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The Children Will Unite Us

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

I honestly didn't think I could be shocked anymore by the state of the world but I was wrong. I've seen some of the most disturbing things in the last few months but nothing compared to today - just a single day. My heart hurts for our children. Children that are forced to mask their faces, have drive by birthday parties, unable to play with their friends or go to school, being fed the false narrative that they are protecting others by suppressing themselves.

Watching a mom in front of a store trying to force a mask on her 4 yo so that they could walk in. The anger. Frustration. Heart break. Fear of being questioned by "authority" in the store. All in just a few seconds.

An image of a young child, maybe 5 who is rewarded with "screen time" only if and when he wears his mask. Spirit defeated, he complies. The parent then photographs this horrific image of a child suppressed, joyless, expressionless, angry and sad and posts it on social media as a great idea for other parents in an attempt to "make the teacher's job a little easier this year." Followed by comments of the many supporters of this act of suppression upon a child. The lack of emotional intelligence of humanity front and center.

The children that are raped as young as 4 months old, sold, beaten and murdered on a daily basis all across the globe to appease the sick fantasies of elite power-hungry Satanists. Facebook is now hiding the hashtag #SaveTheChildren because they know the children will be the only thing to unite us. And the grooming of them, sexualizing our children. Using toys like the Hasbro doll Poppy from Trolls that I saw today that has a button on her private parts and moans when it's pushed. Whaaaat in the actual? Everyone should be outraged BUT not a peep. You certainly won't hear about it on the mainstream news. Nope. We are the news now. Anything authentic and true is the responsibility of the people.

My heart is BROKEN.

But it is not the globalists that break my heart. The elite power structures in control that are causing all this destruction--not them. It is not the virus or the agenda to suppress and oppress our people. It is the everyday people, the humans that comply with the rules, regulations and guidelines set by the elite cabal in power to steal our light. This is what breaks my heart because it's prolonging the situation, allowing it to go on on even one more second than it has to is depressing to me right now. My human self asks, "When will they see?" My soul replies, "When they are pushed to the edge." My human self does not like this answer. I recognize this is done out of fear and because they do not yet remember who they are but for my human self, it is incredibly frustrating nonetheless. But this is why we are here-to help them when they get to that edge.

Fear and disconnection is the driving force behind all of this. Fear of the virus, fear of friends, family and neighbors that they could be asymptomatic carriers, fear of government, store clerks, law enforcement. Fear of each other... And disconnection from Self/God. Fear is the real virus and it is destructive.

They do not yet know their power. They do not yet trust their bodies. They do not yet know their spirit, their true Divine nature. They haven't been through the kind of hell, the Dark Night of the Soul that teaches those lessons. This is what's happening now. The Dark Night of the Soul for Humanity, this is the hell that will teach them and if you don't yet understand what I am speaking of then please ask and be open-minded with an open heart enough to hear it. To hear the truth of our collective reality. I will help you remember. We must help the unawakened remember who they are and support them with love, understanding and guidance through grace so they remember they are pure Light.

I am grateful for my dance with the devil for it has taught me who I am. A child of God, no less than the trees and the stars, an unending Universe inside of me. My body is my temple capable of healing itself if given the proper conditions. But I am not my body. I am not my mind. I am the soul that lives within. I AM Light. I AM Love.

I do not fear anything outside myself. I have tasted death and come back to tell you of its elegance, its radiance, its pure unadulterated beauty and unending Love. There is no true death, only life after life. And thus, nothing to fear. We will rise, we will connect with and embody the Divine as our shadow dances and traipses behind our valiant hearts to be healed and integrated into the wholeness of who we are.

We will know ourselves as the pure never-ending infinite beauty that is life, that is eternal Spirit. We will understand that our greatest challenges give us strength and opportunities for growth. We will survive and we will thrive, we will fight for our Sovereignty and freedom from the dark forces that enslave this planet, not with swords and guns but with the fire in our hearts that burns the flame of eternal Salvation and brings peace.

We Will RISE. We are RISING and we will not stop until every child is free from this corruption, torture and slavery. Until every wound is seen and healed and every man, woman and child knows the true essence of their being... Love. Love is who we ARE. We are not anything else. All the rest is just illusion. I pray that humanity doesn't need to be stripped completely bare to understand this.

We will build a new reality. We are building a new reality. A New Earth.

Lightwarriors--feel THROUGH your pain, feel through your heart break and anger and frustration and outrage. It is the only way... True illumination comes from the inside out. We cannot continue to bow to the suppression and oppression of the fullness of our being any longer. Our consciousness is expanding and uprooting the depths of our soul, individually and collectively.

No more spiritual bypassing--it is a program to keep you complacent. "Ignore what's happening in 3D, vibrate higher" they say. Ignore what you're really feeling, suppress it down and it becomes part of you, actually lowering your vibration. Every single emotion we have for a reason and it is completely natural and healthy to feel all of it and let it move THROUGH you. E-motion. Energy in motion, let it move. Righteous anger is a propellant, a Divine blessing, the fuel for change. Let yourself feel it. It is not who you are and doesn't make you less spiritual or a bad person. It makes you human and human you came to be.

I love you, I support you. I love you so much, I am willing to face the judgement and anger of others to protect our Freedom and Sovereignty. I love humanity so much, I am willing to say the things that others fear to say. It is the only way...

Remember this--The children will unite us. Focus on them.


Infinite love, T

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