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The Truth About Illness and Healing

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

The truth about illness is that we create it, not consciously of course but for the most part on a subconscious level, we create our state of dis-ease through unexpressed or suppressed emotions.

I understand that may be a controversial statement for some to hear because I used to be there as well. It's taken me years of researching and experiencing this for myself to fully grasp this concept. If someone were to tell me a few years ago that I chose this, I would've been insulted, maybe even angry because why would anyone choose to be sick? 

But it's not that simple. Whether we choose to experience illness as part of our soul's Divine Blueprint for this lifetime or we choose it by accident through unconscious thoughts, words, intention, or emotions, nonetheless a state of dis-ease is created within the body by our consciousness. 

But it's not that simple. Whether we choose to experience illness as part of our soul's Divine Blueprint for this lifetime or we choose it by accident through unconscious thoughts, words, intention, or emotions, nonetheless a state of dis-ease is created within the body by our consciousness. 

Symptoms begin as a way to catch our attention, to say "hey look at me, I need some help and you're not paying attention to me." Our bodies are a well-designed computer system that can and will alert us to subtle changes within if we're paying attention. Contrary to popular belief, it's not just a meat suit; it is a divinely orchestrated system that when understood, can be used to our advantage. But when we ignore the subtle cues or depress the symptoms with drugs, the body will then get sicker and sicker as it tries to beg our attention. 

I've seen this for myself. When I first got ill, I didn't stop to ask my body what it needed or even check in with myself and my emotions. No one ever taught me to do that. I grew up in a family that used prescription drugs for everything and I went into the medical field where we did the same. There's a drug for every symptom you can possibly imagine. All you have to do is watch commercials during prime time TV to know that it's pervasive in our society and culture. 

So that's what I did, started taking drugs, none of which ever helped me but as I got worse and worse, it was the only thing I knew to do. Medicine is supposed to heal, right? Not exactly. Actually, not at all. Traditional medicine is not in the business of healing, it's in the business of keeping people sick. Keyword: business. I was on everything you could imagine from antidepressants to hard core pain meds to steroids in order to manage my pain and suppress my symptoms. 

This only led me farther and farther from myself and what I really needed to be doing. I needed to slow down, listen to my body, feel my emotions so they wouldn't get stuffed down and stuck deep in my bones and tissues. This is how dis-ease is created. When we don't listen to the subtle cues, they get louder and louder and we get more and more emotional trauma lodged in the body as pain and physical symptoms, leading to an unbalanced and grave state of health. 

But it's not all doom and gloom, the point of all this is just as we create the illness, we can also heal it.

The good news is at the core level, this is about energy and we are powerful creators. No matter what your illness looks like, it is possible to heal it but you first need to believe it's possible. Not only possible but that it is a reality. There is a version of you that is already healed and all you need to do is align with that reality. It can be that easy. However most of us need to get past our thoughts and belief systems first. 

There is a healed state and an unhealed state available to us at any given time and we get to choose. This is a continual process by which we normally autopilot one way or the other, while not paying attention to our thought processes. But the mind is always influencing the body whether we're aware or not. However, once we do become aware of how our thoughts, intentions and emotions are affecting our state of health, everything shifts in that moment and the healing begins, we take back control. 

Know that our brains and bodies believe everything we tell them (and also what others, even doctors are telling us if we agree with it!). Think about the people that are given a terminal diagnosis and die shortly thereafter because they give up. But then there are those who refuse to accept that diagnosis and they go on to heal. Our state of mind, is THE most important thing when it comes to healing. 

Our bodies are listening and following our every thought, word, emotion and action. They absolutely respond to and support whatever we're communicating. We are creators so if we're constantly talking about and concentrating on our illness, we are reinforcing that to the body and creating more of what we don't want... Illness. 

If we're constantly complaining to anyone who will listen, we are creating more illness. If we own our illness calling it "my illness, my lupus, my migraines, my heart condition" we are accepting that as part of our identity and who we are, firmly cementing it into reality. Do you see how this works? 

The first step to healing is to release yourself from that. Stop owning your illness as a part of you. Yes, it affects your life but it's NOT who you are. You are so much more than a set of symptoms and diagnoses. Recognize how often your thinking lines up with your illness and then stop doing it. (If you so choose and if you genuinely want to heal, some people don't but that's another article). Replace it with positive thoughts of healing. I can heal. I am healed. I am healing quickly now with grace and ease. I am whole, vibrant and healthy. Feel that truth deep within your body. 

Then, BELIEVE in your POWER to HEAL. We're all capable of healing whether it's the mind, body or spirit. They are tightly interwoven and inseparable from one another. You cannot treat one without the other not being affected. The most powerful thing we can do in order to heal ourselves is to reprogram our mind and belief systems.

Then ask your angels,  spirit and star guides, healing and medical teams for help. You are surrounded  by light beings that want nothing more than to help you! For some it's their only job to serve you and they get super excited when you finally ask. They're always there waiting for us to ask but they cannot intervene against our free will. Ask them, tell them out loud what you want them to heal, lay still and allow them to work on you. You may or may not feel the energy but KNOW and TRUST and BELIEVE that it's happening. Make this a habit everyday, multiple times a day if possible, to connect and receive a healing session from your team. Be gentle with yourself, relax, listen to music or meditate if you'd like. It's something that has totally changed my life so I know it works.

While this is happening, use your IMAGINATION to go inside your body. Talk to your organs, make friends with your cells, thank them for how hard they've worked for you all this time to keep you alive and functioning. Imagine that they're healthy and vibrant and full of life, no longer ill. LOVE them, LOVE your body, every tiny molecule of it instead of fighting with it all the time. That's what we say right, I'm 'fighting' this illness instead of loving our bodies back to life. Make sense? Keep your thoughts positive and aligned with your perfectly healthy state of being. While doing this, you are manifesting it into being. You are CREATING your perfect state of health.

You are an Infinite Divine Creator and you are absolutely capable of healing your mind, body and soul no matter how sick you may be or how hopeless it seems. Remember who you are. It can get better, there is always hope. Trust in that, trust in your power and the strength of your heart to manifest all that you desire.

I'm not perfect but I'm miles from where I began a few years ago unable to get out of bed or function like a healthy human being. These steps have worked miracles for me but I am still healing and remembering who I am, everyday closer to aligning to my perfect state of health and I wish the same for you. 


People have raised a concern that I will address here. Yes, there are outside influences such as toxins in the air, food, water, radiation and viruses like EBV that can affect us and make us sick. It's important to mention that and be aware of the fact that it usually happens unconsciously. When we're aware of the toxins, we can act to consciously avoid them and protect ourselves by choosing to believe we are safe. However, when speaking of healing, everything is energy. Literally everything. So whether that's in the form of toxins, thoughts or emotions, the healing is the same.

If we can hold the BELIEF that we are already healed and FEEL it in our bodies.. which can be a difficult thing to do as a human when you're feeling crappy, it's possible to heal all of it energetically. Of course, detox is helpful but it's not necessarily all of the story. Healing can be and is a multilayered complexity of many approaches...At the core of which is our thoughts, emotions and beliefs and how we choose to explore and experience the world, our bodies, illness, and health. 

If you haven't already seen it, I recommend a documentary on Netflix called Heal. This information is supported by medical doctors. Dr. Joe Dispenza is awesome, he healed his own paralyzing back injury with the power of the mind and you can find him on social media. 

I love you, I am infinitely grateful for your presence, I appreciate you and I'm here for support. Feel free to message or email me if you have any questions or would like to chat! Until then, I send my infinite love and blessings to you on your healing journey. Thank you for being here. 

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