in fact, everything begins and ends with energy. Before a disease or illness manifests in the physical body, there is an energetic component. Whether this energy is a trauma, suppressed emotion, dissociated subpersonality, or spirit attachment remains to be seen. The fact is there are unknown and unseen forces at play in our lives all the time.  Spirit Release targets these unseen forces, removes them from the body, dissolves them and/or sends them back where they belong. 

RSR is a protocol developed by our mentor Dr. Terence Palmer who has spent his life dedicated to this work in healing the wounded spirit. With the assistance of a medium and spirit guide, he developed a protocol to check for and release the common types of spirit attachments. We have since expanded our practice without the use of spirit guides, coming more fully into our own sovereignty. This way there is no intermediary between us and the client and we remove the attachments ourselves. This technique is designed to be used for the purpose of non-negotiable releasement. There is no negotiating or conversation with entities that are infringing upon a person's free will. They are found and dealt with in an appropriate manner. We have since expanded upon the original protocol to include matrix cords, implants and devices, curses, black magic spells, witch craft, hexes, occult ritual activity, soul retrieval, chakra removal at request, A.I. and negative ET's, and the outer etheric field. We are always growing and expanding our practice, adding new things as we learn and evolve.

Results may vary- Some people have profound, life-changing effects such as the curing of 'schizophrenia' and relief from a lifetime of chronic pain. Some notice feeling lighter, better sleep, feeling calm, clear and peaceful, decrease in negative thoughts, noticed behavioral changes in children, to just feeling safe and secure knowing that they are clear from attachments.

Who is eligible for an RSR? Anyone and Everyone should have one at least once and we recommend follow-ups a few times a year or as needed to make sure you are still Sovereign! We even check children, pets and the elderly or those who cannot speak for themselves. You can even refer someone who you feel may have an infringement or loved ones with mental health conditions as long as their Higher Self agrees to the clearing. Some clients with excessive infringements, chronic illnesses, trauma, psychosis, etc may need consistent work to address and heal the layers of energy that have built up over time. 

Bringing you into higher levels of Freedom, Empowerment and Sovereignty is our mission and we hope to assist you as part of our Sacred duty on Earth at this time.

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Last revised: July 2, 2022

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