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Rafa's Story: Surrogate Healing for a Dog with a Broken Heart

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

I wanted to share this super interesting, heartbreaking yet hopeful surrogate BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing) session that my partner Karen and I facilitated recently for a dog with behavioral issues and his human parents. Rafa is two years old, had previous owners but was given away at 9 months because they were moving and couldn't take him. 

My cousin and her boyfriend adopted him and also have another dog, Bella. However, Rafa just seemed to be completely out of control, dug through the trash, escaped out of his crate, was aggressive to men and other dogs, had no manners whatsoever, even had accidents in the house. My cousin LOVES this dog and has TONS of patience but she was at her wits end feeling like she couldn't give him what he needed. She felt like she failed him and if this couldn't work, she would have to find him a new home. Some people even suggested that she euthanize him because he was a liability!

We set the intention to connect fully and completely with Rafa's Higher Self (HS) and to experience what we needed for further understanding and healing. One thing to note, I told nothing to Karen of the situation except the dog's name. 

The scene opened soon after his birth, he was snuggled up in a litter with his brothers and sisters but was feeling like his mother was being taken away to breed again. He felt hungry and cold. His brother who he was closest to in the womb was sick and died only a few days later. They took the brother away and put him in the trash. Left without his mother and his brother, he felt extremely sad, alone, and abandoned.

Progressing through this life we found that his brother never left in spirit, he stayed around and would play games with Rafa. Rafa couldn't see him but would hear him and would then chase him around the house looking to find his brother. That's why he would dig in the trash all the time! He felt chaotic and anxious inside and would act impulsively. He felt like he was always on a "wild goose chase" looking for his mother and brother hoping a great deal to see them in physical form. This is where his behavior was stemming from. 

We had to explain to Rafa that he would never see them again in the physical but that they were always in his heart. This was deeply saddening and heart breaking for me to have to do but better than him continuing to chase something he would never find. 

We then brought forth Rafa's HS to get some additional clarification on the situation. Rafa's HS explained that we saw that life because it's a very important piece of the way he is. The source of all his anxiety, fear, and unworthiness is abandonment. 

Rafa was unable to fully bond with his humans because he was looking for something he'd never find. This happened not just in this current life but many past lives as well because he wasn't learning the lesson. He was taken away from two loves of his life and his lesson is to learn how to survive without them. Due to the additional abandonment of his first set of human parents, he is reluctant to get close to his current humans because he feels like everyone always leaves and he's scared to form close bonds. 

"He'd rather chase the illusion of finding his mother and brother then get close to something real and lose it. It's easier for him to get in trouble than it is for him to feel acceptance, he gets scared because it's foreign to him. So he'd rather keep doing what is familiar."-HS 

Sounds rather similar to many humans. He can only love another as far as he's met himself. 

The HS offered him much healing, imprinted the memory of the brother and mother into his heart so he would feel and know they're with him all the time as well as placing the scent of them onto his humans. His heart was walled off and the HS said he would slowly and gradually take down those walls so he could feel the love of his humans. The HS offered much practical advice for the humans on helping Rafa adjust, showing him love and helping him to trust again, on having compassion for him and being conscious of their energy, remaining calm, getting down to his level, holding his face and ears so they can transfer that calmness and love to him.

The HS also helped to clear and transmute some of the cellular memory of the past and current life trauma in order to help break the karmic pattern. If Rafa is able to heal the issue of abandonment in this life, stop chasing the illusion and settle into a healthy dog/human relationship he won't have to repeat it again.

We found through the HS that this was his first life with this human mother, her lesson is patience and his is to trust her. He chose her to be the mother he never had. (side note, my cousin cannot have her own children so these dogs really are her babies and I knew this would be validating for her to hear. She also said she thought she had TONS of patience but this is a whole new level. There's always a new level.) His aggression with other dogs comes from his trust issues and deep insecurity and is mostly because he feels threatened by them, that they're going to take his place. By developing a healthy relationship with his humans, he will be able to feel more secure and safe within himself.

We also took the brother spirit home to the Light where the mother was waiting for him. AA Michael came down to escort him carrying a bright blue leash and said, "we're going to have lots of fun where we're going." I had spoken with the spirit of the brother earlier, who was super sweet and mischievous and asked him to tone it down a bit so Rafa wouldn't get in trouble as much and could have peace. But I hadn't fully realized that he was still Earthbound until the HS alerted me and suggested we take him home. This will also help Rafa not to be chasing the voices. Before the session, I had a gut feeling there was a potential spirit attachment involved but I didn't tell Karen anything at all. 

This story had several parallels to Nolan's story, the story of the little boy with anger issues who was being threatened to act impulsively by an angry spirit in a parallel life. Although, this spirit wasn't angry at all, just a fun-loving little guy who wanted to be with his brother and play.

My big take away and lesson from both of these surrogate sessions is that the parents probably need a session just as much or even more than the children/dogs. They were skeptical, only agreed to do this as a last resort and have very little faith in this work at all. Without the belief that things can change and the willingness of humans to look at their own behavior, things rarely do change. 

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