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Shocking Truth Revealed: Was Jesus Crucified? Jesus and Mary Magdelene Bring Clarity

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

On 8/8/20, the powerful Lion's Gate Portal, where the Sirius energies are intensified, Karen and I did our first joint BQH session and it was intense to say the least! If you haven't yet seen that video, I will attach it here. To briefly summarize, I was taken to a life of Mary Magdelene as she was witnessing Jesus' supposed crucifixion. They explained that this energy of the pain and suffering of that day has taken hold in the minds and hearts of humanity for millenia and is being transmuted now as the Christ consciousness energies take hold and begin to blossom. As Twin Flames, we were assisting in that transmutation of old energy to make way for the new. The pain was deep, deep, deep and old and I felt only a fraction of it. After that session, I was asking for more clarity regarding the significance of the crucifixion and the information that came through that day. This is the following conversation: Jesus and Mary in Italics. (My comments in parentheses.)

Keep in mind that I was raised Catholic, went to Catholic school for 13 years and this religion never made sense to me. Even as a small child, I had many questions but the following information was shocking even for me...

Me- Are you trying to get my attention? I've been dizzy all day.

(they laugh) yes that's why we sent you that video...(they showed me a video of someone talking about how her guides made her feel dizzy when they were trying to get her attention)

Me-Who are you?

Mary Magdelene and Jesus (I checked them for authenticity--passed 9x Highest Light check and password.) 

Me- What is it that you want me to know? 

We want to drive home the concept of the crucifixion. This concept has caused so much pain upon your planet via religion. This is why you saw it in your Lion's Gate session and we want to bring more clarity. (I had been asking for it) 

Me- Was Jesus crucified? 

No. (a very strong NO) 

Me- Well then where did that story come from and why has it been so well propagated? 

It came from man, man made this story to cover up the truth. Man made religion with the agenda to keep you enslaved in a system they control. This perpetuated the martyr archetype and the victim/victimizer. Saints were canonized for being martyrs, for sacrificing themselves, giving their lives to the victimizer under the guise of saving others and this was thought of to be righteous. Same thing with Jesus. But this is not truly the way of a Sovereign Being of Light. And this cycle of victim/victimizer has repeated across humanity for millenia. It has been keeping you stuck but it's getting shaken up now as many of you are remembering. 

How many have fought and died in religious wars in the name of Jesus? How many have become victims, victimizers and martyrs? How many have been out-cast because of their beliefs or lack thereof? This is not the way of the Christ. 

Me- So if Jesus wasn't crucified, what happened?

Mary- He ascended in his physical body back to Mother/Father God. He worked his whole life studying spirituality with the Essenes and activating his light body in order to be able to do this.

Me- So the story of the resurrection obviously isn't true either? 

Mary- No, that would mean he would have died, then his soul came back into a dead body to then "ascend into Heaven". What sense does that make?

(This was a shocking realization for me. It doesn't make sense, does it?!) 

Me- But people apparently saw him?

Mary- They saw his light body in spirit form.

Me- Show me please. 

They show me- I see Mary and the kids were there and people were gathered- but not at the crucifixion like I saw in the session. 

J- That false matrix story and the pain associated with it was shown to you so that people could have a better understanding and so you can share this message... All that pain associated with my name was and is unnecessary and is being cleared now.

Me- So what happens next? 

(visuals) He is sitting on a hill, on the ground, legs crossed, eyes closed. It's the same area I saw in the crucifixion scene but there are no crosses. He's sitting towards the edge of the cliff facing everyone. He looks to be in his 40's maybe. 

I see a column of white Source Light come down upon him and his physical body starts to vibrate and glow. He looks peaceful with a tiny smile on his face. 

J- The light is activating my cells, crystallizing my DNA. 

(visuals) Everyone is watching in awe. I see him start to rise up through this column of light as his form becomes more and more transparent until it disappears and becomes Light. There are angels with trumpets awaiting his arrival. 

Me- Is this correct, what I'm seeing?

(I have to admit, being raised Catholic, I was a bit shocked and baffled.) 

J- Yes, this is my true ascension story. 

Me- I don't understand why they would make up such a crazy story of crucifixion and death and suffering and the crown of thorns and carrying the cross and the sword in your side, etc... and how that could be told as truth and written in the Bible and spoken about for 2000 years?

J- The indoctrination of this story causes distortions in the energetic fields of man. They (the controllers) would never want man to know of their innate power within to Ascend because that means they would not be able control them. They also knew that common people knew my name and who I was. These people knew the real story of my Ascension and were sharing it as far and wide as they could in those days--by word of mouth. The powers that be needed to counteract this and do it in a powerful way that would be believed by the people of the time so they made up this powerful story of suffering that would take hold in the hearts and minds of many. It was the disinformation of the 1st century. 

LOL that made me giggle. 

J- Always remember, the Bible has been written and purposefully re-written by humans--not by God- to censor the most important information. And always remember, every channel has a filter, including this one. There are many truths contained in this book along with many false statements and stories. This is how the spirits of darkness plant confusion among men. They work through other humans to perpetuate false scenarios and spread lies while at the same time, sharing tidbits of truth mixed in. This is what some call False Light. 

Almost immediately after my Ascension, the religious control systems known today started to take root and form. They were terrified of people finding out their own true Divine nature and power as a Sovereign Being of Light. 

Me- Thank you, this makes sense. You said this story caused distortions. What kind of distortions? 

(They show me. I see ripples and tears in the aura of humans and a dark spot on the physical heart.) 

J- It disempowers them and leaves a lasting traumatic imprint on the souls, individually and on the collective soul of humanity. 

Me- How does it disempower? 

J- There are several extremely disempowering beliefs that took root because of the crucifixion story-

1. It instills the belief in humanity that they require a savior. Only they can save themselves. I did not come to save, I came to show that they are the saviors they've been waiting for and they can do all the things that I did. They are Creators and Miracle-workers in their own right. 

2. It makes them believe they are sinners- unworthy, bad in some way, inherently flawed and never good enough for God. The shame of feeling inherently flawed and the guilt of never being good enough instilled by religion has become a joke among some--they call it 'Catholic guilt' and it's a very real issue that causes people to work against their true nature instead of with it. The true meaning of sin means 'to make a mistake' and each and every human being IS God, not separate from God.

3. It instills the victim mentality. By default and because of this indoctrination, humanity has played the victim, never stepping into their true Divine Nature and always looking outside themselves for healing and solutions. 

4. The collective pain of this false matrix story has left an indelible traumatic imprint on the soul of humanity. This is what you were feeling in your session, the trauma and pain this story has caused in the minds and hearts of the Collective. 

5. The story leaves out the very real and important fact that they, humans, can also Ascend in physical form if they so choose to put in the effort and study required. 

Me- Thank you, this makes sense. I remember being little and questioning why we had to go to a building to talk to God when I saw God everywhere, in everyone and everything.

People are still looking for a savior today as we see in the cult-like following of Trump and Q, the talk of the Second Coming of Christ, the new 'King', and the aliens in ships coming to take us off planet and save us from having to clean up our mess. 

J- Yes and this is why we ask to share this message as far and wide as you can. Humanity does not need a savior. Humanity IS the Savior and needs to recognize their inherent Divinity. That they are God in physical form. That they can create and manifest their own healing and solutions. That they are not victims of the controllers but that they chose this. They chose to be here at this point in time so that they can remember their Divinity once again and rise up as a Collective to reclaim their Sovereignty and freedom. 

Me- So, you showed us this false matrix story of the crucifixion in our session. I felt the pain, it felt very real. It was a collective pain and deep, deep trauma and suffering. But I couldn't put my finger on why we were being shown this at the time. 

J- The pain you felt IS very real. We showed you so you could feel the pain that story caused in the Collective across time and so you could start to transmute it by sharing the truth. It's a false reality but one created by humans and one that is deeply believed and felt by humans. By sharing the truth of my Ascension, the charge of this false story will be neutralized and healed. 

Me- This makes so much sense now. Thank you so much for clarification because it was a little confusing. 

People talk of the second-coming of Christ. Are you coming back in physical form? 

J- No, part of the reason for my physical incarnation and the union between myself and Mary as Divine Counterparts, was to seed the planet with the Christ energy. But that energy was then hijacked and distorted over time by those in control as we've spoken about. However, what the Second Coming really means is that the seed of Christ Consciousness and the Divine Counterpart Union (Twin Flame) planted by us (Mary and Jesus) over 2000 years ago is beginning to blossom and take hold now in the hearts, minds and consciousness of humanity. You can feel it and we showed you in your session. 

Me- Yes, it is beautiful, loving golden white energy. What is the meaning of Christ Consciousness? 

Christ means the highest Light in complete balance with the physical form. It means wholeness, coming into the wholeness of your Being- human and spirit. Understanding you are Spirit first- having a human experience. You come from Light and you will return to Light. You are eternal and infinite. 

It means using the heart as your guide, using the mind but not letting it use you. Using your heart and mind in equal balance. Reconnection with your soul, your mission and purpose on Earth and following your soul's calling. Doing what feels good to your soul and shedding all that doesn't. Coming into your individual authentic expression of the One.

Attaining the wisdom required for building a new template for Earth through your lessons and chosen story lines. It means balance, unity, prosperity, freedom of choice, love. Remembering your Sovereignty and your Divine power. This is the energy here now to assist you in your Ascension or Shift in Consciousness as you like to say. The original meaning of my incarnation is finally taking hold--empowerment. No more disempowering beliefs, all human BE-ings need to know the truth of me and us and the truth of who they are! 

Me- Thank you, Jesus. This is a tough one to share. I already feel the eye rolls, backlash and potential anger. I'm not so sure about the neutralizing part lol... Any comforting thoughts? 

J- You don't need anyone's approval to be you. You don't need anyone's approval to share your truth. This is what I came to Earth show you. Crazy people change the world, remember? :) 

(He smiles and winks) 

Sometimes things need to blow up first, become unhinged-- this may cause an emotional reaction because it challenges deeply held beliefs-- but as they are being processed and as the people are coming down from that processing, the charge is then neutralized and the new information integrated. 

Me- You're right. Thank you again for all the love and information. I will share this truth if you please shield me from energetic attacks lol

J- You are safe and protected with the Armor of God. I love you. 

So naturally, I wanted to know if this story of the crucifixion has ever been questioned before. I did a brief search and found out that yes, it is in question. In fact, some historians have found zero evidence of an actual crucifixion in the Bible and in all the ancient texts. Muslims, although they recognize Jesus as the Messiah, they do not agree that he was crucified. The words that were translated as meaning crucifixion actually meant something else altogether... "To suspend in air"...And I'll leave you with that. 




I love you infinitely, T

Addendum: Questions are coming up surrounding these truths shared here which is great! Please do engage the logical mind and always ask questions. But to clarify, please remember to zoom out a bit and keep in mind the overall picture. We, as a collective, are transmuting the old energy of the last 2000 years, the Piscean Age- think of the old collective paradigm and story of Jesus as Savior, his crucifixion, death and resurrection. Mary's role as 'prostitute' and all the old beliefs given to us from the Catholic and Christian religions. Think of the symbolism for Pisces is the fish is the symbol for Jesus.

We are now moving out of that and into the Age of Aquarius-the Age of Enlightenment where the real truths are being revealed that have been kept hidden from us for millenia. As the seed of the original Christ consciousness energy blossoms, it is uprooting old belief systems and revealing deeply hidden truths that have always been here. Mary and Jesus were Divine Counterparts and worked as equals in harmony with each other. Their Twin Flame energy has been seeded into humans upon the planet right now to assist us in remembering who we are and anchor in the frequencies needed for this Shift in consciousness. I'll save that for another article but I will say that Enlightenment is a remembering more so than a learning of new concepts.

You can find out more about this conversation and our Lion's Gate session here: Karen and I discuss the session, the comments from Jesus and Mary and other fun stuff. :) Our first in-person chat since January! Yay!

The original Lion's Gate BQH Session video and Twin Flame Transmutation here with Dolores Cannon, Jesus and Mary Magdelene and the Galactics:

Thanks for being here! Please leave us a comment, we'd love to hear from you! <3

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