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Reclaiming Your Voice in a Culture of Shaming and Silencing

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

Speak your truth

But not like that

You're too strong

Speak softer

You're too soft 

Speak louder

You say too much

Say less

You don't say enough 

Say more 

Stand Up

But not like that 

It's not the right cause, you don't know what you're talking about.

Who are you to have an opinion?

You're too much, too loud, too soft, too big, too small. Not enough. 

Be who you are

But not like that

Who are you to be strong and powerful and free?

You're too much, too loud, too soft, too big, too small.

Not small enough. 

Never enough

No. Just NO. 

Not anymore

I will be me

I've worked oh so very hard to find her

beneath the grip of suppression

my voice

the balance within me

I will not bow down to the shame inflicted upon us

I will not remain small because it makes you comfortable 

Because the thing is this--you will never please everyone. You'll always be too much, too little or not enough for someone. 

We live in a culture of silencing. Coerced and shamed into not speaking our truth because we might offend someone or someone might not like us or agree with what we have to say or they even may lash out in anger. 

People pleasing is a disease and no one is allowed to have an opinion anymore or say anything outside the mainstream narrative even in the spiritual community.

But isn't this what the Awakening is about?

Rising above the suppression and oppression that has been forced upon us for millenia.

Owning who we truly are and standing in our authentic light despite the fear of others' opinions. 

Truly embodying the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies within each of us.

Embodiment of our Divinity



Yes, that's what this is about. 

And sometimes, true embodiment of another feels threatening, unnerving, or just uncomfortable to those not yet accepting of their own Divine power within. 

But others, those ready, will look to you. 

They will see your strength and draw from it until they can stand on their own. 

They will see your vulnerability and accept the parts of themselves that they've discarded. 

They will feel your humanness and give themselves permission to be human too. 

They will know your authenticity and begin to accept themselves as imperfectly perfect.

And they will see the grace in your power and the wisdom of your Divinity.

They will see themselves. 

My voice, my choice is my new mantra and I will use it with discernment as my Higher Self continues to guide me to the next highest and best version of myself. I encourage you to do the same. The world needs us, every single one of us in the fullness of our Divine Sovereignty and Power. 

I DO NOT CONSENT to silencing and shaming anymore.




Always speak your truth, even when--especially when--your voice shakes.

"In order that all men be taught to speak the truth; it is necessary that all likewise should learn to hear it." --Samuel Jackson

Infinite Love, 


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