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The Fly! A BQH Session Story Part 1

This again is a reshare from the summer of 2019, the first part of the Ego and the Bat Story. This was my first online BQH session with Karen and all the crazy, wild, Divine stuff that happened. Hope you enjoy!

The insect buzzed into the room right at the start of my first online session with my partner, Karen. It was buzzing so loudly around and around in my lamp shade that I thought it couldn't possibly be a fly. It sounded SO BIG! It was interrupting my concentration and distracting me from the session and I was worried it would interrupt Karen's trance. There was nothing I could do but hope that it would go away soon. And it did. At least for awhile I didn't see or hear it anymore.

It was our second scene, now 1986 and Karen was exploring her childhood home, experiencing the memories in vivid color and detail. Her mother played piano in the living room while her grandmother made dinner in the kitchen, her father and grandfather fixed the lawnmower in the garage, and her sister was upstairs content watching TV in their parent's bedroom. Karen, who was three at the time, was upstairs too. 

At this point I stood up to stretch and there it was! An elephant of a fly sitting patiently on the floor, alive but resting right there, unmoving even as I came close which seemed a bit odd. I don't usually kill bugs but this was a desperate situation that called for a desperate measure so I opened the closet door and pulled out a shoe. As I raised it to swat, I asked Karen what her sister was watching on TV in their parent's bedroom.

She replied, "The Fly!" 

I couldn't contain my shock and disbelief and so I exclaimed,

'Oh my goodness, I was just about to kill a fly! The most humongous fly I've ever seen!'

She giggled and said calmly,

'Don't kill it, it's my grandfather. Get the cup!'

I put the phone in my pocket and went to the kitchen in my state of shock to gather the cup and a piece of paper, my usual method for gathering bugs to bring them outside which Karen was privy to. The fly laid still and patiently waited as I guided him inside the cup and walked to the porch door, all the while, still engaged with Karen and asking her questions. 

Can you imagine a fly staying still while you gather it in a cup?! That just doesn't happen in real life lol we were definitely in another dimension.

As I opened the door, the smell of burning mulch caught my attention.

Something was on fire in the bushes. I could see the smoke but no flames. 

Wow this is crazy, I thought. My first online BQH Session and first a menacing fly and now there's a fire!?

Thank goodness I decided to use my mobile phone instead of my laptop so I could put it in my pocket and keep going with the session.

Karen was deep in trance and seemed not to notice anything that was happening on my end. She was completely engaged in her childhood home, seeking out the secret closet doors to hide with her 'imaginary friend' Joe Mikey. I continued with questions and was grateful that the scene was a familiar exploration. I was happy to stay there awhile as I went back and forth from the kitchen to the porch with a pitcher of water putting out the smoldering fire that seemed to never end. This went on for at least 25 minutes!

As I settled back in and sat down, Karen was now 16 years old and her friends were coming with alcohol. But then the scene didn't progress any further and nothing important seemed to be happening so I decided to regress her back through the womb to the Spirit side to see the time where she was making the decision to incarnate. 

As I started the regression I realized I wasn't fully prepared as I had never done this before and as as we landed, I realized she wasn't on the line anymore!

My phone had overheated from being in my pocket and died!

What else could go wrong?

I hurriedly put my phone in the freezer to cool down and this gave me time to review the script. When the phone cooled down enough to turn back on, I sent Karen a message, told her to stay where she was and explore and I'd call her back soon.

When I called her back, she was still 16, deeply in trance and patiently waiting in her childhood bedroom. She hadn't heard any of the regression! Phew what a relief! I got a second chance. 

I asked her again if there was anything important about the scene that we needed to know and this time she replied, that yes, she realized that this was the time when entities started attaching. Every time she drank alcohol with a specific friend, an entity would attach.

In a previous session, she recognized that she'd had an army of entities attach around this time in her life but no further information was gathered. Karen is an evolved soul and had already done the work of removing them before our sessions so there was nothing further to explore. 

I watched her become emotional as she felt the warmth and vibration of her mother's heartbeat as we regressed through the womb. Next, we found ourselves in another familiar place, Sirius. We had an emotional return to her home planet in her previous session and this time as we landed, her parents were excitedly fixing her hair, getting her prepared for her exciting new mission to Earth! We then spoke to her Light Council who answered all of her questions and SO MUCH MORE! 

They explained that her past life memories weren't actual memories at all but more like imprints from her starseed preparation. She went through something like virtual reality simulations to accrue the human experiences and emotions she needed to prepare her for the density and progress through this life with more ease. They explained that Joe Mikey, her imaginary friend who appeared to her as Shaggy from Scooby Doo, wasn't imaginary at all but was a spirit sent by them to keep her company when her sensitive self hid away in the closet when it all became too much. 

They also talked about school shootings, the Amazon fires, the weather, the Event, the Sun and they even had a message for me. They were was so animated and funny! It was like having an amazing conversation with my very best friend who knows everything! lol

But the best and worst part...Karen's a true somnambulist which means she couldn't remember any of the session since the end of induction when we landed on cobblestone in the 1800's in the first scene. And I forgot to press record again when we reconnected. :(

I've never been so upset with myself because that was such an AMAZING interaction but Karen was very much forgiving because I did take notes and was able to at least fill her in. Visuals flooded back to her as we pieced the story together. We work well together in that way. 

Moral of the story, always press record!

I'll never forget that again and my Higher Self knew that having this experience was what I needed to engrain that in my memory. This whole session was such a great learning experience for me, all perfectly orchestrated by our higher selves from before it even began...

The grandfather fly that alerted me to the fire and saved us from a potential disaster- I realized that if I would've killed that fly without saying anything, the fire may have become much more of a problem. That was almost unbelievable divine intervention at its very finest!

The disconnection that allowed me time to settle back in and review the script and even the failure to press record had a purpose. 

As it all was happening I just knew that it was teaching me. It was showing me that everything could go 'wrong', and I'd be able to stay calm and handle it anyway. I've learned to trust in my Higher Self that way. This experience eased my fear and gave me the courage to do more sessions and face whatever is to come. 

After the session, we looked up the movie, The Fly. Filmed in 1986, of course! I used to watch this movie all the time in the 80's!

These amazing synchronicities and Divine interventions happen everyday and they still amaze me and bring me back to that feeling of wonderment as a child. That is why I love this work so much and I'm so grateful and excited to finally be doing it!

There's nothing like a fly interrupting AND saving the day at the same time. They say 'everything happens for a reason' and in doing this quantum healing work, we can really see how that's so true.

Absolutely everything is divinely orchestrated, even if it doesn't seem so in the moment.

Update: Listening back to the recording we could hear the sounds of me walking back and forth with pitchers of water to put out the fire. It was so loud, I have no idea how Karen didn't hear it. But that's just a testament to the state of trance- How deep we can go when we let go and trust in our higher selves and our practitioner.

We've had many sessions since then, many things that have seemed to go wrong but in reality have been divinely orchestrated for our higher learning. The point of telling this story is to encourage everyone, especially practitioners, to trust that all is always how it is meant to be. You are loved and Divinely guided at all times. We are never in control of what's going to happen, all we can do is stay on our toes, go with the flow, and follow the leadership of the Great Spirit.

In Love, T


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