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Group regressions are surprisingly profound and super fun!

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

I had my first group regression last night and it went wonderfully and was so much fun! It was such a huge step for me putting myself out there like that as usually I like to be behind the scenes. But I've been pushing myself further and further out of my comfort zone lately, out of the spiritual closet I've been hiding in, in the name of healing and bringing BQH to more and more people. There are so many people interested but not quite sure what it is or are a little leery so I figured a group session would be a great place to start. This helped them to see that it's not so scary after all and is actually very beautiful and healing and fun!

While two fell 'asleep' on the beach lol (I'm not so sure they were asleep or just don't remember), the other women in my group had profound experiences! They were so happy and excited and emotional after the session. It was beautiful to see! 

One was a blue being in a tropical forest-like planet that landed in a body that was leaping and bounding through the jungle. She said it was exhilarating and felt like Avatar. It reminded her of how she used to feel as a child bounding through the forest before arthritis and nerve injuries set it. She also said that it tied into a reading she had earlier in the day and was a part of her she needed to integrate. I LOVE when that happens!

Another woman, who is just on the verge of Awakening and remembering who she is, had a profound experience seeing a warrior woman who was trying to tell her something before her phone rang and interrupted. She then was surrounded by "warm super bright light" and experienced her heart cracking open with the feeling of being "found". She was extremely emotional and came back with more feelings rather than memories. I thought that was so beautiful. She also said she experienced magical synchronicities in the two weeks prior to the session.

Another woman, experienced herself as a light being and met with a council of three other light beings. She asked for clarification on her soul's purpose and also felt her heart expand. She actually had heart flutters that felt like a surge of love from the beings. She also felt excitement, encouragement, and support. She saw a ship outside her home after the session! 

Another woman, had a peaceful journey floating around the moon in her ship. She was excited to have visited the moon, her favorite thing that she's always admired from down here on earth. 

A friend of mine actually landed in my apartment while I was doing the session! While she was here, she found an open portal and an earthbound spirit stuck in the doorway of my bedroom. He was a cowboy that looked like John Wayne. She helped him cross over, sealed the portal, cleared and sealed my apartment. I had known there was something there and had been trying to clear it for awhile. My dog was sensitive to it and didn't like to cross over the doorway. 

Overall, everyone was very pleased with their journeys and I was happy to facilitate it for them. I had no expectations but it surprised me a bit that they had such profound and healing experiences! I think group sessions are a great way to ease people who are inexperienced in this area into the idea of past life regression and Quantum Healing. I love that the experiences were so varied and powerful and personal to each of them. It was a truly eye-opening and healing process that I'm excited to try again in the near future. 

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