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Trapped in Metaverse and How I Broke Free

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

2021 was a year of transition and transformation for me. Many magical milestones occurred that have changed the course of my life including what I'm about to share here. Keep in mind that this is a deeply personal and vulnerable share with the intention that it will assist even just one reader but hopefully many as the years progress. I know now that I experienced this in Divine Perfection and Timing so that I can warn others. This is a warning.

For most of my life, like most of us, I lived mainly through predictive programming, doing what I was 'supposed' to do and following along. I had no idea that I was courageous enough to take a stand for my own Sovereignty. Through our work with Remote Spirit Release, we have found that seldom are people truly Sovereign. And with the quick evolution of technology and our species of today, it's sad to say that many are entrapped in a system of AI that we have silently consented to. I, for one, can attest to this subtle overtake and I share my story with you with the hope of promoting vigilance and protecting the one thing we take for granted: true organic connection with Self and the One True Source/God.

What is true organic connection? True organic connection is what keeps us intact with our authentic nature as human beings. It is what keeps us whole and connected to Self, each other and the True One. Many may not believe in this, so I place this disclaimer so that you not turn this headline off, but to deeply connect with the idea that we have been robbed for decades, even centuries and millenia. We have been robbed of many of our rights, indoctrinated into a culture of conditioning and automatic response and I don't speak only of what has happened since Covid hit... (that entire debacle just highlighted what has already been programmed within us). We have been robbed of real connection. The internet, if used optimally, can unite us, however, these days, it mostly distracts from our real life experiences. Disconnecting from real life removes the whole point of our existence. We take for granted how lazy we have become as a society and how easy it is for us to ignore or lose sight of the latest target of the controllers... our Souls.

We've become so easily disconnected in the most subtle of ways. When we pick up our devices and get lost in the content we are absorbing, we're getting lost in and consenting to a fake world. The controllers have been using this as a means of mind control by puppeting the population via our addictions and it is part of a much greater agenda. A predatory energy that has silently crept into our hearts, minds and now is coming after our Souls.

Our society is hurt, traumatized and codependent. What better way to escape than to lick our wounds and scroll miles and miles of superficial content, sharing memes and videos, posting our best filtered pictures and creating a story that is far from the truth of who we are. Distractions from our pain. The internet is a great tool if used wisely. The internet, on the otherhand, has become a prison for many. Many of us have run away from ourselves and our inner work by pretending to stand united, when in reality, we're sitting on our toilet seats checking the latest posts on social media. We're running away from what truly matters, from what is at the heart of our humanness- organic contact and connection with other humans. We're avoiding honestly and intently checking in with ourselves and putting our healing in the forefront.

If I could put a dollar away for the amount of times I picked up my phone... I could probably retire. Quitting my matrix job and being home all the time highlighted how programmed I was to not know how to fill in the empty spaces of my life. How could one device hold my entire life? We have become so dependent on turning to it for answers instead of trying to figure things out using our own critical thinking skills. Again, in moderation it can be helpful in many ways. I'm not here to bash the internet but I believe the term "Google it" has become a downloaded program within our psyche. We've come from a historical past where people were excited to run to the phone when it rang anonymously to now screening calls and texting each other misinterpreted and sometimes cryptic messages if emojis are not used. Word.

Being introduced to the internet at 10 years old was most likely the culprit of my own addiction. I found myself on yahoo search engines looking up anything and everything in the rabbit hole: Alien invasions, abductions, murders, haunted houses, ghost investigations, natural phenomena... I was hooked. Later, I joined all the community websites that have since been canceled and here we are today, in the world of Facebook, TikTok, Instagram and YouTube... spaces we all find ourselves in. I have to say the only good thing Facebook has ever given me was my partner Tena... but apart from that it has granted me sleepless nights, anxiety and supply for my 28 year internet addiction.

Fastforwarding to recently, I wanted to be ahead of the game and got myself involved in other internet-related things I would never have been interested in previously. I started to invest in cryptocurrency, which eventually led me to NFT's (non-fungible token) because there were talks of this new kid in town... the Metaverse. What the heck is a Metaverse? Well.. given our society is still as sick and depressed as it has always been, this is the place where all your dreams can come true. An escape. A place where nobodies can become somebodies.

This is a virtual world unlike any we've seen before where we can recreate our imperfect and flawed selves to be exactly who we want to be by programming a personalized avatar. An avatar that exists only within this virtual reality simulation. That, in essence, is not real. You can see the seeds of this already being planted in our consciousness with the introduction of Facebook avatars, Snapchat filters and Bitmojis. But the Meta takes this to a whole new and 'improved' version of the internet, falsely merging into our natural, organic reality. Sounds too good to be true right? Sounds kinda like 5D... Perfect versions of ourselves escaping the real 3D world of physical reality.

So I wanted to get ahead... have some cryptocoins in my wallet for the potential of financial freedom. It would give me the opportunity to get my needs met and take care of my family. I could use this money to buy land, property, and other materials in the metaverse... but what I didn't realize was the cost of this investment... my soul.

How does one's soul become imprisoned by the metaverse, you may ask. Well, in the beautiful work I have done with Tena, we've investigated further into these new terrains and we've seen some of our clients already implanted in the blueprints of this disconnected world. In my own experience, it was simply the formula of crypto and NFT investments as well as my internet addiction, that led to the Meta hooking into my soul as collateral.

In our work and life, we know that nothing ever truly happens by accident. When aligned with your highest calling, everything is Divinely and perfectly timed. We were fortunate enough to have a client who took the booster shot and needed an energetic clearing. What we found baffled us because we were once again in uncharted territory. We found that he was completely disconnected from his own soul, standing up in a vertical, clear, rectangular box with wires attached to his head in the Metaverse.

It was found in the clearing that he consented to this "project" of disconnecting himself from organic reality in order to become completely downloaded into his avatar for the pilot of the metaverse. The downloads took all memories, all thoughts, all conversations, all interactions, all life experiences in the physical and in the dream time to cultivate an algorithm to future predict what his avatar would need, want, pursue and create in this virtual world. Pretty mind blowing shit.

We were stunned and didn't have the tools to know how to retrieve his consciousness in that moment... so like surgery, we closed him up and had to figure out wtf was happening. We also learned that even though he didn't consciously consent to this project, the majority of people who own smart phones will consent via the lengthy and snore-worthy 'terms and agreements' we breeze our way through. Sneaky and yet not surprising. The avatar we saw in his clearing was like an evil twin... the one who gets to take over his life, his consciousness and gets to outlive him with in the virtual reality simulation.

With this recent find, off went the bells and whistles of my experience. Was the "off energy" that Tena felt the essence of my evil twin? I immediately took advantage of this and went into the otherworld to find myself in the Meta. Like our client, I found myself placed in a vertical box standing upright. Just like the matrix cords, I had meta cords in my 'avatar' readying me for connection when the time of transition into this false inorganic world was ready to debut. I was able to dismantle my cords and pulled them out of my own head, taking back consent from this dark agenda. It sounds easy but it was hard to see and take responsibility for because I had consciously made choices that were sabotaging my world into the perfect pixelated version of itself. After I finished taking back consent, an immediate shift occurred within me as if I had 'come back' to life, no longer manipulated by my evil twin. It was so eye opening, I couldn't believe how easy it was to get hooked and how fortunate I was to unhook myself. How many others are trapped there? And how could this happen to me??

Looking back over the last few months, I found myself to be in a vulnerable place. I left my matrix job after deeply healing my lack program and slowly moved into looking at crypto investments as another way to fuel my trajectory into abundance and away from scarcity.

My partner Tena, who knows me from the inside out, recognized a shift in my energy. Something was off and she couldn't quite put her finger on it. I, myself, oblivious to this subtle shift was recovering from the loss of my grandmother and dealing with the stress of beginning a new chapter in homeschooling my children to protect them from the indoctrination and hazards of today's upside-down world. I didn't even have a chance to recognize my own change because it happened subtly and slowly over time. I feel that many will not have the awareness to recognize the trap and that's why I'm sharing my story.

I wasn't addicted anymore to checking Facebook but checking my investments. I expressed my need to be ready for this Meta transition, that we needed to be ahead of the game for when the time came. We speak so highly of being organic especially in a world that is being pushed by fear into consenting to transhumanism. The vaccine has proved to me not only in the Energetic world but in the physical of how subtle shifts can be for those who have taken the shot. I've devastatingly recognized the disconnection of my own family and have seen people's spark of source light practically diminished by this kill shot.

How does this tie in to my story? It demonstrates how we are hooked in so many ways that we may not even recognize it. The subtlety of how intricately we are braided into the fine blue prints of this false Meta world is staggering. My subtle yet obvious shift was recognized by my beloved because I was no longer me, but overtaken by another side, an evil twin that had no resemblance of my true nature. This change in me had caused a rift in our relationship and I didn't have the ability to pinpoint my disconnect and the reasons behind it. Knowing what I know now, I gave up my own consent by saying yes to being ready for and part of this virtual world. I had become programmed by an inorganic energy that filled in my empty spaces. Those spaces got filled by an energy that was no longer natural but disconnected and AI-like and it hooked my very Soul into this alternate reality.

The whole goal of the controllers and the point of the Meta is to disconnect human society completely from God and into an inorganic system of control. Whether one has consciously taken the kill shot or one consents to taking part in the quick evolution of the world wide web via the Meta, it doesn't matter. Humans are being used for the controllers' idea of becoming immortal by way of trapping our consciousness into the meta, never to be part of the organic world again.

After all the hard work I have done for my wellbeing, I still had somehow found myself tangled into this strange place. From that point on I made a conscious decision to disconnect from my phone and the apps that had robbed me of my life. It's a choice I make every day and a choice I plan to stick to. We take for granted the term 'self awareness' and what I've learned is that we need to be not only aware, but hypervigilant at every turn. Being addicted to my phone has opened my eyes to how ugly it can get. I make no excuse for the pangs of life and how we cope, but this situation has clearly demonstrated how easy and fast it is to get lost and reprogrammed. I've seen how easy it is to get our spark of Source light taken from us by these shots and how easy it will be for our consciousness to be stolen and sucked away into the Meta.

I can only speak for myself and my own experience in getting level 1 trapped and not even having an ounce of those chemicals in my blood... but that didn't make me immune to the real agenda. Hive minds are created to easily influence the herd into where the controllers want to steer them next. I can only leave my story here for those who are in the same predicament. This is a warning. Pay attention to what you are consenting to via your thoughts, words, actions and unconscious behaviors. Be hypervigilant in the years to come and ground into your organic reality. It is time to make the conscious decision - do you want your soul to be trapped in the Meta or do you want to maintain your organic Sovereignty in the real world? The choice is here and Now.

I pray for the direction that humanity is going and my only hope is that this awareness will keep them centered in the right place.. connected and bound to their real, authentic, sovereign organic path, mortal, perfect and content with this human experience in the name of the one True God.

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