Confessions of the Ego & Divine Manifestations: A BQH Session Story Part 2

This is a reshare of an oldie but goodie from one of Karen and I's first Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) sessions in the summer of 2019. It is loaded with magic! Read the first part here about The Fly. Hope you enjoy!

It was a cloudy, grey rainy day as we landed in the coffee shop. The waitress approached us and said, "There's a reservation, they're waiting for you."

"Who could that be?!" I said, with excitement and wonder. "Let's go find out!" Apprehensively, she turned the corner following the waitress' lead and started giggling. "Who is it?" I asked. She replied, "God and my Ego."

Wowww I've never talked to an ego before and I've only come across this once in the hundreds of videos I've watched on regression! You'd think I'd be excited to talk to God but something about the Ego intrigued me. We always talk to higher dimensional Source beings in sessions, it's uncommon for the Ego to show up in this way, at least that I've seen.

"They're looking at me like who you gonna pick? Who're you gonna sit with?" she said as she proceeded to pull up a chair to the end of the table. She sat in the middle between them and said, "I'm not doing that, I'm not picking sides!!"

God presented as male, a grandfather clock like the one in Beauty and the Beast but later shifted into a grandfather-like humanoid being with silver hair and a grey beard wearing shorts and a t-shirt with flip flops as if he were going to the beach. The Ego looked like her, but a cockier, self-assured version with a baseball cap tipped to the side and a sure fire grin on his face. I thought it was interesting that she referred to her ego as male. God asked if he could try on the Ego's hat so then they were both wearing hats lol.

This felt like a movie to me, like the classic angel/devil on your shoulder scene. I could see Morgan Freeman playing a wise, benevolent God with a cocky devilish man-child sidekick. And before we got down to business, they ordered a round of drinks. Karen ordered an espresso, God had tea because "he wanted to see what it was like to drink with his pinky up", and the Ego, a diet pepsi.. "because I can do whatever I want, it's a guilt-free day!" he said with delight. I found the choices very telling.

The first thing Ego wanted to say was that my induction was way too long! I was trying out something new for clients that may need more time getting past the mind. In my script I mentioned to be One with All and Ego said that this includes the mind so he decided it to be the perfect opportunity to come along.

Technically, he was right so I couldn't argue. I realized that in trying to bypass the mind, I actually invited it! Although he didn't like the length of my induction and was making her itchy trying to distract her, he liked that it included him and was ecstatic to finally have a voice. I looked over at her towards the end of it and her chest was blotchy red. She always complains about being itchy during meditation and now we know who's behind it.

Ego reached over and tipped God's hat sideways like his.

"So let's ask them why they called you here,'' I said. Ego was happy to reply and in a petulant child-like voice said, "I just always wanted to be part of this. No one ever asks me questions!"

Well thank you for joining us today, Ego. What a great opportunity!

"Happy to be here!" he said with excitement. And we allowed ego to speak through Karen directly to me so we could ask him questions…

Ego: We had a rough couple of days. I started it. Because I can. Because she listens to me.

Me: But not for long...

Ego: No, she lets me talk. She gives me the microphone and lets me talk. I talk all day and then by the end of it, she brings me back and holds me and says it's ok, I'm allowed.

Me: Do you like that?

Ego : Of course! Any attention, I'll take it.

Me: So what was it you were talking about?

Ego: Oh just old stuff, she hasn't felt the old stuff in a long time so I wanted to bring that up again.

Me: Why do you do that?

Ego: So she remembers me.

Me: Do you think she forgets you?

Ego: Lately she has. That's what it feels like so I bring up things once in awhile to get her attention. I give her anxiety. Yeah, just until she knows I'm there but then she shuts that down real quick. But she talks to me every time. She knows it's me.

Me: She says she has battles between you and her spirit.

Ego: Yeah it's been hard for me. She always likes to put me on vacation which is fine. I don't mind but it usually doesn't last. I didn't think it would last that long. It's been REALLY long.

Me: Tell us more..

Ego: I like to put thoughts in her mind, ya know, just to test her. Sometimes she baits.

Me: What kind of thoughts do you put in her mind?

Ego: You know like old things like.. Money stuff, relationship stuff, kids stuff, ex-husband stuff.. Everything that really gets to her. I just bring up all her old lack paradigms. That's fun! But I don't mean it, it's really just to get her attention.

Me: What do you want from her when you do those things?

Ego: I want her to sit with me instead of having to calm herself. Not to say that I feed off it...well I do, but…(smiling)

Me: So you want love from her?

Ego: (in a very child-like voice) ... Yes, of course. Isn't that what it's all about?

Me: She probably thinks she's doing you a favor when she sends you on vacation. Where do you go when you go on vacation?

Ego: I go to the beach and drink Pina coladas! She imagines it! She sees me sitting in the chair and she keeps those drinks coming for me!

Me: She probably likes when you stay there awhile but I don't think that's because she doesn't love you.

(at this point I was hearing a scratching noise that sounded like it was coming from outside the open window and it was making me a bit nervous)

Ego: No, I don't think so either.

Me: Maybe it's because you give her anxiety and she doesn't like to feel that.

Ego: Yeah I know where she's coming from. I've worked with her for a long time. I've seen her patterns so I know exactly where to push.

Me: What was it about this last few days that made you push?

Ego: She was feeling vulnerable. She was in her feelings soooo I was like great! Maybe she needs me so I piled in the thoughts. I don't think she appreciated that. She spent the whole day crying. She talked to me after and she didn't appreciate it.

Me: What did she say?

Ego: She said she didn't appreciate it.(giggle) She knew I went too far with it.

Me: So you put in the thoughts, the old thoughts.

Ego: Yeah I just like to test her. I guess those are just my methods.

Me: What other methods do you have besides putting thoughts in her head and causing her anxiety?

Ego: That's mainly it.. Thoughts. Sometimes I can set an intention and have something play on the radio or show up and it'll remind her. It'll spark something, a memory of hers. She'll hear like a sad song and it'll make her sad.

Me: Do you like when she feels sad?

And then there is was!! A HUGE BAT came flying out of my baseboard heating vent!!! I couldn't believe my eyes, it was so surreal!! I screamed. Loudly. It scared me to say the very least but somehow I found the wherewithal to tell Karen to stay under the covers and all would be well. It had a wingspan of about 10 inches and was flying in circles around the room over our heads. I could not believe this was happening!! Especially after the last session incident with the Fly and the fire! (Find that story HERE.)

I dialed the emergency number for maintenance and no one answered which was extremely odd. So I called one of the maintenance men that I know personally. When he answered, his voice sounded like a glitchy computer and I couldn't understand what he was saying but I continued to talk hoping he would hear me. It was so weird!! I ended up hanging up and calling him back and we had a better connection. He said he'd be right over.

By this time, the bat had came into the other room by the front door and away from Karen which I was thankful for. I had no idea what to do so I opened the front door hoping he would fly out but he just kept looping in circles and flying right past the opening. So I got a blanket out to try and direct him. Needless to say, I wasn't very successful lol.

Maintenance got there and I had the impression he didn't know what to do either. He had a broom in his hand as if somehow that was going to work. I was adamant about not hurting the bat! I knew that it was a divine manifestation and felt its fear in this strange environment. Finally I suggested a net. Maintenance left to get the net while the huge bat looped around my apartment frantically trying to get out. My dogs and I were standing on the porch while Karen was safe under the covers.

He came back and within a minute or two caught the bat and set him free. Funnily enough, he said they usually don't even bother with the net because the bats are so small they go right through it. Not this one!

I settled back in after about 30 minutes of bat-catching to check in on Karen and was still in shock over what just happened. I thought the grandfather fly was shocking but this tipped the scale! I thought I could handle anything after that session and apparently, a higher part of me wanted to test that theory lol.

Karen remained in the coffee shop the whole time I was gone with God and her Ego who were laughing at us. Apparently they found the whole situation hilarious. First a huge fly that interrupted our first online session and saved me from a fire. And since then, I had an 8 inch long praying mantis on my bedside table which I was telling her about just before the session. Jokingly, she said, "I would've died if I saw that in the room. Watch something bigger come in." I said to her, "Shh don't say that! Watch what you're asking for!"

God said the bat was a direct manifestation of that conversation and later we would find out the symbology.

Moral of the story, WATCH YOUR THOUGHTS!! We're manifesting at rapid speed right now. We get what we ask for.

We continued our conversation with the Ego.

Me: So we talked about how you implant old thoughts and memories into her head to make her anxious or sad in order to get her attention. But instead of you having to resort to those things, what can she do to show you love and affection so you won't have to do that anymore?

Ego: Well, she can just incorporate me in her morning routine, ya know. Maybe say good morning!

Me: Even while you're on vacation?

Ego: Of course, especially when I'm on vacation, it gets very lonely.

Me: Yes, and you like to talk.

Ego: I was just trying to get her attention now with that bat.

Me: Well, I think you got it. You got mine for sure! She was nice and safe under the covers while I had to deal with the Bat.

Ego: She saw it.

Me: So you just want her to say hello and give you some love. Would that lessen your need for interfering with old thoughts?

Ego: You know, I was with her until she went on that sick leave and then during that sick leave, she figured it out! I've been with her up until that point. She figured it out! (Karen was on sick leave 3 years ago for anxiety and depression)

Me: And then what happened when she figured it out?

Ego: She brought me to the beach!! That's what she did!! She figured great, now that I know what to do, he can just take a vacation! So I thought that was a great idea at first! I was like great, let's go to the beach, but it's been a long time that I've been at the beach!