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Channeling of the Hathors- Two Timelines: Which Do You Choose?

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

We have a transmission for you. We are the Hathors and we are here to connect and assist you in this current process on your Earth. You can call on us at any time to assist you and shower you with divine cosmic love. 

Right now you have a choice. Two Timelines are emerging and you can choose. That of Destruction or that of the New Earth. Love or Fear. 

Many things are surfacing that may be disturbing and causing a disruption to your system. It's important to process and clear your emotions at this time. How do you do this you ask? Be present with yourself and allow yourself to feel what you're feeling. No guilt, nor shame. All emotions are valid and important and you're allowed to feel them. It doesn't make you less spiritual to feel fear, anger, jealousy, worry, or sadness..this is the path of a spiritual human. 

It's important to feel all of it, to process THROUGH it. It is ok, this does not mean that you stay there, this does not mean that your vibration is low and you need to make it higher as fast as you can. No, you cannot maintain a HIGH vibration as you say by ignoring your emotions or pushing them to the side to reside deep within your body thus lowering your frequency. 

It is only in moving through them and clearing them that you come back to center. The human experience is one of polarity, you cannot escape to a HIGHER vibration or level of consciousness without moving through what you're actually experiencing. And in fact, the best place to be is in the vibration of neutrality. A place where you can observe without judgement or attachment, not in a "high vibration" where you're ignoring your earthly life and living in the cosmos most of the time. You didn't come here for that. You came here to experience being HUMAN. 

It is important to be aware of the dark agenda. How can you hold the light if you're not aware of what you're holding the light for? If you're not aware of WHO you're sending love to and why? Please do not be afraid, the dark controllers are empty, disconnected from Source and in effect, powerless because they have completely forgotten who they are. Since they are no longer connected to Source and cannot harness energy on their own, they cannot create. That is why they must siphon energy to survive. Parasites. This is the role they've chosen. 

You have chosen differently and are powerful beings full of love and peace and light and you instinctively know this. You are INFINITE. THERE IS NO DEATH, only life after life.You are eternal beings. What is left to fear when you are infinite and eternal? You are EVERYTHING that was, everything that is, and all that will be. This is who you are. This is inside you. You are Source consciousness. 

We are here by your side helping you anchor in the love of the cosmic divine mother. Feel within your being, feel within your heart the love that you are, the love of the cosmic mother, the love of us, the Hathors.

Me- Who are you?

We are you. And we are here to help you anchor in these current Timelines. We are here to assist you in your ascension process as you open the door into the Golden Age. Be wary of that which you see and hear in the media, those are lies and they are ignorant to the truth of who they are. How can they direct you when they know not who they are? They have forgotten their divine spark and are controlled but you are remembering. And as you remember, you will assist the others. The planet needs you, the universe needs you to heal from within.

What is happening upon your earth is unprecedented. Many planets have ascended but none as such as the Earth, this is unique. You will look back at this time in history as a beautiful gateway into a beautiful time for humanity if you choose correctly. You will see how the events had to play out, how the darkness had to surface to allow you to see. The blindfolds are coming off. You cannot heal what you do not recognize. You cannot pretend any longer and bury your heads in the sand anymore to the atrocities that have been committed by those in power. You must process through it, allow yourselves to feel what that feels like in your body and release it for yourself and the collective. 

Know you are safe and feel it in your cells. Be a beacon of light for the others that are still hiding in the shadows. Be their guiding light. This is a call for all Lightworkers, Starseeds, Wayshowers, Gridkeepers, Truthers, anyone who considers themselves spiritual to step up and lead the way with love, not complacency and fear and wishy washy airy fairy love but with fire wrapped in lovelight. The fire in your hearts will light the way.

If you are troubled by the information you have seen, that is OK, be easy with yourselves. You are troubled only because you are sensitive and have a heart and cannot imagine this level of darkness. It does not mean that your vibration is low. It means you are human and human you chose to be. Remember. Remember that while you are indeed human, you are still spirit... What a beauty of epic proportions... Multidimensional and limitless. Eternal. Infinite. And this one short lifetime is only a ride. Enjoy it, you came here for this. This is only the beginning.

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