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The Angelic Clubhouse: A BQH Surrogate Session Segment

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

I want to I share a little bit about an amazing session I had. We did something a little different because well, we can!! There's absolutely nothing off limits when it comes to BQH!

So let me explain how it went. I'm the practitioner so I can't do a session on myself and I was needing some reassurance and guidance on particular issues. I was holding a lot of unnecessary fear and doubt in myself about taking this leap. SO! Karen stood in as a surrogate for me and I asked my own Higher self questions through her!  

The surrogate in BQH, stands in for the client wanting and needing healing for any number of reasons. Maybe the client can't speak due to an illness or disability. Maybe there is a mother who is concerned about her baby or child who was born with a brain injury and she wants to connect with the baby's higher self for answers to why this happened and what the baby needs from her. Maybe someone just has trouble connecting to their own higher self so someone who is more experienced stands in for them. It's always best to give it a try for yourself but surrogate sessions are always an option if you're too nervous or have trouble relaxing and letting go. 

Surrogate sessions are a little new in the quantum healing world but people have had incredible experiences and results. We're realizing now just how infinite and expansive and unlimited consciousness exploration really is! There are no limits unless we place them on ourselves. 

So with that said, I figured why not?! Why not have Karen channel my Higher Self instead of her own, since she is so great at connecting! And that's what we did...

At the end of induction, we landed in a beautiful, pristine, white healing temple with tall regal pillars and floors made of marble. Stained glass windows reached the expansive ceiling and she could manipulate the vibrant colors to see whatever she wanted. She was seeing and feeling the beautiful swirling colors of rainbow Angel energy all around her that made her feel so warm and loved and welcomed, safe. She stood at the doorway and soaked it all in. 

She sensed their presence, the Angels and heard an organ playing my favorite song, Pachelbel's Canon in D. She smelled the smell of bleach, letting us know that this was for me. (I've been obsessed with bleach in the past and all things white lol)

This place was familiar to me, I've been there before but never with this much vibrance and detail. I knew it was my own healing temple, I was hoping we'd go there but Karen didn't know that. 

She then saw an Angel standing by a pool of water, holding a crisp white robe. He motioned for her to come but she hesitated. I excitedly told her to go! And as she walked away, she peered back to look at her footsteps which were changing colors as she walked! Vivid blue, green, orange... 

He was smiling, tall with curly blonde hair and wore "drapes" as she called them, a white flowy gown like robe, and had a warm, loving sense about him. He said his name was Constantine and asked her to put her feet in the warm cleansing water. 

At this point, I asked her to describe herself and she said she had human feet and blonde hair like me. I don't know why but this made me laugh out loud! Maybe it was the sheer surprise and craziness of the fact that she really WAS me. Constantine explained that the water would cleanse me, both of us, really. That it held consciousness and knew what to do, it was a purifying intention. 

As she listened to the music, she saw each note as a color, those colors infused into her/my DNA, she felt heat coming into her physical body and I felt it too. Healing, calming, clear, loved, no judgement... Beyond humanness, just pure love. 

She then went in the water up to her neck and he was pouring the water over her/my head as he told her to go under. I could tell she didn't want to but she agreed. I knew what she would see as I had been there before.

Under the water she could breathe! How cool is that?! And feel the vibration of the music that comforted her. 

And there it was, my dolphin, on the other side of the glass beneath the water. (I sensed the glass was there to keep Karen from freaking out, she's not super fond of creatures lol) She was peering into the ocean and seeing all the magical colors of coral and fish and the turtle.. "Like Finding Nemo but like real", she said lol. 

The dolphin spoke telepathically and welcomed me back, he said to enjoy my bath! 

The 500 pound turtle smiled. He exuded presence. "I just get the feeling they' re so smart, she said. Everything is harmonious and it flows without having to do anything. It just allows." Yes, we can learn alot from nature. 

The turtle spoke telepathically to deliver this message. This message that I needed at the time. 

"Just allow, follow the flow of your life. You don't have to know what to do, it will just happen. You don't have to prepare, you're already full of wisdom. You are surrounded and protected and guided and it will happen as supposed to. You have all the tools you need and you know where to be. You don't have to give power to the fear. 

Just like the baby turtles who hatch on the beach and crawl to the ocean, the turtle does not get frustrated every time they get swept up by a wave and blown back into the sand. They just get back up and keep going again and again and again until FINALLY they make it. They trust the process and do not think the ocean is working against them, they don't question what they have to do because they know where they need to be. You are the baby turtle, he said. You chose this because you knew you could do it."

How beautiful is that?! This deeply touched me and was just what I needed to hear. Keep going, keep getting back up, don't give into the fear. Thanks, Turtle!

This was just one tiny segment of that session, I hope to share more soon. We visited a few of my lives, talked to my guides Dawn, Marcus and Alexa, revisited the time when I was making the decision to come to earth and even visited the Library on the Spirit side where I like to hang out when I'm there. (which is so me, btw, always looking for more information. I wasn't surprised by that at all.)

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