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V@x Clearing & Protection Tools and the War on Life

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

EDIT: Let me be clear. We do not protect ourselves out of fear. We protect ourselves out of LOVE for self and the maintenance of Sovereignty and high frequency. It is foolish to believe that the Light has already won this war. As we shift in and out of timelines and dimensions, the attacks are worsening at times as they have over the past several weeks.

We are moving through the 4th dimension which means that we will have more contact with malevolent entities and lost souls who can and do drain our lifeforce energy. The attacks of the last several weeks have faded, yes, but that is not to say that they won't ramp up again. We are in a constant state of flux and its best to be prepared for anything and everything that comes our way.

We would be highly foolish to believe that the dark forces who have been ruling this realm for eons will back down that easily. If we pray for one hour, they will pray for 10 hours to accomplish their goals. We need to 'man up' so to speak and stop being so naive.

Many Lightwarriors, powerful souls on this planet, especially those that hold high amounts of Divine Feminine and Christed Light energies and those who do the work of healing, clearing and removing entities are highly targeted by dark forces. If you do not resonate with this, then please feel free to move on to something that feels good for you.

I AM NOT in the business of making you feel good or catering to your fear or lack of discernment. I AM in the mission for TRUTH, HEALING and PROTECTION of the vulnerable, FREEDOM from slavery and ultimately, SOVEREIGNTY- I write for the vulnerable who need these tools- Those I'm in contact with everyday who experience psychic and spiritual attack, including CHILDREN that have nowhere to turn because of all the mistruth and false belief systems propagated by the dark side and infiltrated into the new age spiritual community that does their dirty work for them. The fact that I even have to say this is a testament to where we are in our spiritual growth.

I DO NOT consent to anyone's shaming or your entities. That is all. :) Let's begin.

There is currently a war against life in this Earthly realm. Many are feeling the negative effects and recent shifts in energy over the last several months and wondering how to protect themselves from the rogue signals being sent out by the v@x and the increase in psychic attacks. The goal of mass v@xxination is the dark side's plan to create a magnetic grid around the earth making it more difficult for those on the organic path to connect with Source and Higher beings of Light to access information and healing. It is also an attempt to assimilate synthetic biology into humans creating a disconnection in the organic connection to Source and trying to disrupt the path to Ascension. Also, what we've seen in our sessions is that it is a grand experiment in which negative ETs are collecting DNA data on v@xxinated individuals and monitoring the extent of the synthetic assimilation into the human body among other things, propagating the move towards Transhumanism.

However, we, as human beings are powerful beyond measure and we have the power within us to create the antidote to this signal, to create an organic grid of light, maintaining our connection and Sovereignty. This is not a judgment or condemnation of our brothers and sisters who have chosen this path, this is for everyone, v@xxed or un-v@xxed who needs extra protection and strengthening of our energy systems at this time. With the infringing inorganic AI Matrix timeline, it is highly of importance to spend as much time in an organic environment such as nature as much as possible going forward. If you can't be outside in the sun and on the earth, bring the energy of nature inside your home by filling it with plants and crystals. This is a call to return to what is good and godly, what is organic and natural.

This is also a call to strengthen our auric energy fields, making them impenetrable to any rogue signals or otherwise. With the increase of new technologies and frequencies being set up across the planet, it is even more important to strengthen and heal ourselves as these technologies can have detrimental effects on our physical and subtle energy bodies. Keep in mind that the following are only tools to magnify your already strong resonance and frequency. A daily clearing, grounding and protection protocol and continued healing inner work will help to strengthen your energy body and protect you from possible infringement from outside forces such as frequencies, rogue signals, and entities, physical or not. I have to be honest and tell you that I've never been a fan of rituals until recently when my regular techniques for protection failed to work anymore, keep that in mind as you read on. The energies we are experiencing are all brand new and we have to find ways to deal with it as it comes. I hope the following will be beneficial and supportive to you. Sometimes I feel as if I have these experiences as somewhat of an initiation to learn and figure out what works so that I can pass on the info to you.

The energy body is the first line of defense for the physical body so it is important to maintain its strength and power. The more eroded the energy body, the more likely the physical body will experience symptoms, especially in highly sensitives and empaths. This will be quite long so stay with me. Here we go!

~ Armor of God & Invisibility Cloak ~ Always start by putting on and reinforcing your Armor of God and placing your invisibility cloak. See previous blogs and our video here for more explanation on this. ~ Anointing oil ~

Anointing is an ancient ritual that allows us as humans to take back dominion over ourselves and our land from the demonic generals that have had control over our Earth for eons. To make anointing oil, set aside a good quality olive oil as your sacred oil. Olive oil is fine on its own but I like to raise the frequency even more by adding frankincense, myrrh and white pine essential oils. Then say a prayer over your open container and bless your oil as belonging to God/Source/Creator only. Here's an example: I consecrate and dedicate this oil in the name of God/Source/Creator for the purpose of anointing anyone or anything with the intention of protection, transmutation and taking back of dominion over person and property. And so it is. The words don't matter as much as the intention so say whatever feels right for you. I made a large bottle and then filled a small roller that I use all the time, it's super convenient and you can carry it anywhere! (you can buy inexpensive bottles on Amazon or just use something you have around the house. Here's a great set for all your anointing oil and cleansing spray needs.) As you anoint self, kids, pets, home, and neighborhood, have the intention of taking back dominion as a child of God, belonging only to the Light. Then anoint self once a day with the intention of being fully protected as a child of God. I put it on my wrists, chest, and most importantly, my lower back where we can store a lot of negative energy and are often attacked from behind. For extra protection and claiming back dominion, place the oil on your car tires and the bottom of your shoes, you will be claiming back dominion over the land in the name of God wherever you step foot upon the Earth. Imagine if ALL of us did this one simple thing! One of our beautiful Lightwarrior sisters did this recently on a long trip and had the most amazing experiences and synchronicities! Karen and I will be experimenting this summer on our vacation. ~ Crystals ~

Crystals hold a beautiful consciousness that has been gifted to us by the earth. Each has its own magnetic field and will add strength to your home and personal space. Make sure you speak to them and program them with your intentions. Tell them what exactly you want them to do. In general, black crystals absorb and transmute negative energy and are used for protection. Black crystals like shungite, black obsidian, black tourmaline, moldavite, orgonite and even labradorite are amazing for protection and clearing, especially from rogue shot frequencies. Black Kyanite is my new favorite piece. The vibration is so powerful that I can barely hold it in my hand. Place these crystals in the corners of your home, by your bed and around technology. They will absorb and clear negative frequencies and energies that enter the space and create a dome around your house or apartment. For personal protection while outside of your home, wear your black crystals as jewelry via pendants, bracelets, earrings, etc. You can also carry them in your car, purse, pockets, and put them in your kid's bookbags. I definitely recommend wearing a protective crystal pendant over your heart space, especially for kids, as this seems to be a targeted area. Don't forget to protect your pets too! I have a story about this I will share later. Pets and children are especially vulnerable to frequencies and spiritual attack. Karen shared a personal story on our YouTube channel about how her black obsidian protected her from a psychic attack. Build relationships with your crystals just as you would with another person and they will work in your favor. You can see more about that here in our video on Spiritual Protection and Sovereignty.

In contrast to the black crystals, white or clear crystals, instead of absorbing like black crystals, emit a positive healing energy and can also add to the strength to your field. I recommend having an abundance of raw quartz (better in its raw form because it's not heat treated or manipulated) if possible to help raise the vibration in your home and ward off psychic attacks from other humans or entities. In combination with a black crystal like shungite, this creates and strengthens the magnetic field around you and your home so that any malicious thoughts or intentions will bounce right back to the person sending them!

The belief that 'sending your psychic attacker love' is all that is needed is a false belief. This is not going to protect you, it will only strengthen their attack and weaken you. You must defend yourself. Once you realize what's happening, the energy of the attack will begin to fade and the attacker's energy will begin to dwindle. Sometimes, their face will even begin to look distorted or amphibian-like. Quartz, incense and salt is amazing for defending against psychic attack.

Selenite is aso a staple of mine and the great thing about it is that is rarely needs clearing. However, I love to clear all my crystals in the sun at least once a week by leaving them out all day or whenever possible. Speak to the consciousness of the sun and earth and request the clearing and charging of your crystals. I only use sun energy, never the moon. The sun and moon are like yin and yang, opposites, positive/negative polarities. We need to stop worshipping the moon and instead use the positive consciousness and light of our sun where Source beams a constant stream of new light codes.

~ Sea Salt ~

Salt is a natural purifier and has been used since antiquity in ritual practices. If you think about it, we still use salt today in modern times for many different reasons including purification and preservation from intravenous saline solutions to meat packaging. We all know how amazing it feels to swim in the ocean! Depending on your exposure to the public, take frequent, if not daily, natural sea salt baths to cleanse and clear your energy body, even better if you can get to the ocean! You can buy natural sea salt on Amazon, I love this one for its purity and price. I also like to add a drop or two of white pine oil, frankincense, myrrh, tea tree or any other favorite cleansing, high vibe essential oil. Don't add too much or it will burn - I've made that mistake before and it wasn't fun 😂 Water is a conscious, alive and aware element of nature so talk to it and ask it to cleanse and purify your physical and subtle energy bodies as you soak. It will respond to your intention as proven by Dr. Emoto's water experiments. Soak no more than 20 minutes, after that it becomes detrimental. You will feel amazing like a brand new baby after a hot, cleansing sea salt bath! Sea salt scrubs are awesome for cleansing and beneficial for exfoliation as well - the shedding of dead skin or old energy.

For home use, place a circle of salt around your bed and across doorways and windows. Negative entities cannot cross a line of salt as long as it isn't broken. If you have pets and small children and don't want to place it on your floor, you can place it in a small container like a votive candle holder or small jar in corners where you feel negative energy in your home. You can also place a bowl or container with sea salt water to absorb the negative energy in a room. Leave it out for a few days then vacuum it up and replace or change the salt in the container. Salt can also be used in visualization by invoking the spirit of salt. Close your eyes and visualize your energetic body is standing in front of you. Imagine that salt is pouring through your entire energetic and physical body. As you do this, have the intention that all negative energy will be cleared and purified. See the dark energy clearing and transmuting into light. Do this until you feel that it has all gone. You will notice your energy become sparkling and white. ~ The Black Flame ~

When going out into public, invoke the black flame. The black flame is organic darkness and will clear and transmute any negativity or inorganic darkness like nanotechnology that comes into your field while you're out and about. It also acts as a cloak so that you aren't projecting your light outward and attracting the unwanted attention of beings that don't have your best interests at heart. It's true that like attracts like and also true that opposites attract. Like moths to a flame, sometimes entities and lost souls are attracted to your light. Sometimes they are attracted because you hold a similar frequency. Both are true so you don't necessarily want to project your light if you don't have to. Think about it as going incognito! The black flame is extremely powerful and will even protect you from any possible psychic attacks or damaging frequencies. I cannot tell you how much this has saved me recently. In combination with the armor of god and an invisibility cloak, you will feel like an impenetrable warrior god/goddess! Do not underestimate the power of the black flame, do use it as needed but don't overdo it and dull your energy field. You have to be strong and empowered to use this technique. ~ Sacred Ash ~

Another great tip we've received recently from a Lightwarrior sister is to put sacred ash on your body - top of head, shoulders, bottoms of feet. Ash is associated with death so it also acts as a cloak and entities will be able to see you less or not be interested at all. Instead of projecting your energy outwards to be seen, you are cocooning inwards and 'playing dead' so to speak. This is another great way to protect your energy from any rogue signals from the shots. We can use the ashes of high vibrational incense like dragon blood, frankincense, myrrh or sage, Palo Santo, or even a sacred fire ceremony. Collect all your ashes in a small container, you can even keep it in your car or purse so you don't forget to put it on.

White pine oil and pine tree tea are essentials for raising your frequency and protecting from rogue signals. It is said to be the antidote to the spike protein. Here is an amazing article all about that, the research and resources for where to get it! I've been LOVING my white pine oil for clearing, raising my frequency and solidifying my field. Sometimes I just open it to smell it and that instantly uplifts my mood. I put it on my wrists, forehead and lower back to defend against attacks. It's also great to put in a diffuser to uplift the frequency of a room!

Speaking of the back, while placing your pine oil on your back imagine golden hands clearing away all negative energy that has been directed at you and replacing it with golden-white Christed Light. This will rejuvenate you!


One of the most important things to implement in the fight against nanotech is the mineral Boron. It is the only known substance so far that inactivates nanos in the body. You can buy this in supplement form or use via the Borax powder. I add a pinch to my water twice a day, approx 1/8 tsp. Here's a great video with an Insider in the creation of this nanotechnology that speaks of this remedy.

~ Clearing and Protection Spray ~ Recently I combined some of my favorites from this article to make an energy clearing spray and it is powerful! Combine seasalt water, a few drops of frankincense oil, myrrh, white pine, tea tree and a dash of lemon oil. Use it as a room spray, to clear and freshen your car or even yourself and loved ones! This is super high frequency.. Don't forget to clear and protect your pets!! They are not immune from negative energies and can be even MORE affected because of their sensitivity. I've seen this recently with my own dog who has been affected by interdimensional parasites, the rogue frequency and other dark energies. Side note: while at the vet yesterday, 9 pets came in for euthanasia! The girls at the desk said they've never seen that before. Our pets sometimes absorb a lot of negative energy for us, they've contracted to do just that so please do not forget them in your clearing and protection! They need it too.

Cool tip! How to tell if there's negative energy in your home, car, workplace: place a lemon in the space and pay attention to its condition. If it gets black spots, mold, or rot, then you need to clear and protect your space. If the space is clear, it will just shrivel and harden. Don't be overwhelmed! These are only but tools to help build and strengthen your already powerful aura and energy system in order to ward off attacks and rogue frequencies. Pick one that feels good to you, start there and add more as you go along. Before long, we won't need any of these tools but we will stand brilliantly in our light, untouchable by darkness. Until then, until we feel strong enough, we have each other to lean on for support, guidance and love and tools to help magnify our frequency. If you leave the house without your crystals, don't freak out. Stand in your power and know that nothing can touch you without your consent! I DO NOT CONSENT is a powerful intention. Take precautions when possible but don't fall into fear and don't let fear run your life. And PLEASE don't be afraid of each other! Take care of yourself, each other and be kind to all. We are all we've got and we are NOT each other's enemies!

"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." I AM not afraid of any of these outside forces and I do recognize my strength as a Sovereign Being and DO NOT want any energy that is NOT MINE in my field. Remember your strength and power as a beautiful BEing of LIGHT and claim your Sovereignty as a child of the Universe!


Karen and I are now offering Cov v@x clearings to neutralize the frequency being sent out and picked up on by negative ETs, clear the heavy metals and nanotechnology and restore the body back to spiritual health. Please reach out it you or someone you know needs assistance.

Please leave your comments! Have you noticed an increase in psychic attacks, have you been affected by the shot, do you have any protection and clearing tips and tricks to share?? We'd love to hear from YOU!!

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