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Dolores Cannon: You Are Creators

Transcription of Dolores Cannon's message from our BQH session March 31, 2020.❤️

First DC expressed pleasure that thanks to BQH, the work is reaching many people at this time. She was also super excited about Worldwide Regression Week coming up and she showed me glimpses of the New Earth with a rainbow sky and a 5 story high Quartz Crystal coming out of the center of a lake fractalizing the light into rainbows! She said it feels hard right now but it's important to focus on where we're going.

DC: Please do not stay in the vibration of fear. You will feel it but it's important not to stay there. Always go back to the heart. The heart holds the truth. The truth of who you are. You do not need to seek information outside of yourself, you hold it all within you. You are not alone in your battle for Sovereignty. For freedom. For truth. So many in your universe are here with you by your side. You can't see them but they're there just on the other side of the veil and it's very thin right now.

Be wary of the media. They spread lies and propaganda. They have an agenda. Go within yourself for the truth. Use your discernment when sifting through information and read it, see it, hear it, not with the mind but with the heart. Truth is a feeling. You know what resonates. Now is the time to sharpen your discernment and be wary of those spreading fear.

K: What's your advice to those who are not good at discernment? What should we do?

DC: Depend on the ones you trust that do have good discernment. Your trusted loved ones or friends. But first you need to recognize that you don't have good discernment. You can check in with someone that you do trust. Try to remain neutral when viewing information, whether that's on the TV or the media, online or from another. Observe but don't take on the storyline.

Be able to hold many different storylines without putting too much weight on any one of them. There are many possibilities, and all are potentials depending on the collective consciousness and where you choose to put your focus. I would suggest to focus love and support, on the New Earth. It is good to have knowledge, to know what's happening in the world. However you must always come back to self, back to the heart, and go within. Let your collective focus be on the outcome you want and what you wish to create in your world. Freedom, abundance, prosperity, love, light. You have given the dark agenda enough of your attention. It is time to create what you wish. You must come together. Your minds are powerful. You are creators. You are gods, and you create what you wish, what you focus on....

K: Thank you for the reminder, so many are getting caught up in the storylines. That's always a lesson for me. Everyone is just surviving but i know the benefit of this message, i feel very calm now.

DC: We wish to thank you for doing the healing work on yourselves, and this work of quantum healing for others. They're going to need you.

There will be more chaos. This isn't going to be over in a short period of time. As I said before, this is the year of transition, and in times of transition, everything feels uncertain. This is a challenge for humanity because they are used to routine and structure. However, these transitions need to happen As the old systems start to crumble, because you can't build anything new on top of old systems. But don't be afraid, because everything is going to be alright in the end. It may be a bumpy ride getting there, but you will get there, it's already established. It's only a matter of HOW it will happen. But it WILL happen. Please don't fear. Remain in the vibration of love as often as you can.

Within creation, there is destruction. It is these destructive energies from which creation is born. Know that you are all safe, and loved, and protected by your teams, now more than ever.

K: I feel them, they're here. It's a really exciting time.

DC: It is exciting. It's like watching our children grow up.

K: It's a really huge lesson to surrender.

DC: Yes, surrender is difficult for humans, because it feels to them like giving up. But it's not throwing in the towel, it's allowing yourself to flow with the river of life. Giving up some of that control is not easy, but is also easy. And when you do that, and surrender and fall in and let the river take you, you can finally relax and float. You all are capable of navigating these trying times. You've been preparing, and your preparation has not gone unnoticed. We see you, and we honor you and we love you for the brave missions you chose to take on.

K: Doesn't feel brave sometimes.

DC: You mean you don't feel brave because you feel fear, because you feel uncertain or unsafe. But how brave is it to feel those things and continue on anyway, not just to feel them but to heal them, to feel through them. THAT is brave. To face your own self and the things that arise from within you... That is brave, and that is the hero's journey. You talk about not being a hero, but you are. A hero feels the fear but goes in anyway. That is courage. That's what courage is, it's not a lack of fear. It's feeling fear and going in anyway.

We're both crying at this point and K says, Well I didn't expect this, Dolores! That was a twist.

DC: You're doing great work. Clearing the way so you can anchor more light - that's the point of healing these emotions. And you're not just doing it for yourself. When you heal, the collective heals, and when the collective heals, the universe heals. This vibrates out across the universe, it's more than just you. You are doing this work for everyone. So remember that next time you say you don't feel like a hero. Cause that's what heroes do. They make sacrifices for the good of the whole. They face their own fears so that they may help another. They have the courage to feel the fear, and that's what you all do. And that's why we honor you. For that bravery of being here at this time. I wish I could be there with you, but I'm more of a benefit from up here, because I can help everyone.

K: We're just really grateful. We need all hands on deck right now.

DC: All your galactic brothers and sisters are here with you. They never left. You'll feel their presence more than ever now.

K: We do. We really appreciate your love and support. Everyone needs to hear that message.

DC: Then share it.

I see your focus scattered in all kinds of directions. Just keep reminding yourselves to come back home to your Self in your own heart, and check in. Bring your focus back in, and then create what you actually want. Use that focus. Take it away from all those different points of reference and bring it back into yourself, and create what you want, the New Earth. You are powerful beings. You haven't even tapped into 1% of your power. Harness that. It's in your heart. That heart and mind coherence to focus and create. The collective power is especially strong if you all start focusing in the same direction to create the timeline that you want. You just have to align yourself with that. And that is all.

A cardinal sings as I type this...Thank you, DC, we love you.

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