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The COVID-19 Upgrade & Our Connection to God

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

I've been putting together pieces of this dystopian puzzle throughout the whole plandemic but none so shocking such as this. Many of us have felt intuitively that something isn't right here, that what they're telling us is one big fat lie and now we are proven correct. What they are calling COVID-19 is actually identical to our very own Chromosome 8. Yes, that's right, COVID-19 is a naturally occurring expression of the human body, it's our own DNA!

The COVID-19 PCR test actually tests for Chromosome 8. COVID-19 is Chromosome 8. Follow Dr. Amanda Vollmer here on YouTube for more on this and important up to date health information. Speaking of testing, the inventor of the PCR test says that it never should be used to diagnose infectious disease. Because it is testing genetic material from the body and magnifying it as much as needed to get a result, this does not prove disease. If magnified enough, everyone will test positive because what they are actually testing for is our own DNA. I could go on about testing but let's keep it simple.

So then the obvious question--why are people dying?

COVID-19 is an upgrade to the human DNA, it's a gene expression that is getting turned on across the globe as a way to prepare humanity for the next level. What the 'virus' or any virus actually does is it cleans debris out of the cells, expelling it via mucus or other bodily fluids to return the body to equilibrium and homeostasis. This is how what we call 'viruses' work-- they are not contagious and you are not at risk of dying unless your system is already severely compromised. This process usually takes place twice a year in the Spring and Fall as our bodies naturally cycle with the seasons and clean themselves up. This is what we call a cold or flu and is known as the terrain theory. Our bodies are self-cleaning machines, a beautiful simply complicated piece of technology. So then it would make sense that the 94% of the population that have died from COVID-19 are people with multiple underlying illnesses or comorbidities and that 99.4% of people recover fully. Remember that we all choose our exit points, if you are meant to die from COVID-19 or any other 'virus' or upgrade then you will. This is predestined.

On a personal note, I very rarely get sick but last February I came down with an illness that lasted for almost a month. I am positive now looking back that this was my COVID-19 upgrade. I did lose my sense of smell and taste and it is now coming back. I know many others that feel the same.

So, back to chromosome 8 and the VMAT gene. Why is this important? Well, for many reasons but for one, it proves that COVID-19 is not a deadly contagious virus that we need to be afraid of. PERIOD. Especially to the point of shutting down society, keeping us away from loved ones, not allowing us to attend funerals or visit the sick, forcing the suppressive ritual of mask wearing, leading to the decline in mental health and the rise of suicide and crashing the economy. But that it's actually code for a military operation being played upon us right now by the controllers. Some say it stands for Certificate of Vaccination ID - and 19 means surrender. Two, that there's no such thing as super spreaders because this expression comes from inside our own bodies, not from someone else and we can all take our masks off, visit our families, open the borders and relax now. We do NOT need to be in fear. The fear is deadlier than any perceived 'virus' which isn't even a virus afterall.  And most importantly, Chromosome 8 contains a gene called VMAT which scientists link to our connection with God. If any of you have seen the video that was circulating of the scientist speaking to a room full of government officials at the Department of Defense about how to turn off the VMAT gene, the God Gene, by way of vaccination, then you'll know what I'm talking about. That video has been wiped as far as I can tell but if you happen to find it, please post it below. (Update! Someone found it for us, thank you secret sleuth! See links below.) By the way, watching this video is surreal, it feels like watching science fiction but it appears to be very real. What's for sure is that they've been doing studies on the God gene and how to turn it off. You can look those up yourself. Why do they want to do this, to turn off VMAT? Well, they said to stop "religious fundamentalists and extremism." Yeah sure, I bet people will line up voluntarily for that! But if you tell them that you're saving them from a scary virus then certainly they will. It is now very clear that there's a much, much deeper agenda here that is linked to transhumanism and that is to disrupt one's belief in and connection to God.  I've spoken before in my blogs Conversations with Jesus and the Fall of the Spirits of Darkness about the ultimate goal of the controllers, the link to transhumanism and the COVID-19 vaccine. The ultimate goal being to rewrite our DNA, genetically modifying us in order to disconnect us from our Spirit, the Light of Source God Creator in our hearts leading us further into a descension. As if it wasn't before, it is now very clear that the COVID-19 vaccine will do exactly this because COVID-19 is Chromosome 8 and contains the VMAT gene.  To understand this concept and why they want to do this, you first must understand the influence of negative ETs and AI on the elites in control. Like I said before in reference to Rudolf Steiner, we are always being influenced by Spirit so the elites and scientists working for them, whether they are conscious of it or not, are being influenced in thought and emotion (or lack thereof) by the Spirits of Darkness. These Spirits of Darkness include negative ETs and AI. This is Spiritual Warfare, a war for the very soul of humanity and we must be informed.  We have to zoom out and look at the overall picture from a higher perspective. The ultimate goal of these beings is to make us like them, mechanized and robotic, lacking in heart discernment, devoid of emotion, critical thinking skills, and disconnected from Source thus losing our intuition and creative abilities that essentially make us human. They've been priming us for the final blow for many years--the COVID19 vaccine. This isn't the first time they have experimented on humans, in fact it's been going on for a very long time. The way we look at ants or mice and devalue their lives is the way they perceive us. Just puny little naive unworthy humans that they can experiment on. The VMAT gene (God Gene) links directly to the pineal gland and crown chakra. Now it makes sense as to why they've been poisoning us with fluoride, pharmaceuticals and other chemicals to calcify our pineal glands, spraying heavy metals and nanotechnology via smart dust from geoengineering, spraying our food with poison, and controlling our minds through mass hypnosis and brainwashing but apparently that's not enough to stop the Great Awakening so they're pulling out the big guns--genetic modification of the human race. But humans are amazing, resilient creatures and no matter what they pile on or try to take away from us, we seem to overcome and will continue to overcome if we have the knowledge and awareness required. This is why I share with you, it is not to spark fear but to give you the truth that they won't give you so that you can make an informed decision.  In one of our Spirit Release sessions we found out that the negative ETs insert etheric technology such as implants into the field of unsuspecting humans in an attempt to disconnect them from Source. But they are amazed at human resiliency and how we keep our connection despite their multiple persistent attempts. Even so, they keep trying anyway so we should understand our strength and resiliency but never take it for granted. Do what you can, be informed so that you can protect yourself and your loved ones from these manipulations. I highly recommend everyone to have a Remote Spirit Release (RSR) session at least once to check for these manipulations and attachments. Even if it's not with us, find a practitioner that you resonate with.

Our thoughts, words and emotions are powerful as sources of creation. WE DO NOT CONSENT to infringement upon our minds, bodies, souls or consciousness across all of time, space and multidimensional reality. We all have the right to Sovereignty and Freedom. Put on the Armor of God twice a day and follow the protection protocol laid out in my article How to Clear, Ground and Protect Yourself if you don't already have one. Always remain informed, stay in your heart center, know your truth and use your discernment. It's so important right now in this Spiritual War for our souls. I AM/YOU ARE GOD.  I AM/YOU ARE SOVEREIGN.  I AM/YOU ARE FREE.  More info on VMAT-1 here

Video from DOD referenced above here

The God Gene-How Faith is Hardwired into Our Genes 2004 article from --we are 16 years later, think about how advanced they must be now.

Please comment down below, I'd love to hear your thoughts!<3 In Love, T

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