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Interview with MysticMag on Beyond Quantum Healing & Spirit Release!

Hey friends! MysticMag recently reached out for an interview and it was a fun way to reflect on the past few years of doing the work of Beyond Quantum Healing and Spirit Release with Karen. Sometimes it's difficult to find the words for the vastness of consciousness exploration and healing but I feel this article explains what we do in a simple way that all can understand. We also share some of our history and I know y'all are nosy ;) Please share with your family and friends so they can get a glimpse into what is possible!

Along with Karen Baquiran, Tena Dodds uses Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) to help people heal and become completely in tune with themselves. In this interview for MysticMag we talked with Tena to know more about her journey, what exactly is BQH and how to achieve balance between mind, body and spirit.

Check out the interview below!

When did you discover that you have a gift and that you wanted to work with this?

I experienced a long and hard dark night of the soul after a series of losses and unfortunate events including the suffering and death of my parents and other loved ones, my health issues, and a toxic marriage. I was deep in my suffering. Then in 2014 I had what some would call an Awakening and I realized that I didn’t have to be a slave to victimhood anymore, that I could take full responsibility and control of my life. Soon after, through a series of synchronicities, I met Karen online and we began a journey of self-discovery together.

Our instant connection began to bring forth our latent gifts and abilities because we were able validate for each other all that we always knew, saw, and felt through our empathy and intuition. We reminded each other that these gifts weren’t ‘normal’, that not everyone was in touch with these abilities like I had always thought. We sparked within each other a new yet old energy of remembrance; of remembering who we really are at the core of our Divine Selves and we thought about how we could eventually use those gifts to assist others.

Through the validation, love and support, we began to the journey of learning how to trust in ourselves and our innate intuition once again. After a few years of self-discovery, difficult life-changing decisions, following my heart-knowing, leaving the toxic marriage and digging deep into healing my mind, body, soul and spirit, I started to ask what was my purpose here? What was I really meant to do now that I’m on the other side of all of it? I knew deep down that I wanted to take all the wisdom learned from healing my pain and suffering and somehow channel that into helping others break free as well… but I didn’t know exactly how or what to do.

While asking the question of my purpose, I was led again through a series of synchronicities to Beyond Quantum Healing. When I came across this method, I knew instantly that it was meant for me. The open and heart-based energy of BQH and the creator Candace Craw-Goldman was a perfect fit. The time of the guru is over, we all have the innate ability to heal ourselves and break free from the cycles of trauma and suffering. This was my purpose, and how I was going to use my experience to lead others back to their own Divine Selves too.

Karen was my practice partner and we began to explore consciousness together. We saw that she had a gift of easily tapping into the Quantum Field, connecting with others and exploring other realms, that she was perfect for this work too! The clients that we’ve helped and the growth we experienced in such a short amount of time has been insurmountable. The rest is history.

You have an interesting story about dealing with complicated diagnosis and using alternative methods to help you heal. How do you believe that your methods combine with traditional medicine to improve results?

What I’ve found for myself and then many of our clients, is that chronic illness is a multilayered problem that requires a multidimensional approach to healing. Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.

People who develop chronic illness are highly sensitive and many times the deepest root cause (there are many) of that illness is childhood trauma. These traumatic events leave imprints on our energy field and store inside the body. These energy imprints then create an attraction point for outside energies/entities/spirits to attach and create more problems.

As a child when we don’t have a safe or supportive space to experience, explore and release our emotions, those emotions then get stuck in the body as a compounded energy because they have no where else to go. E-motions are energy-in-motion and they are meant to move through us, not to get stuck. When they get stuck, the energy begins to manifest over time as physical symptoms of illness, compounded by spiritual attachments and environmental factors. We, as humans, are not taught and have forgotten how to process and release emotions so a lot of healing is focused on that.

Thanks for being here, we appreciate you! All Our Love, T&K

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