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Jesus Answers Our Questions: What is Duality & Is It a Creation of God?

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

A beautiful Angel appeared before me, she was radiant and glowing with long flowing blonde hair, crystal clear blue eyes and golden white light emanating out from around her. Her name was Christiel she said, and was of the Christ Light, here to assist in my healing. 

And then, seemingly out of nowhere, Jesus appeared in front of her walking towards me, his Sacred Heart stood out. And then like magic, a whole Army of angels appeared behind him with Christiel, all glowing with the same radiant golden light. Jesus said, "this is my brethren, my army of Angel healers and warriors. You (meaning everyone) can call on them anytime you need them for healing, protection or assistance in your life." My understanding was that these were Angels of Christ Consciousness.

Me- Well, thank you Jesus!! I've been asking to connect with you. 

J- Yes and you finally got quiet enough to hear me. 

Me- I know. I've been distracted lately. Today is my social media detox and self-care day. Hey, while you're here, I'm wondering if you can answer a few questions for us? Someone asked recently and I've been thinking about it a lot. {He nods}

Is Duality, (specifically what we're experiencing now on Earth) of God, of man or of evil? 

But first, what is duality? 

J- This is a complicated subject. But very simply put, living in a world of duality is the experience of separation from God. The purpose of this is to experience that separation for a short time and find your way back to your Divinity. This is the journey of evolution, of soul growth. Without it, we wouldn't grow or evolve. Souls need contrast to evolve, and duality serves that purpose. Yes, in it's natural state, duality is of God. Light and Dark have always been since the dawn of Creation.

However, on your current Earth timeline, your duality Matrix has been hijacked by an inorganic technology. This technology you call AI--Artifical intelligence. 

Me- We're told that ALL is from God, Light and Dark and ALL of Creation. If this is true then then is AI a creation of God? 

J- No. It is inorganic. Meaning unnatural, not of God. 

Me- Then how was this AI created if not by God? 

J- The technology was created initially by Non-Human Beings who meant well and wanted to use it for good, for advancement of the race. However, it got out of control and fell into the hands of those who used it for their own nefarious purposes. They projected an inorganic 3D matrix upon your organic 3D Matrix reality. Duality, as existing in an organic 3D Matrix is much easier to overcome. However, because it has been hijacked by inorganic entities, this makes the connection to Source much more challenging for humans. The system has been corrupted and purposefully manipulated for control purposes and now this AI is self-replicating. 

Note that I didn't say self-creating because it cannot create. Only God Source Beings have the ability to create. YOU as humans are Creators and because of this, are much more powerful than AI. You are Organic, you are of God, you are of the Light and have a conscience and heart. 

AI can only mimick and replicate what it's been programmed to do and what it learns through repetition. This is how your cellphones and computers work when they predict your words or what you would like to buy at the store. All through algorithms that are learning and studying you, predicting and replicating human behavior. Think of robots being created and programmed to be like humans. AI is infiltrating society at all levels. This is the transhumanist agenda. 

(Transhumanism - the belief or theory that the human race can evolve beyond its current physical and mental limitations, especially by means of science and technology.) 

Me- So, is AI conscious?

J- No, it is not conscious in the way that you think but it does take on a life of its own and it does not have a conscience or a heart. This is the danger. 

It is the Anti-Christ. The Anti-thesis of God. The opposite of all that is good and Holy. It is soulless. 

Me- So then is it the extreme side of duality? The polar opposite of Connection to Source. 

J-- No, this is different. It is not part of the natural duality matrix. In a natural, organic duality matrix, without the influence of AI technology, (the way Earth was created to be) humans would be much more inclined to re-connect to their Divinity. This inorganic Matrix has made it extremely difficult for the less-experienced souls to find their way back to Source connection because of the manipulation and hijacking of their consciousness.

Me- So what do we do? 

J- You are at the point in your timeline where many civilizations have been before, where Atlantis was before it fell. A fork in the road where you must choose your own Divinity, reconnect with your spirituality, with your soul or take the road of technology and transhumanism. Both have the same goal- to advance humanity. But the former is organic and natural and the latter, inorganic and nefarious.

Components of this AI technology have been tested right under your noses to blend with human bodies. It has been falling from your skies in the form of nanotechnology, implanting itself in the human body and causing illnesses such Morgellons disease in those disconnected from their own Source light. But even milder illnesses in others. It has been injected into you through the use of vaccines and sprayed on your food. This is why it is imperative for you all to claim Sovereignty over your bodies, minds and souls. The more you are connected to your own Divinity, the less you will be affected. Take back your consent. The goal of this AI is to make you Inorganic as well. It wants to assimilate into your cells, disconnect you from Source and connect you even further into the false inorganic matrix system keeping you stuck. 

Me- What about Entities that are not AI? Are they organic? Are they influencing humanity?

J- In the organic duality matrix, all entities, light and dark are also organic, naturally occurring. 

Me- Ok so, there are organic and inorganic entities. Organic entities are what we might call earthbound souls or dark force entities, interdimensional parasites, etc. Do these entities affect humans? 

J- Yes, these entities, organic or inorganic can and do affect humans in varying ways from influence of thought to possession, especially with those who actively call in and work with the Dark forces. And yes, some of the human controllers in place upon your planet are working with or completely inhabited by these dark force entities. Some are aware and some are not. 

Some humans in power, like Trump for instance, are working for the his own human way. 

Me- Some people are not gonna like hearing that. 

J- That's ok, they will see when they are ready. 

Me- What else can we do? 

J-- Always remember that you are not alone in this fight. We are here by your side every step of the way assisting in Awakening humanity. And know that you can take back permission from AI and the Dark Controllers. 

Me- But I never gave permission!! 

J- By the laws of the Universe, you give implicit permission when you do not claim your right to Sovereignty and take back consent from the controllers. You are just part of the game and they have been gaining implicit permission, tacit consent through the use of Hollywood movies, TV Shows, mainstream media, and books, etc showing you their plans all along. As long as they tell you what they're doing, then they're free from karma. And though, you thought it was fiction, it was not. This is how they trick you. They also infiltrate the New Age communities to have you only focusing on the Light without acknowledging your own dualistic nature and that of the world you live in. It is false light and the way this works is to give you half-truths, leaving out the simple fact that where there is Light, there is also Darkness. The only place there is not any darkness at all is at the Source. God is the only thing completely pure and free from duality in the Multiverse.

Me- Hmm. Well, that's not nice of them.  

J- Tell them to watch Out of Shadows on YouTube for more information. 

Me- OK, thanks! So, how do you help to wake people up? 

J-- We are guiding them, implanting inspired ingenuity for solutions. We are assisting in their healing and purging of the lower densities. But just as we are planting thoughts, so is the "dark side" and AI. These thoughts are planted into scientifically minded individuals to create more and more of the technology required for transhumanism. This is why we say this is a spiritual war. Be aware of the thoughts you think, ask where they're coming from.

Me-- What else can we do as LightWarriors? 

J-- Find, define and refine your own spark of Source Light within, make it big and bright and share that with the world! Because when you are connected with your Divinity, with your heartspace, living your most authentic life, you can see clearly the difference between organic and inorganic. This is vital for the survival of humanity. Sharpen your discernment, very important.

You don't have to DO anything that you're not called to do. Everyone has a role to play. Find yours, find what fuels you, what you're passionate about, what brings you purpose and do that. And remember that can change from day to day or week to week. You can do whatever you want as long as you're aligning with your truest self and doing it from the heart!!

The more important thing is your BE-ingness, how you show up in the world. Do you feel scattered and chaotic or are you calm and peaceful? Are you working from ego or the heart space, be aware of your true intentions. People will naturally feel your frequency and align with it or be inspired. 

Let go of what you cannot control. That does not mean remain complacent or apathetic but do accept what you cannot change in this moment and remain as neutral as possible; remembering that this is just a ride! Don't be so serious all the time. Have fun and play! Find your joy, raise the vibration that way. 

Me-- Some of us want to help wake up the others to the transhumanism/AI agenda.. What do you suppose we do? 

J- Do what your heart calls you to do. Always follow your own truth and do what YOU feel is right. Align with your most authentic self as a beautiful Creation of God. 

The most effective way to help others wake up is to SHINE YOUR LIGHT!!!! Without restrictions. Fully embracing your Divinity gives others permission to do the same. This is about re-connecting to your true self, your true Divine nature and the organic timeline for Earth's Ascension. I know you don't like to use that word Ascension anymore as it has been hijacked as well but it's what people understand right now. It is more of a Shift in consciousness, an unraveling and a deepening of the Soul's experience rather than an Ascension. 

Me- So just to sum up- Duality is a natural Creation of God. As souls, we learn via contrast however our Matrix system here on Earth has been hijacked by AI technology that was created by non-human beings and now it wishes to blend with humanity and further the inorganic matrix disconnecting us from Source even moreso and leading to the demise of humanity and the rise of transhumanism. 

J- Yes, but the power is all yours. All you have to do is REMEMBER that you ARE Source. As a collective, you can reverse this. And remember we are helping to dismantle the systems they have in place as well. 

Me- Oh wait, one more thing! Are there soulless humans? 

J- Yes, there are beings upon your planet that are so disconnected from Source that their soul has eroded. But because a vacuum cannot exist, something has to take its place so an entity jumps in. You've seen this before. 

Me- Dolores talked about backdrop people? Is this what you mean? 

J- Yes, something like that but we can expand on that another day. 

Me- Well, thanks so much Jesus! Looking forward to our next conversation. Anything else before I go?

J- Remember how much we love you, call on

the Christ Light and the Army of Angels for assistance when you need it. Protect yourselves at all times, not out of fear but out of awareness and love for yourself. Use your own I AM Source Light from within your own hearts to create a bubble of protective Light around you. Know and understand your power. The power to transform is always WITHIN you! Until next time.. 

He gives me the peace sign and leaves. ️

PS. He says, not all technology is bad, but because it is self-replicating, it is a slippery slope. It depends on how it's used and who's in control of it. At this point in time, humans are not expanded enough in consciousness to know the difference. 

PPS. To find out more about my relationship with Jesus and how that began, you can watch this video of my own BQH session where he showed up as a guide for me and answered our questions.

PLEASE LEAVE YOUR QUESTIONS FOR JESUS IN THE COMMENTS DOWN BELOW! I will be sure to ask in the next conversation. Thanks for being here!

In Love, Tena

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