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Breaking Up with the Matrix

We, as the collective of humanity, are currently in the process of breaking up with the Matrix, a toxic abusive relationship that we've been participating in for centuries, if not thousands of years.

It is hard.

It is heart-breaking.

And at times can feel soul-crushing.

This toxic relationship with the Matrix system has brought us doubt in our own Divine Knowing.

It has brought us fear and uncertainty and worry.

It has controlled us, manipulated us, brainwashed us into believing that we are victims who need a savior.

It keeps us trapped with promises of change and a better tomorrow.

In this codependent relationship, we've relied on outside sources to tell us who we are-- on family, church, and state to mold us into their way of Being.

We've relied on others to tell us what we know, what our truth is and how we 'should' BE in the world. We've stayed small and obedient, distracted and lost.

This system has gaslighted us into questioning our own reality, the truth of who we are and what we are doing here. Made us believe that we're worthless and that we cannot trust our own heart discernment and truth. We've become dependent on the very system we wish to be free from.

In this process of transitioning, of breaking up, we begin to recognize the lies and abusive narcissistic behavior of our partner. We've been traumatized and mind-controlled.

Waking up from victimhood can feel extremely difficult and confusing at first. To understand just how deeply we've been manipulated and coerced into co-creating this relationship is not an easy feat. This can create a feeling of vulnerability in the heart space--a sadness, anger, instability, more fear and uncertainty, even shock and bewilderment.

We wake within the dream spell slowly yet suddenly and all at once with many unanswered questions.

Have I really been traumatized and abused all this time without even the slightest hint of recognition? How could they lie to me? How could I fall for it? What is this all about?

Who am I without the Matrix stories and false premise of me? Who am I without this relationship, the only thing I've known all my life?

We become so enmeshed that we forget who we are at the core.

How do we even begin to heal from this?

Firstly, we must see with clear vision and understand the darkness we've been participating in. We must sit with this realization, look at the shadow and understand our role in the relationship. Understand that we've allowed this behavior to continue unquestioned and unconsciously fed the system with our reactions.

The narcissist as the energy vampire lives to create a supply of reactive energy to feed on and fill their neverending internal void.

Don't feed the Matrix. Don't give them your fear, your anger, your rage, your low vibrational emotions. This is the fuel for the fire and continuous loop of abuse and stagnation.

Bringing Light to the Darkness is the only way.

And now we are waking up, we are soul searching and remembering. We are struggling to find truth.

Truth is simple, it is a frequency, a feeling. Instead of looking outside of ourselves to find it, we're learning now to go within. To process information through our own guidance system. How does the information feel in the body, especially the Solar Plexus? Does it flow easily or do you get a 'ugh' in your gut?

As we shed layers of conditioning and build our discernment more and more, we learn that we can tell the truth by the way it feels. We learn that truth, our own internal knowing, is the only thing within the Matrix system that can be trusted and we learn to rely on that above all.

This journey is in remembering who you were before the world told you who to be, before the Matrix took hold over your Sovereignty. Reconnecting once again with the spark of child-like innocence, of Divine Creative Truth that still lives inside of you just waiting to be remembered and reunited with your love.

As we untangle from the web of lies and deceitful wrath, we remember our Love once again. Our love of Self, Others, and God. There is no separation. We remember our true selves and what's important in life.

We are remembering our God-given power as Divine Sovereign Beings of Light.

That we CAN HEAL.

That we ARE HEALING one step at a time towards our liberation.

By the grace of the God-force within us, we are Reconnecting once again with our Divinity, finding the place of neutrality within where we can observe the Matrix reality without reacting and further feeding the system with our unconsciousness.

No longer victims, we become conscious co-creators this time around.

We process our emotions in a healthy way and respond with peace in our hearts and minds.

We understand our Light and how we use our emotions to create what we want.

A New World, A New Earth where everything is in balance once again.

We do this by focusing on our excitement, our love, our joy, our faith, our Truth. Spending time going within. Spending time with family and friends and focusing on our passionate endeavors, creating the Timeline we desire with our thoughts and feelings.

What feeds you, what brings you Bliss?

Listen to the whispers of your soul and align with your deepest desires. What did you like to do before you were indoctrinated, programmed and controlled with fear? Who are you at the deepest depth of your soul?

Place your hand on your heart and remember what's important in life.

Our values, our relationships, each other and God.

We can do this, we ARE doing this together.

As humans, we are Creator Beings. We create what we believe, what we focus on and what we feel in the very fiber of our beingness.

The best kept secret in this whole relationship is just how powerful WE ARE...

We, the People, are the ones we've been waiting for. It is up to us this time to make the necessary changes, to right our wrongs, to save ourselves and to create the timeline we want for the greatest good of All.

To know with all our hearts that we are strong and powerful and free from WITHIN and we can do hard things...together we stand on the side of the Light in unity and solidarity.

We create Heaven on Earth by following our joy and inspiration in this and every Now moment.

This is our Collective initiation into the one and only Truth within, we've each been assigned this mission.

It is time to remember who we are and what we came here to do.

It is time to remember that no matter what the outer reality looks like:




And so it is done.

In love, T

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