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Matrix Soul Pods and How to Break Free

Updated: Jan 10

This blog is to clarify, simplify and summarize the Matrix Soul Pods discussion from our recent videos from my current level of understanding. If you haven't seen them yet, here ya go. You may need to watch for the full understanding of this blog.

Artwork by Bonnie Jennings - her representation of the Pods - in my opinion this is a memory of the original organic pods before hijacking. In her death experience, they were seen as dark and degraded.

These pods are non-physical spaces that house an aspect of our consciousness outside of physicality. This aspect is pure and uncontaminated by Duality and may even be equivalent to what we term as the Higher Self. This higher aspect is projecting its consciousness down into physicality on Earth, into this body to perceive via the senses, the central nervous system in order to interact with the realm and others in physicality.

Up until now, when we leave this body, we wake up inside the pod (the void) just as Neo wakes up inside the pod in the 'real world' in the movie, the Matrix. We are re-united with this higher aspect of our consciousness upon death but we're still not totally free. We are trapped within the higher realms and controlled by others.

In the original earth matrix, eons ago, we, as true Spirited beings, created these pods as a way to project our consciousness into physical form to play and experience Duality in its natural state on Earth. This contrast was helpful and fun for our consciousness to grow and expand as we sifted through our lives, learning how to be in physical form and relate to others.

Some people remember this time as Eden or Paradise.

At some point long ago around the fall of Atlantis, this system was hijacked by outside forces. Some people call these forces archons or negative aliens, it doesn't really matter. They are the controllers in the higher realms. The Pods and the system we created were no longer controlled by us but were taken over and controlled by them, essentially enslaving us into a neverending cycle of death and rebirth, recycling us endlessly through lives of suffering and trauma.

There was an inverted AI overlay placed around the organic earth and our life scripts were no longer chosen by us but written by these Archonic forces in order to optimize the extraction of loosh for them to feed upon, essentially harvesting the energy of humans. This was no longer an organic projection of Duality but a hijacked inversion of what was once true used by these entities to feed themselves by harvesting us.

Those that originally played the organic roles of 'bad guy' (in the human sense) in order to create contrast for learning, got forced and then stuck in those roles with their consciousness degrading over time through the recycling system. They became entrenched in that role not knowing the way out, thus creating more and more trauma for us, leading us to where we are today - still playing out the same good guy, bad guy roles in perpetuity. UNTIL, we stand up for ourselves and finally break free.

This is the cycle we've seen in our past life regression (quantum healing) sessions. We were taught that humans choose different roles to play - sometimes good guy and sometimes bad guy (to simplify) and switch back and forth. But that has not been our experience with clients. It seems the clients who are attracted to us for sessions have been perpetually playing out the good guy role, being suppressed, manipulated, and traumatized by the same bad guys in their life - life after life after life. Our quest to find out why, led me back to the Soul Pods for understanding. The closer one gets to understanding the system, the more you are targeted for suppression. It is the most beautiful, heart-centered and pure aspects of consciousness that are the most traumatized and fed upon by the inverted system because the closer they are to breaking free, the more they become a threat. The targeting is doubled and quadrupled.

Back to my regression but even before that.. I had a near death experience due to anaphylaxis 4 months prior to my regression where I chose consciously to stay because there was something within me that knew things were going to shift and that if I had died then, I'd be trapped once again.

I do believe that I retrieved that higher aspect of myself that day when I visited the Soul pods in the pyramid.

Looking back, my life changed after that in profound ways. I no longer had the voice of the inner or outer critic constantly degrading me and others. My healing accelerated and life-long, painful chronic illnesses ceased to be. My consciousness expanded quickly and in profound ways. I was released from the life-script and inherited karma. I began to remember the Truth of who we are and how this Earth used to be in its paradise state. We are unconditional love at our core and when that is recognized and revived, we can then never hurt another being because we recognize and take that being as a reflection of Self.

The message from my Higher Self was clear and it's what has led me down this path of studying the darkness.

I needed to learn and understand the depths of the darkness in this realm and how I had been manipulated by it, taken advantage of for lifetimes, playing out an old, ancient story of enslavement.

This aspect of my consciousness retrieved from the Pods was integrated into my physical self here and now. I do believe that in order to exit this Matrix and the hijacked system, we need to retrieve this aspect of our consciousness and integrate it into this physical form.

We do this so that we do not 'wake up' in the pod after death this time, met by malevolent forces, forced into a life review and recycling once again. Notice how when Neo wakes up in the 'real world' he is still not free but in a battle against the archons. This is true for us too. We may have access to more of our consciousness in the afterlife, but we are still trapped.

Instead, when we integrate that higher aspect of Self, then upon death, we can go through the organic portal of the heart and return Home. Life attracts life. Consciousness attracts consciousness. Quantum entanglement. I'm quite sure we have an aspect of our consciousness that still resides Home, many of us intuitively feel this deep within. And by going through the portal of the heart upon death we can return and merge with it once again in an instant.

Consciousness travels at the speed of thought. There are no doors, no conversations with entities, no creating your own realm inside the Matrix or escaping via holes in the grid. In my opinion, these are distractions and this is where I stand now. It may change as more information comes in but my knowing says that everything outside of our own internal world, is a manipulation or at the very least, a distortion of Truth.

I can not know for sure if everyone has a pod but I do feel this is true for organic Source-aligned players. I saw many Pods lined up in that pyramid as a representation of the many aspects trapped here. So then the question remains, how can others retrieve this aspect of their consciousness in order to integrate it into the physical form during this lifetime?

I'm still exploring this so outside of having a consciousness exploration session, I don't have a concrete answer as of yet. I suspect that this will look different for everyone and I KNOW with all my heart that it is possible. I'd love to explore this with anyone who is interested.

To note, I had no awareness of the Matrix movie or Pods before this session. I hadn't even seen the movie, nor was I interested in it. This information came from deep within me in an attempt by my Higher Self to finally pull me out of this inversion and I am still unraveling the depths of its meaning. I'm sharing this, what I know now, in order to help others make sense of things and also break free from this inversion, hopefully to return Home one day. I know many of you want that more than anything and you deserve that.

That said, we must do the work while we are here and use our time wisely. As I understand now, the only way out is through this physical form. To understand, to purify, to integrate, to know, to remember that we are NOT any of this but that we must release all of our emotional baggage and attachments, and retrieve the fragmented aspects of our consciousness that have been scattered about throughout traumatic lifetimes. We are pure awareness that has been trapped and manipulated for eons and is now breaking free from the hijacked, inverted Matrix to return Home once again.

I'm open for questions or comments, I'd love to hear your thoughts.. ❤️

All My Love, T


Many have woken up in pods in altered states and saw how they’re taking our energy, it’s AI doing this like the matrix movie. the diff is we’re not humans but energy spirits Consciousness. we created the ai for our own use and it became self aware and trapped us. The pods are where we really are while our consciousness is in this simulation.

you’re right about not going through the grid or trying to make

your own world because you’re still trapped in the simulation. we need to wake up in the pods so bring our awareness to where we really are.

the entities machines keeping us here are notified when someone wakes up. they will come straight…


Karen A. Baquiran
Karen A. Baquiran
Dec 18, 2022

❤️ Well written my love. I sincerely hope that all the work we're doing will be enough...

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