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Spiritual Extremism

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

Take a walk through this portal with me, will you? I have something I want to share...

I've noticed a peculiar thing that happens within this Matrix of Duality. The pendulum swings in extremes and ideas begin to pop up in opposition to each other. Polar opposites. These ideas then begin to take on a life of their own within the consciousness of the collective of followers of that said thought or belief.


Living entities created by humans that then feed back to them a loop of unbalanced thought, often extreme in its essence. Ironically, these are usually misguided attempts to find balance and are weaponized against anyone who is actually holding a balanced energy.

In this age of extremism, words are now considered red flags and anyone that mentions said word, is automatically and completely dismissed or at the very least deemed suspicious.

There are two factions forming in Spiritual Extremism- New Age Thought and the Anti-New Age. Polar Opposites. The Anti-New Age has popped up fairly recently almost like a boomerang effect of the Awakening and New Age. This line of thinking calls out the deceptions of the New Age and rightfully so but they also have their own faults...Throwing the baby out with the bath water is one of those faults. The pendulum has swung so hard and fast in the opposite direction that now anything and everything that is and ever was remotely associated with the New Age is being automatically dismissed or labeled as deception.

Let's go over the trigger words and see how this is playing out!

Trigger word #1 - The Source/The One

One such set of opposing thoughts and words revolves around the Source, the True One from which we all come. The Divine Mind. The interconnectedness of us all as Spirited Divine Beings, the life force that runs through everything. I Am You, You Are Me. What you do to me, you are doing to yourself because in essence, we are not separate beings. In essence, there is no separation at all from anything nor anyone. The separation we feel is caused by the distortion of the earth field in physicality and the density of the third dimension.

This idea that 'We are One' has pervaded the New Age and has been taken to extremes by both sides of the pendulum.

On one hand, the more mainstream New Age have distorted this idea to create a blending of identity. The more we identify with the Collective, the more we lose our individuality and Sovereignty. This also allows us to make excuses for malevolent behavior, thoughts and actions in the honor of acceptance and progression. For example, this is the thoughtform that is allowing for the acceptance of Minor Attracted Persons, otherwise known as pedophiles. The same thoughtform that is allowing for formation of the hive-mind and the WEF agenda of Transhumanism.

On the other hand, it is being used to narrow the focus of identity further and further from Divinity and Spirit, further from the One and deeper into self-identification with the physical form and the mind/ego. Deeper into materialism and further away from Spirit with the additions of new genders and other numerous identities.

This extreme of the idea also allows us to make excuses for our own imprisonment. The idea that we needed the 'contrast' to grow as souls so we should be thankful to the archons for allowing us the opportunity. Because we are them and they are us. Brothers and sisters helping each other evolve via suffering and abuse. Victim and victimizer. All interconnected and part of the One.

There's also an idea by the 'love and lighters', a faction of the New Age about returning to Source or merging with Source upon death. That the individual soul or consciousness will merge back in with the One and cease to exist in its individual form.

Some followers of the Anti-New Age Soul-Trap Theory do not take well to that. They say that merging with Source after death is losing your individuality and Sovereignty, that you are giving yourself and all that you are up to a higher power which is a BIG no-no!

Because this thought is being generated and believed by followers, anyone who now mentions the word Source or the One is considered a red flag and runs the risk of being completely dismissed.

This is what I mean about extremism. It's a completely unbalanced view of life. All of these ideas and beliefs are distortions of the Truth.

We cannot deny the interconnected nature of us, of humans with everything. There is a life force that runs through and connects all of us with everything and everyone.

At least for me, I feel so connected to everything that I cannot even kill a bug for why should I have the right to infringe upon its life? I would hope that if I were a bug and I found myself in a strange environment, that someone would have mercy on me and be nice enough to scoop me up in a cup and take me outside back into my environment to live out the rest of my life instead of squashing the life out of me.

Isn't this what we are saying here? We bitch and moan about the controllers and how they snuff out our light and then we do the same to beings we consider less than. Unless you have compassion for a spider, snake or fly, then please don't complain about the archons. Please don't deny that we are interconnected even with and to the dark ones. For all we know, they could be our creations. Yes, the living insects may be representations of those beings, but they in and of themselves are not archonic. They're just living their lives like you and I.

This does not mean that I deny my individuality or Sovereignty nor do I continue putting up with abusive behavior. No. I can be part of the One and feel deeply connected to everything and still be a Sovereign individual. This also means that as a Sovereign, I have strong boundaries and do not align with nor accept manipulative or abusive anti-life behaviors from humans or entities.

Life is much more nuanced than we perceive through extremes and these two ideas are not necessarily mutually exclusive. That is the whole point of what Karen and I are doing here. Finding balance within the extremes of life. We don't have to choose sides. It can be both. We are a paradox of sorts as Divine Beings. We have the power to hold two seemingly opposing views/thoughts/feelings/beliefs at the same time.

Duality and Spiritual Extremism would have you believe that you have to choose a side. You don't. You can be connected to the One, be Sovereign, and have boundaries. This is the paradox of 3D spiritual life.

Trigger word #2 - The Light

The thought here is that the New Age 'love and light' crowd uses the Light to bypass real issues by only focusing on the Light and ignoring anything dark or 'low vibrational'. This is an unbalanced view of both physical and spiritual life and leads us away from healing our shadow and integrating the darkness.

The Anti-New Age followers have now demonized the Light due to the fact that the tunnel of Light may be a soul trap upon death, lumping all Light into the category of False Light. Now at the mere mention of the word Light, people cringe and scatter and get suspicious.

The Light has unfortunately now become a red flag. It's like we're in this weird transition phase, seeking for the absolute Truth and untangling from the intricate web of deceit. I understand fully why people are hesitant and suspicious because of how much we've been lied to, however, when you are connected to your heart and your Divine Self, you will feel the frequency of Truth. Truth is a feeling, a frequency and you won't have to worry about human words throwing you off from recognizing it.

Know the difference between True Light and False Light. You won't have to question, you will feel and know it.

Trigger word #3 - Love

Wow. Love is a trigger word. Did I just write that? How far have we come from our true nature. How abused and traumatized have we been that love is now a red flag?

Does anyone else see this? Is it just me? Can we please find balance again because it's getting out of control.

Some followers of the Anti-New Age Soul Trap theory talk a lot about love bombing.. which is completely different from true unconditional love, btw. So let's look at this.

What is love bombing?

"Love bombing is an attempt to influence a person by demonstrations of attention and affection. It can be used in different ways and for either positive or negative purposes. Psychologists have identified love bombing as a possible part of a cycle of abuse and have warned against it."

Yes, it is a cycle of abuse, it's manipulation, it's an attempt by humans in physical form or non-physical entities to persuade by using falsely generated illusory love as a weapon. That's the ultimate wound, right? We feel abandoned, unloved, unworthy. All we want is to be loved and because of that wound, love can be weaponized against us. When we are traumatized, wounded and feeling unloved and a human or entity comes along who is interested in us, wants to know all about us, pours a cup of hot burning love over us and makes us feel like we're the only person in the world, we fall for it hook, line and sinker. At least we used to....

Thankfully, we are healing, getting wiser, recognizing our vulnerability points and are no longer vibrating in the frequency of victimhood.

Many of us have experienced this love-bombing manipulation by both humans and entities. This is a common tactic of those with Narcissistic Personality Disorder and other cluster B personality types. What we've found in our work is that these people are open portals for entities to come through and abuse and traumatize Source Players. Knowing this information is an important step in the healing process. We need to know how love bombing works so that we can protect ourselves from predators, human and entity alike.

We've seen in our own Spirit Release and Beyond Quantum Healing sessions that non-beneficial entities can create an all-encompassing feeling of love within humans. This is known as False Light. This falsely generated feeling of love then permits them to let their guard down, allowing the entity access to their space, creating havoc in their energy field.

People who have experienced NDEs have expressed an all-encompassing Love that overtakes them in the afterlife realms. They then get sent back to earth against their free will after refusing to go or are manipulated by that love into agreeing to come back. We've also seen in our sessions false-light councils that operate on the other side in the afterlife realms to manipulate souls into lives of trauma that then feed the system with suffering.

The love-bomb in these cases should NOT be confused with true unconditional love. We have to stop equating the love bomb with true love. They are separate, not the same by any means. The Anti-New Age now has people believing that ALL love is love-bombing and that is just not true. Love-bombing is a distortion of love. It is NOT love in its true essence. It's an inversion of Truth, a shadow quality and like everything else in this realm, it can be used as a manipulation tactic on vulnerable, wounded people.

True unconditional love does not manipulate, attempt to persuade or lavish one with attention or affection. It does not feed the Ego or make you feel overly important. It feels like home, it feels peaceful and content, gentle and kind. It is not an overwhelming force that takes you over so that you let down your defenses. It is balanced and calming, never forceful and it never requires or expects anything in return. Love is freedom and safety.

Ideally, the love between a parent and a child is true and unconditional but unfortunately even this love has been hijacked by entities within this realm. The clients we've worked with have been targeted by the system via entities working through their parents to create a mother/father wound via distorted attachment and sometimes severe trauma. This mother/father wound then allows for further infringement by said entities due to the nature of the wounding and the frequency of victimhood being generated.

The unconscious frequency of victimhood being broadcasted into the field attracts victimizers and predators to that person throughout their lifetime until that wound is healed and they begin to discern love-bombing from true unconditional love. This is called the black-heart program and is a very serious infringement on free will and Sovereignty that tries to completely shut down the heart and access to true love. This is why survivors then cannot properly discern true love from love-bombing, their heart needs to be restored to its original essence.

To put it lightly, it is difficult to heal from and takes enormous amounts of dedication and effort by the survivor to heal and claim back their Sovereignty. That said, it is not impossible. Karen and I have healed ourselves and continue to assist others in reclaiming their freedom, remembering who they are and why they've been so heavily targeted by the system. Basically, Source Players who are pure of heart, are a threat to the system and the entities running this place. They fear that if we ever remember who and what we are as powerful Divine Source Beings and reclaim our Sovereignty then they don't have a chance of continuing this charade.

If you are connected to your heart and your Divine Self and are working on healing your inner wounds, it becomes easier to tell the difference between true unconditional love and love-bombing. Discernment of true love, comes after the healing of your trauma and feelings of unworthiness. When you are fully embodied and empowered, you will easily recognize the difference between true love and love-bombing and the chances of you being manipulated again lessen greatly. It always comes back to your healing. The ONLY thing you have control over to change within this realm is yourself. All else is a reflection of your inner world and you will notice the changes that take place in your outer world as you are healing.

Trigger word #4 - Judgment

Judgment has now taken on extremes.

The New Age preaches that we shouldn't judge others at all because they are ultimately reflections of us...Back to the 'we are one' thoughtform. When you judge another you're judging yourself. Just allow everyone to do as they will and there is no right and no wrong. A slippery slope when taken to the extreme because this can lead to soft boundaries and acceptance of unacceptable behavior in the name of progressivism - acceptance of all and everything whether morally right or not.

The extreme to that in Anti-New age thought, is that we should judge. Judgment is our discernment and we've been taught not to judge so that the dark ones can continue to get away with their dastardly deeds because no one is calling them out or 'judging' them. So we go out of our way to call out everyone that is doing something we deem as 'wrong' or deceitful or unjust. Calling out individuals for simply being who they are and trying to do their best to spread Light. Again, a slippery slope. Of course, we want to expose predators but we also need to be careful not to demonize and demoralize people. There is a way to approach this that doesn't involve bashing someone or tearing them down.

Where's the balance? Somewhere in the middle. Yes, we need our judgment and we've obviously been given that gift for a reason. It helps us to discern what is morally right and what is wrong, who and what we personally want to align with. We don't want to demonize judgment but we also don't want it to get out of control because living from that place is a miserable existence. Every value has its light and shadow side and we need to find balance between the extremes.

Don't be afraid to use your discernment, but don't be in the habit of making judgments on everyone and everything. Don't use judgment in the extreme, especially on yourself. You have the gift of spiritual discernment.

Why is this happening? Why are we so extremely polarized, especially in the spiritual community? You would think we would be coming together in Unity.

The problem here in this earth realm is that we've been so abused, so traumatized, so manipulated, so extremely deceived that we're just trying to make sense out of it all and find the Truth. The absolutes and extremes are helping us to sift through it all and see clearly what works and what doesn't. It almost feels like a necessary 'evil' as we continue to learn how to discern deception from Truth. It's a necessary polarization that is taking place as we individualize and come into a more Sovereign way of thinking and out of a just-following-the-herd, hive-mind mentality.

This is happening across the board in mainstream, in alternative circles as well as in spiritual communities alike, all overlapping with one another. It's a separation of the wheat from the chaff. As we continue to sift through and weed out the Truth from the lies, we will hopefully come back around into a more unified way of thinking and for those of you about to jump on my case, unified thinking doesn't mean that we lose our individuality. By this point in time, we've gone through the process of separating-individualizing- becoming Sovereign- and now we come together again to unify in a more cohesive thoughtform of the collective consciousness.

While seemingly necessary for now, it's important that as we go through this process that we come back into balance at some point, that we don't stray too far into absolutes and extremes and stay there for good. Those are dangerous places that take us farther from the Truth, farther from ourselves, farther from our Divinity. Absolutes and extremes create limitations and more boxes for us to exist within. They don't allow for expansion and growth but ultimately lead to stagnation. I'm holding the intention that we will eventually come out of these limiting and polarizing ways of thinking and into a more inclusive and unified field via the heart.

For how can we place limits on the vastness of our consciousness? How can we intellectualize that which can only be felt and experienced through the portal of the heart?

The way I approach the distortion and polarization is to able to hold all thoughts and beliefs without gripping on too tightly to any one thing because ultimately we cannot know the totality of Truth while in a physical form. The visual that comes to mind is to be like a juggler. Each ball is a thought or belief - just leave it all up in the air while allowing it to flow through your hands. The only thing that is truly true in this world is within YOU. Your Spirit, your Divinity, your Heart. In the vastness of all we consider to be true and untrue, we're forgetting one thing. The Heart. Everything else is ultimately illusion.

The Soul-ution: BALANCE and CONNECTION

When we are wounded and disconnected from our Spirit, our Hearts, our Divine Selves, it is easy to be tricked, manipulated and misled. It is easy to feel suspicious and not know who is telling the Truth, to feel confused and not know who or what to believe. However, when you have healed your wounds, cultivated your connection with Self, your Higher or Divine Self, when you know yourself and trust yourself, when you feel solid and grounded within, you cannot be tricked anymore. Not even by love bombing because you will recognize the manipulation right away! You will instantaneously discern the frequency of Truth... even through the trigger words :)

The clearer your vessel and energy field, the lighter your Spirit.

Over and over and over again in our work and connection with our own Divine Selves, we've been pointed back to finding balance. Balance is the key to everything within a world of Duality and extreme polarity. Balance is the way out. Do not let yourself be swayed by the polarity of extreme thoughtforms that are created to tunnel you into a specific line of thought.

Tap into your heart, connect with your Divine Self. When you are connected to your Divine Self, you cannot be swayed, manipulated, persuaded, gaslighted, abused or controlled!

The heart is our connection to All that Is and they've targeted the heart with suppression technology, entities and implants for a reason. They know how powerful the heart is, how it's magnetic field is 5000x that of the brain and that it's true color is purple, not green like they would have you believe. Purple is higher in frequency than green, demonstrating that Love is our way out, ultimately the way to Home and our connection to the Divine. The heart is also the midway point, the fulcrum or balance point of the body, halfway between the upper and lower chakras, again pointing to the heart as the balanced energy and portal to everything. The portal to your true Home outside of this Matrix.

They want you in fear, in suffering and in trauma response.

That's why we've been trapped here for so long and why there are so many souls here now. The combination of fear, overall suppression, disconnection with our Divinity, targeting of the Heart, unresolved past life trauma, and lack of forgiveness of self and other has kept our frequency too low to escape. But I'm here to tell you that it is very much possible to heal from the lifetimes of abuse and trauma, release the fear, find forgiveness and connect deeply with your Divine Self so that it begins to integrate into the body. This inner work raises your frequency and connects you with your heart so that you no longer resonate with the Matrix and Earth simulation.

Upon exiting the body you will be free to return Home.

Go Within! Can we know the ultimate Truth of Existence by looking to the outside world for answers? I don't think so, not in this inversion. The way out is within. I highly recommend having your own Beyond Quantum Healing session so you can feel the frequency of Home again. Where do you come from? How did you get here? How do you get out of here and return Home? How do you heal from lifetimes of trauma? How do you release the fear and embody your power? How do you find forgiveness for yourself and those who have hurt you? Exploring your own consciousness will bring you answers to all the burning questions that you will not find outside of your individual experience as Spirit. The world will never be able to tell you who you are, only You can know that.

All of this can be done in one session so do yourself a favor and instead of wondering, find out! The memories are not erased, they are WITHIN YOU! The trick is quieting the conscious mind enough to access them through the portal of the heart and have experienced guidance to take you through what you need to REMEMBER. That's all it is. Remembering. Remembering who you are, why you came here and where to go now.

We are trapped until we realize we are not trapped. The way out is within.

All My Love, T

I AM God

I AM Sovereign

I AM Free

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Hey Tena - great article. You have a good mind and a determination to stick with uncomfortable data until you find resolution. Admirable qualities. Your self inquiry helps us all in ways we can‘t readily perceive. Brava!


Synchronistically, the day I wrote this article, a colleague and friend of mine, Heather Holm, also wrote an article. Heather works with her husband in a similar fashion to how Karen and I work. She as a practitioner and more grounded in her energy and her husband as the psychic who easily taps into the quantum field and receives messages. This message is about Weaponized Confusion and perfectly summarizes the energy of my article and what many of us are feeling right now as the polarization plays out. Please check it out!

Thank you, Heather! And thank you all for reading!


Well done! This was a thoughtful and thoroughly written essay.

Tena M. Dodds
Tena M. Dodds
Sep 03, 2022
Replying to

Thank you, my friend! ❤️

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