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Election Day 2020 - Birthing A New Earth

In my ascension journey, I've realized how connected to Mother Earth and the Human Collective, I AM. The last few days leading up to the November 3, 2020 US Presidential Election, my body has been rocked by these intense energies, wracked with heaviness and pain especially in the solar plexus and sacral chakras. This morning, election day, I woke up with severe cramping in my womb and the message from my guides was that I AM/WE ARE 'birthing' the New Earth today.

We are in labor--in pain, anticipation, and excitement for the future, the liberation of humanity from the control structures we have been enslaved by for eons. It is already done, the baby is coming but this is just, just the very beginning of the unraveling. We need all hands on deck. Calling ALL warriors of the Light to lead the Way, to do their parts to bring this baby into the world.

By a series of synchronicities and posts from other conscious and aware friends throughout the day, including Candace's Out of Body Experience where she saw Earth wrapped in a brilliant light of Love, a memory was triggered of my very first regression.

I was a blue humanoid bird from the 7th dimension on a mission with others to keep the negatives out of the Earth plane. The next scene I was floating in space, looking at Earth from a distance, and it was encapsulated with a glowing, beautiful, radiant white light---it was LOVE---and we had won, the Earth was LIBERATED!!

Humans were FINALLY FREE!! I cried and cried and was completely overwhelmed with the emotion of this moment--the realization of all the hard work, sweat, tears, pain and suffering that went into this war to protect and liberate the soul of humanity.

This regression happened at a time that I was only mildly aware of the enslavement of humans, I had no idea of the true control structures and C*bal systems in place. This was not something I could fake or 'make up.' No, this was REAL, I felt it in my heart, my body responded with emotion.

I have peace in my heart today, in my knowing that it is already done no matter what happens in the outer reality. Our intentions, our actions as Lightwarriors by the Will of God have manifested this great shift. I can see all the godless control structures falling apart. Falling fast and hard and ugly. And we, as Children of Light, WE ARE RISING! This is why we're here: to raise the vibration, to show them a new way, to shift the consciousness of humanity, to heal our collective trauma, to lead with our hearts and minds in complete balance, to hold the Light shining it brightly on that darkness as it fades away.

I AM so proud to be an AMerican today, I AM so proud of my fellow AMericans who stood up for truth, justice and freedom in the face of tyranny. I adore our Spirit as the world is watching with bated breath, hoping, counting on us to lead The Way.

The Sophia-Christ consciousness is here and it's only getting stronger and brighter. It will continue to uproot and illuminate anything that is not of the Light, is untrue, inauthentic, hiding in the darkness, cowering in the corner or hiding in plain sight. Within each of us and around us. It will ALL be revealed because we can't heal anything until it is seen, individually and as a collective.

So I say thank you to my body for showing me, for reminding me of what we are doing here and I say thank you to everyone for playing your parts in this Divine, Majestic Plan to save humanity and usher in the Golden Age. I AM grateful.

And so it is.

And so it is.

And so it is.

By the power of 3 and the Will of God, AND SO IT IS.




In Love, T

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Karen A. Baquiran
Karen A. Baquiran
Nov 10, 2020

Love this. Thank you for sharing this beautiful message!

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