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How to Clear, Ground & Protect Yourself

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

We are RISING! Can you feel it? Above the suppressive voices and actions of our leaders, there is an army of awakened ones silently gathering their strength and rising above the fray, preparing for what is to come.

As the Light pours into the planet, uprooting and illuminating the darkness within and without, many lightwarriors are becoming more sensitive to the distortions. You can feel the dark energy, see it in your dreams, it may be making you irritable and tired.

This is why it's so important right now to clear, ground and protect yourself and your loved ones every day. Darkness has no power over a powerful Divine Sovereign Being of Light. When you know your own power, nothing can harm you or take advantage of your light. The second you come out of that power, into fear and allow your defenses down, dark energies are there waiting to interfere.(see my last blog- The Fall of the Spirits of Darkness.) DO NOT FEAR, dear ones but do pay attention to your thoughts. Lower vibrational thoughts, feelings and emotions will attract lower vibrational energies and beings. It's ok and perfectly healthy to feel all of whatever it is you're feeling right now, but remember to move through what you're feeling and don't stay there and ruminate. Ask what it's showing you.

Follow these steps below for how to properly clear, ground and protect yourself and your loved ones daily. Do this in the morning before you even get out of bed and do it once again before you sleep, even for naps. In our work with Spirit Release, we're seeing new and trickier energies at play. Some speculate this is due to the implementation of 5G and Covid. My intuition agrees and adds that the collective underbelly of humanity is showing itself and bringing with it, all that has been buried, including entities. AI is taking a greater hold as well. We need to be careful, not out of fear but out of love and awareness for the Self.

1- Surround yourself in your own IAM Source White Light bubble of protection from within your heart. 

2- Imagine that light from your heart going down through your body, through all of your chakras and legs, moving out of your feet like big, thick roots and down into the beautiful crystalline Heart of Gaia. Anchor your energy there, imagine your roots growing down into the core like an anchor and she will keep you grounded. Feel the connection and bring her energy back up and into your body and heart. You are now grounded. 

You may feel the energy or you may not, it doesn't matter either way. Just trust it is happening. As that energy comes up and into your body, let it fill you up and then start sending it up and out through your upper chakras and crown. Imagine sending that light out into the cosmos and connecting with Source. Then bring that Source Light back down into your body through the crown and down to your heart. Allow it to fill your whole body with Source Light.

You are now connected heart to heart both with Source and with Gaia.

3- Imagine yourself surrounded by a bright violet flame for a few moments, this will help clear away any unwanted energies and you can also use a flaming sword of Light to cut away any additional infringement that you feel.

4- Ask yourself--Am I Sovereign? Yes or No? You will hear an answer. Trust it. If you are not, repeat step 3 until you are. 

5- Claim your Sovereignty. I AM God, I AM Sovereign. I AM FREE. 

6- I DO NOT consent to infringement upon my body, mind, soul, or consciousness across all multi-dimensional and parallel realities throughout all of time and space into infinity.

You are now clear, grounded and protected for the day. Yay!

7- Shut down your crown before sleep. Just say, I'm closing my crown. And follow steps 1-6 again. This will ease infringement upon your dreams and space while you sleep. 

Also surrounding your bed, house, children, pets in that Source Light. 

Bonus- You can also add blue and violet light with the intention that anything that comes near will be dissolved or sent back to Source. You can even add an invisibility cloak, it works! Get creative with the light and your intentions. You are Creator Beings. Your words, visualizations, and intentions are powerful! Believe it.

In love, T

PS. Sea salt baths with a few drops of your favorite essential oil work amazing for relaxation and clearing the energy body, especially after being around crowds (well, I guess that's not much of a problem right now but just in case ;), after a long day of working around or with technology which puts out lots of EMF that affects the energy body. After any kind of energy work or sessions you may do for others. Even just after a day on social media, everything and everyone you come in contact with is affecting you energetically whether you realize it or not, especially if you're not protected and are a super sensitive empath.

PPS. Update: This is just a framework for basic protection. Like I said, be creative with light and color, even crystals, pyramids, and sound are great protection tools. The message I've been getting recently and have added to my own protection protocol is to "Put on the Armor of God." When I asked what that looked like they showed me a knight suit but made out of golden white Christed Light covering the whole body. If this doesn't resonate with you, ask what yours looks like! And put it on.

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